IPL 2012: BCCI should de-link itself from T20 league, says Sports Minister

Ajay Maken said that politicians should keep away from running sports bodies

New Delhi: May 16, 2012

In the backdrop of a spot-fixing scandal that rocked IPL, Sports Minister Ajay Maken said the BCCI should probe the root cause of the problem and suggested that the body should de-link itself from running the cash-rich Twenty20 league to avoid “overlapping of interests”.

“As I have said that the BCCI should go into the root cause of the problem. They have to handle the investigation because BCCI is recognised by the ICC to run cricket in India.

“It is their mandate and their duty. They are foremost responsible,” Maken told reporters here.

Maken said the BCCI should also open up its accounts to RTI to bring about much-needed credibility.

“They should not submit their accounts to us but they should open their accounts to RTIs. This will bring much-needed credibility to BCCI,” Maken said.

Maken also came out with a suggestion that BCCI should keep an arm’s distance from the IPL, citing the examples of English Premier League where the clubs run the tournament instead of the national football body.

“IPL should be at a arm’s distance from BCCI. It should not be under BCCI. IPL and BCCI should be away from each other so that there is no overlapping of interests,” he said.

“If you look at English Premier League and other leagues world over, they always have distance from their parent sports federations. The NSF never organises the EPL,” he added.

He also said that politicians should keep away from running sports bodies.

“Politicians should keep themselves away from running sports federations. Leave the administration of sports to qualified people who can run the sport,” he said.

His comments come in the backdrop of a TV sting operation which led to the suspension of five IPL players for alleged involvement in spot-fixing.(PTI)

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