IPL 2013 Live cricket score, KKR vs SRH at Kolkata: Hyderabad fall short by 48 runs

Kolkata Knight Riders cruised to a comfortable win © AFP

Kolkata: Apr 14, 2013

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SRH 132/7 | Overs 20 | Karan Sharma 5*, Mishra 1*

Hanuma Vihari holes out to Manoj Tiwary at long on to give Rajat Bhatia his second wicket. In the end, Hyderabad fall short by 48 runs to give Kolkata a big win and boost their net run-rate. The Hyderabad batting has failed once again and they need to do some serious introspection. The turning point in the innings would have to be the wicket of Cameron White. At 68 for one in the 11th over, the visitors would still have fancied their chances. But the wicket triggered a collapse and in the end, it was too much for Thisara Perera to overcome all by himself.

SRH 122/6 | Overs 19 | Karan Sharma 3*, Vihari 1* OUT!

Thisara Perera swings and misses, but not Jacques Kallis who takes the stumps of the Sri Lankan. Perera’s teammates left him stranded in the middle and there was nothing much he could do single-handedly. Meanhwile, Hanuma Vihari, Hyderabad’s hero with the bat in a couple of games, has come in at No 8!

Hyderabad need 59 off six balls.

SRH 122/5 | Overs 18 | Perera 35*, Karan Sharma 1*

Sunil Narine completes his spell of one for 31. Nothing much to add, really! The match has a foregone conclusion.

Hyderabad need 59 off 12 balls @ 29.50.

SRH 115/5 | Overs 17 | Perera 29*, Karan Sharma 0* OUT!

Sachithra Senanayake completes a brilliant first spell of the IPL by picking up the wicket of Ashish Reddy. The Hyderabad batsman goes for the charge, swings and misses as the ball takes the stumps. Senanayake finishes with figures of 4-0-18-1.

Hyderabad need 66 off 18 balls @ 22.00.

SRH 110/4 | Overs 16 | Perera 28*, Ashish Reddy 1* OUT!

Dwaraka Ravi Teja skies Sunil Narine; the ball goes miles up into the stratosphere before falling down Manoj Tiwary’s throat (figuratively, of course). The Bengal lad then shows off his footballing skills as Teja walks back. It’s all but over now, for Hyderabad.

Hyderabad need 71 off 24 balls @ 17.75.

SRH 104/3 | Overs 15 | Ravi Teja 10*, Perera 23*

Lakshmipathy Balaji finishes his spell with a superb over, conceding just five runs. Hyderabad need 77 off 30 balls @ 15.40.

SRH 99/3 | Overs 14 | Ravi Teja 8*, Perera 20*

Thisara Perera takes the attack to the opposition as he swats Sunil Narine over deep mid-wicket for maximum. The next ball is hit towards Eoin Morgan at long-on and should have been an easy catch, but the Englishman lost the ball in the lights before going for four. A bit of luck there, and Perera will take it. He knows he is the key here.

SRH 84/3 | Overs 13 | Ravi Teja 7*, Perera 7*

Lakshmipathy Balaji comes in for a third over and conceded seven runs. The required run rate for Hyderabad is now almost 14! They need 96 off 42 balls.

SRH 77/3 | Overs 12 | Ravi Teja 5*, Perera 2* OUT!

Manoj Tiwary takes another brilliant catch in the outfield as Kumar Sangakkara is the next to follow his teammates back to the pavilion. The Hyderabad captain drove Rajat Bhatia in the air towards long-off and just when you thought it would fall short of Tiwary, the Bengal lad dives in front to take the catch. Three quick wickets and KKR are in front here.

SRH 71/2 | Overs 11 | Sangakkara 2*, Ravi Teja 1* OUT!

Yusuf Pathan plucks Cameron White out of the air and takes a superb catch at long off to send back the dangerous Cameron White. The Australian big-hitter tries to heave Jacques Kallis over long off and the ball seemed to be on its way past the rope, but Pathan leaps to his left at the right time and takes the catch. IPL’s love affair with great catches continues.

SRH 68/1 | Overs 10 | White 34*, Sangakkara 1*

Cameron White makes room for himself and lifts Rajat Bhatia towards deep point and extra cover for consecutive boundaries.

SRH 57/1 | Overs 9 | White 24*, Sangakarra 0* OUT!

Jacques Kallis gets in a superb over, giving away just two runs off the first five balls. Parthiv Patel gets impatient and tries to pull a full lenghth ball. The ball passes underneath the bat and smashes into the stumps. Parthiv falls for 27.

SRH 55/0 | Overs 8 | Parthiv 26*, White 24*

Cameron White just manages to clear Eoin Morgan at the ropes for a six off the first ball of Rajat Bhatia’s over. White heaves Bhatia towards long off and Morgan gets his fingertips to the ball, but spills over.

SRH 45/0 | Overs 7 | Parthiv 24*, White 16*

Parthiv Patel pulls Jacques Kallis for a much-needed boundary to ease some nerves. Hyderabad need more of these now.

SRH 38/0 | Overs 6 | Parthiv 17*, White 13*

Sachithra Senanayake puts in a third tight over, conceding five runs and the Hyderabad openers must be beginning to get nervous now. Something is bound to happen.

SRH 33/0 | Overs 5 | Parthiv 17*, White 13*

Kolkata bring in the their second mystery spinner, Sunil Narine, into the attack and the West Indians gives away just four singles. KKR would be pleased with their start.

SRH 29/0 | Overs 4 | Parthiv 15*, White 11*

Sachithra Senanayake restores parity with another tidy over. Just five runs come off it.

SRH 24/0 | Overs 3 | Parthiv 14*, White 8*

Parthiv Patel picks Lakshmipathy Balaji’s slower ball beautifully and hit it straight down the ground for six, before getting a gentle late slice off the backfoot for four down deep backward point. Just the start Hyderabad wanted!

SRH 11/0 | Overs 2 | Parthiv 3*, White 6*

Sachithra Senanayake gets a bowl straight away in his first game of the IPL and keeps it tight, conceding just four runs. What can the mystery spinner do to stake his claim for a permanent spot?

SRH 7/0 | Overs 1 | Parthiv 1*, White 4*

Cameron White flicks Lakshmipathy Balaji off the legs down deep square-leg for four off the last ball of the first over.

So, 69 runs came off the last five overs as KKR put on a very good total for the Sunrisers to chase. Hyderabad’s batsmen will need to step up to the plate if they want to stand any chance here. Join us in a bit for the chase.

KKR 180/4 | Overs 20 | Y Pathan 3*

Jacques Kallis swats Ishant Sharma to the wide long-on fence for a one-bounce four, before the Indian fights back with a tight over, conceding just four more singles. Kallis is run out on the last ball.

KKR 172/3 | Overs 19 | Kallis 35*, Y Pathan 1* OUT!

Eoin Morgan stands back and cuts Dale Steyn for six down long off! Yes, you heard that right! What power! Jacques Kallis then gets a thick edge down third man for four more. All Steyn can do is smile. Eventually, he gets Morgan (47) run out to feel a little good about the over.

KKR 157/2 | Overs 18 | Kallis 29*, Morgan 40*

Eoin Morgan pulls Thisara Perera down mid-wicket for four, before lofting him straight down the ground for six. Morgan then powerfully pulls again and finds the gap between long-on and deep mid-wicket for four more. He isn’t done yet as Perera bowls short and wide of off-stump that is cut for another boundary. Twenty-two runs come off the over. Perera ends up conceding 44 in his four.

KKR 135/2 | Overs 17 | Kallis 29*, Morgan 20*

Jacques Kallis gets into his groove, finally. First, he slices a very wide delivery from Ishant Sharma for four before playing a trademark Kallis cover drive for four more off the last ball. Ishant struggled with his line and paid for it. The last two overs have now gone for 13 each.

KKR 122/2 | Overs 16 | Kallis 20*, Morgan 17*

Eoin Morgan gets down on one knee and lofts Amit Mishra straight down the ground for six, before getting a lucky bottom edge between the wicketkeeper’s legs for four more. Just the over KKR needed; 13 coming off it. Mishra will feel unlucky; he didn’t bowl a bad over.

KKR 109/2 | Overs 15 | Kallis 18*, Morgan 6*

Dale Steyn comes in for a third over and concedes just one run in the first five balls, before Eoin Morgan gets a late cut past the keeper to the third-man fence.

KKR 104/2 | Overs 14 | Kallis 17*, Morgan 2* OUT!

Ashish Reddy bowls Gautam Gambhir (53) with a slow yorker. Gambhir tries to heave it over long-on and completely misses the length. A good innings comes to an end from the Kolkata captain.

KKR 96/1 | Overs 13 | Gambhir 52*, Kallis 12*

Jacques Kallis scores his first boundary with a cheeky late cut off a short-pitched delivery from Thisara Perera. Ruins an otherwise good over.

KKR 88/1 | Overs 12 | Gambhir 54*, Kallis 6*

Gautam Gambhir brings up his second consecutive half-century this season with a four down third-man. His confidence is oozing out now. Ashish Reddy concedes seven runs in his first over.

KKR 81/1 | Overs 11 | Gambhir 45*, Kallis 5*

Thisara Perera comes back and bowls a tidy over, conceding just five runs. Jacques Kallis has faced just five balls so far.

KKR 76/1 | Overs 10 | Gambhir 43*, Kallis 2*

It’s Karan Sharma’s time to get swatted by Gautam Gambhir, who gets enough to clear long on. He’s looking really good here and if he stays till the end, KKR should get another 100 runs at least.

KKR 68/1 | Overs 9 | Gambhir 36*, Kallis 1*

Gautam Gambhir continues to use his feet against Amit Sharma and drives him for four in the vacant area between deep mid-wicket and long-on. Just six off the over, though, for KKR.

KKR 62/1 | Overs 8 | Gambhir 30*, Kallis 0* OUT!

Leg-spin from both ends for Hyderabad. Karan Sharma gets a bowl in his first match this season; his swing of the arms while bowling looks faster than even Dale Steyn! Whatever it is, it seems to have foxed Manvinder Bisla, who tries to loft him over long-on but finds Hanuma Vihar stationed at the rope. Excellent first over for the 25-year-old!

KKR 57/0 | Overs 7 | Bisla 27*, Gambhir 27*

Gautam Gambhir uses his feet to perfection against Amit Mishra, lofting the leg-spinner on either arm of the ‘V’ for two boundaries. It’s not for nothing that they call him one of the best players of spin in India.

KKR 48/0 | Overs 6 | Bisla 26*, Gambhir 19*

Ishant Sharma errs by giving Gautam Gambhir width to free his arms, and the left-hander obliges by elegantly cutting him for four. Manvinder Bisla gets a similar delivery which is a touch shorter, and the right-hander almost drags it back onto his stumps. KKR get six and end the Powerplay with 48 runs, their best this season.

KKR 42/0 | Overs 5 | Bisla 25*, Gambhir 14*

Manvinder Bisla continues to give himself room and swatting the bowler. He did it twice in Thisara Perera’s first over, getting two boundaries down extra cover. KKR are off to a good start here.

KKR 31/0 | Overs 4 | Bisla 16*, Gambhir 14*

Ishant Sharma comes into the attack and bowls a superb over. The lanky pacer bowled a good length and straight, cramping the batsmen for room. Manvinder Bisla resorts to stepping down, giving himself room and hitting Ishant over mid-on to get a boundary. One of the advantages of the fielding restrictions.

KKR 24/0 | Overs 3 | Bisla 12*, Gambhir 11*

Gautam Gambhir gives Dale Steyn the charge and looks to target the long-off boundary, but mistimes the shot which goes high and lands in no man’s land down extra cover. KKR are gaining in confidence; nine come off Steyn’s second over.

KKR 15/0 | Overs 2 | Bisla 10*, Gambhir 7*

Hanuma Vihari gets a bowl first up, as has been the norm for Hyderabad this season. Manvinder Bisla lets loose after being cramped by Dale Steyn in the first over. Bisla sweeps Vihari for four first ball, before stepping down and swatting him for four more down wide long on. Gambhir takes over and sweeps Vihari for another boundary off the last ball. Doubts of a seven-ball over allowed by the umpire.

KKR 3/0 | Overs 1 | Bisla 2*, Gambhir 1*

Dale Steyn steams in and bowls full and tight, getting ample amount of spin to trouble Manvinder Bisla, who surprisingly took strike instead of Gautam Gambhir. Three runs come off the over.

Kolkata Knight Riders skipper Gautam Gambhir has won the toss and elected to bat first against Sunrisers Hyderabad in the 17th match of the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Gambhir reveals at the toss that Sachithra Senanayake finally gets a game in place of Ryan McLaren. So, KKR will be fielding two mystery spinners in this game, the second one being West Indian Sunil Narine.

The Sunrisers have also made one change — Karan Sharma comes in for Anand Rajan. Opener Akshath Reddy has also been dropped…for Ravi Teja. Hmm…


Kolkata Knight Riders: Manvinder Bisla (wk), Gautam Gambhir (c), Jacques Kallis, Yusuf Pathan, Manoj Tiwary, Eoin Morgan, Rajat Bhatia, Laxmi Ratan Shukla, Sachithra Senanayake, Sunil Narine, Lakshmipathy Balaji.

Sunrisers Hyderabad: Dwaraka Ravi Teja, Parthiv Patel (wk), Kumar Sangakkara (c), Hanuma Vihari, Cameron White, Thisara Perera, Ashish Reddy, Karan Sharma, Amit Mishra, Dale Steyn, Ishant Sharma.

Hello world and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of match no 17 of the Indian Premier League (IPL) between Kolkata Knight Riders and Sunrisers Hyderabad at Eden Gardens.

This is CC’s Jaideep Vaidya bringing you over-by-over updates of the match on a hot Sunday afternoon. Yes, I bid farewell to weekends long ago!

Defending champions KKR are surprisingly not the favourites in this match given their current form. Kolkata have played three games and have won only one of them, while Hyderabad have played four and won three. The bright side for Gautam Gambhir’s side is that their only victory came at home.

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