IPL 2012: Spot-fixing row won't bother Delhi Daredevils, says Jayawardene

Delhi Daredevils batsman Mahela Jayawardene said the team hasn’t been affected the spot-fixing row and was determined to finish among top-2, to have that one extra chance to make the title-clash. AFP

New Delhi: May 16, 2012

A TV ‘sting operation‘ may have cast doubts over the credibility of IPL but Delhi Daredevils batsman Mahela Jayawardene on Wednesday said the team’s focus has not changed despite the spot-fixing allegations on some players.

No Delhi player has been named in the operation but five others have been suspended by the BCCI after they were named in the sting operation by a private TV channel for being ready to indulge in ‘spot-fixing’.

“We will have to wait and see. Nobody is guilty unless proved. We will have to wait for the decision after the enquiry and then only we can come to some conclusion. Right now our focus is to finish in top-2. Nothing has taken the focus away from us. Once the enquiry is over, then we can have some explanation,” Jayawardene said, on the eve of match against Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Delhi are the first team to secure a berth in the play-offs but the elegant Sri Lankan batsman said the team will fight hard into the remaining matches and also refrain from drastic experimentation.

“This is something we will discuss with the management.

But there won’t be much experimentation. We have been consistent with our selection and it has worked for us. There will not many changes but may be some,” he said.

The Sri Lankan skipper said the team was determined to finish among top-2, to have that one extra chance to make the title-clash.

“One of our aims was to qualify for the Play-offs. And now we want to finish in top-2 to have that advantage. The next two games are important for us. There are certain areas we want to improve on,” he said. (PTI)

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