IPL 2012: IT department summons five players accused in spot-fixing

Earlier, a TV claimed to have the video of several IPL players, who have reportedly confessed to having received more than their auction amount as black money AFP

By CricketCountry Staff

Delhi: May 23, 2012

The Income tax (IT) department summoned five Indian Premier League players accused in spot-fixing by a TV channel which had conducted a sting operation.

The players have been summoned by the IT department to probe the role of black money in IPL.

Earlier, the IT Department initiated probe at the office of PWI.

The franchise accounts were being scanned. The department conducted raids in the three locations in Mumbai and Pune in the same connection.

According to reports in Daily Bhaskar, the money is said to have been paid in cash and IT officials claim that players shown in the sting operation could also be questioned.

The channel, India TV, claimed it had done a sting operation in which many players confessed on hidden camera they get much more than their prescribed auction under the table.

According to the channel, its operation also revealed that spot-fixing is not only prevalent in IPL but also that first class matches are fixed and women played an important role in match-fixing.

Superstars of Indian cricket and even an international player, who is a captain of one of the teams, are involved in fixing the matches, the channel said in a statement.

Asked about the sting operation, BCCI chief N Srinivasan said, “We will ensure that the integrity of the game is protected. BCCI believes in the integrity of the game. We will take the strictest possible action. We will have to have the tapes and the moment we see it, whoever is the player, we will take very very strict action.”

“If there is any truth in it… It is a fact that we will take strictest action. Even if it means suspending the player immediately. But (that has to be) based on some evidence and fact, for which I have asked the COO of IPL Sundar Raman to request for the tape,” he said.

Srinivasan said he has asked the Governing Council of the IPL so that in the morning there will be a tele-conferencing of the governing council to go into this matter. We will act to show that this is not tolerated.”

“IPL, we believe is clean. We have got the Anti- Corruption Unit covering it. They are the in-chanrge of the security. We have got Ravi Swami, who was heading BCCI’s Anti-Corruption Unit to take it up for us.”

“People can make allegations. But if there is any shred of evidence, we will take action.

The channel claimed that an IPL player confessed that he was getting Rs.1.45 crore from its owner whereas he was in the Rs.30 lakh slab.

It named an IPL player, claiming he had bowled a no-ball in last year’s first class match on the insistence of the channel’s reporter. He had also assured to change his team in future if he was paid Rs.60 lakh, the channel said.

Another player demanded Rs.10 lakh for bowling a no-ball in an IPL match, it said.

The channel said a pattern has emerged where a particular bowler pitches easy deliveries and there are dropped catches.