IPL 2013 Live cricket score, MI vs CSK at Mumbai: Kieron Pollard drops three catches in a row

Michael Hussey was dropped thrice in the first over © IANS

Mumbai: May 5, 2013

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CSK 79 all-out | Overs 15.2  |  Ben Laughlin 4* OUT! Ravindra Jadeja 20 (16)

Its all over! Ravindra Jadeja tries to slog and gives a simple catch to Ambati Rayudu at deep square leg. Mumbai Indians have completed a sound thrashing of the Chennai Super Kings. 60-run victory will take Mumbai Indians to the third spot while Chennai Super Kings will look to go back to the drawing board to rectify their batting problems from today. For the moment, Rohit Sharma will be a delighted captain. His side have boosted their chances of finishing in the top four.

CSK 78/9 | Overs 15 |   Ravindra Jadeja 20*, Ben Laughlin 3*

Laughlin and Jadeja survive another over from Malinga. Three runs from it.

CSK 75/9 | Overs 14 |   Ravindra Jadeja 19*, Ben Laughlin 1*

20 runs off the over! Who would have thought! Erratic bowling from Johnson gives Chennai as many as 20 runs as Chennai reach 75/9 in 15 overs.

CSK 55/9 | Overs 13 |   Ravindra Jadeja 6*, Ben Laughlin 0* OUT! Chris Morris 1 (4)  Mohit Sharma 0 (3)

THE MALINGA YORKER! Lasith Malinga lets out a beauty to Chris Morris who takes ages to get his bat down. He then sends back Mohit Sharma who swings his bat but fails to clear Pawan Suyal. Nine wickets down and Chennai are staring at being bowled out for the lowest total in the history of IPL.

CSK 54/7 | Overs 12 |   Ravindra Jadeja 1* OUT! MS Dhoni 10 (12)

GAME. OVER! MS Dhoni goes for a big heave and Pollard takes an easy straightforward catch. Chris Morris walks out as Chennai need 86 off 48 deliveries.

CSK 52/6 | Overs 11 |  MS Dhoni 10*, Ravindra Jadeja 1*

Dhoni and Jadeja manage just four runs as the pressure continues to mount.


CSK 46/6 | Overs 10 |  MS Dhoni 10*, Ravindra Jadeja 1*  OUT! Michael Hussey 22 (26)

Pragyan Ojha picks up the most important wicket! Michael Hussey departs trying to play a slog-sweep over deep midwicket. Dhoni slams his first boundary to ease things a bit. Eight runs come from the over. Chennai reach 48 for six at the half-way stage.

CSK 40/5 | Overs 9 | Michael Hussey 20*, MS Dhoni 1*

Michael Hussey takes the orange cap from Chris Gayle, if only temporarily. But runs have dried up here. Just four runs come from the over. Chennai need 100 runs to win from 66 deliveries.

CSK 36/5 | Overs 8 | Michael Hussey 20*, MS Dhoni 1*

Rohit Sharma threw the ball to Lasith Malinga as the crowds began chanting ‘ MA-LIN-GA’ interspersed with ‘DHONI DHONI.’ Malinga concedes just two runs.

CSK 34/5 | Overs 7 | Michael Hussey 19*, MS Dhoni 0* OUT! Ravichandran Ashwin 2 (8)

Moment of madness from Ravichandran Ashwin! He moves outside his leg stump to make room and guide the ball to third man. But he fails to get bat on ball as his leg stump is disturbed. Chennai have lost half their side already as Hussey watches from the other end. Harbhajan finishes an excellent over and concedes just 2 runs.

CSK 32/4 | Overs 6 | Michael Hussey 18*, Ravichandran Ashwin 1*

Michael Hussey gets a move on! He slams debutant Pawan Suyal for a six over square leg. He and Ashwin collect five more runs. 11 runs come from the over. 

CSK 21/4 | Overs 5 | Michael Hussey 9*, Ravichandran Ashwin 1*

Ravichanran Ashwin walked out at the fall of Bravo! And he sees out majority of Harbhajan’s over which fetches three runs.

CSK 18/4 | Overs 4 | Michael Hussey 7* OUT! Dwayne Bravo 9 (7)

Another over done, another wicket falls! Dwayne Bravo this time! After scoring a boundary over the infield on the off side, Bravo hits the ball straight to Ambati Rayudu at extra cover.

CSK 10/3 | Overs 3 | Michael Hussey 7   OUT!  Murali Vijay 2 (4) , Suresh Raina 0 (1) , Badrinath 0 (3)

Mitchell Johnson strikes thrice! He bowls a wide delivery to Murali Vijay who chases the ball and drags it onto his stumps. Much to Johnson’s delight, Pollard comes back and picks up a good low diving catch to send back Suresh Raina for a duck. BIG BIG WICKET! He then traps Subramaniam Badrinath to reduce Chennai to nine for three. Can Johnson script Mumbai’s comeback?

CSK 9/0 | Overs 2 | Michael Hussey 7*, Murali Vijay 2*

A tidy start for Pawan Suyal. He bowls wicket to wicket to give away just three runs. Chennai have nine runs on the board.

CSK 6/0 | Overs 1 | Michael Hussey 6* , Murali Vijay 0*

Poor start for Mumbai in the field! Michael Hussey DROPPED by Kieron Pollard thrice in three deliveries! Unbelievable stuff, this! First Hussey plays an uppish cut where Pollard can only get his hands to the ball. The next two deliveries were absolute sitters. To make matters worse, the final one went through his hands and struck him on his nose. He has walked away from the field. Chennai have six runs on the board.


Mumbai Indians have started the game poorly. 139 on a wicket where any score between 150 and 160 would have been par score. It is a must-win for the home side and they played way too cautiously. Looking at Chennai’s form and their batting line-up, 140 should a straightforward win unless the Mumbai bowlers find something in the wicket that still seems flat. We will have to wait and find out if MI can spark a comeback with the ball.

MI 139/5 | Overs 20 |  Rohit Sharma 39*, Harbhajan Singh 25*

Rohit Sharma guides the first ball through to the third man boundary but Harbhajan Singh propels Mumbai Indians to 139 for five. He starts with a huge six over long on and hits a boundary over square leg. 19 runs runs come from the over but Mumbai Indians will still not be too happy with the total.

MI 120/5 | Overs 19 |  Rohit Sharma 32*, Harbhajan Singh 13*

A decent over from Bravo. After conceding a boundary of the first ball,  Bravo does well to give only four more runs and comes close to dismissing Sharma as Suresh Raina was handed a tough catch at point.

MI 112/5 | Overs 18 |  Rohit Sharma 25*, Harbhajan Singh 13*

Rohit Sharma picks the slower delivery from Ben Laughlin to send the ball into the stands over long on. The six brings up Mumbai ‘s 100. Harbhajan Singh also gets into the act as he makes room and frees his arms to hit a boundary on the offside. Good over for the home side ,13 runs come from it.

MI 99/5 | Overs 17 |  Rohit Sharma 16*, Harbhajan Singh 9*

Rohit Sharma picks up Dwayne Bravo’s slower one and slaps it over covers to the fence. Much-needed boundary for the Mumbai Indians. He skies the last ball of the over but it falls short of the fielder at deep mid-wicket. Mumbai take nine runs from the over.

MI 90/5 | Overs 16 |  Rohit Sharma 9*, Harbhajan Singh 7* OUT! Ambati Rayudu 10 (11)

Oh dear! What has Rayudu done here? In a bid to up the run rate, Rayudu goes for a blind swing, giving Ashwin his first wicket. The scorecard doesn’t read well for the home side. Look away if you are a Mumbai Indians fan! Next man Harbhajan Singh walks out and slams the first ball he faces for a six over long on. Ashwin follows it up with three leg-spinners. Eight runs and a wicket from the over.


MI 82/4 | Overs 15 |  Rohit Sharma 8*, Ambati Rayudu 10*

Mohit Sharma’s magnificant spell comes to an end. He finishes with figures of no wicket for 20 runs. His last over fetches four singles. Chennai are running away with this tie here.


MI 78/4 | Overs 14 |  Rohit Sharma 6*, Ambati Rayudu 8*

The runs are still hard to come by. At the start, one would have expected a run fest. 14 overs later, Mumbai are going at just over five runs an over. Ravichandran Ashwin starts with a tidy over to concede just three runs.

MI 75/4 | Overs 13 |  Rohit Sharma 4*, Ambati Rayudu 7*

Ambati Rayudu scores his first boundary and Mumbai take five more runs out of the over from Laughlin. An uneventful over, much to Mumbai’s relief. Nine runs off it.

MI 66/4 | Overs 12 |  Rohit Sharma 2*, Ambati Rayudu 0* OUT! Dinesh Karthik 23 (23)

Dinesh Karthik takes apart Jadeja but the CSK man has the last laugh. Karthik hit  two fours anad a six off three deliveries but was caught out in the deep when he tried to go for another maximum. The over started well for the home side but it has belonged to CSK again.

MI 52/3 | Overs 11 |  Dinesh Karthik 9*, Rohit Sharma 2*

Ben Laughlin starts off with a tidy over. He comes close to running Rohit Sharma out but the Mumbai skipper survives. Five runs come off the over. Mumbai go past the 50-run mark.

MI 47/3 | Overs 10 |  Dinesh Karthik 5*, Rohit Sharma 1* OUT! Kieron Pollard 1 (3)

Ravindra Jadeja strikes again! This time he sends back the dangerous Kieron Pollard. He flights the ball a bit and Pollard’s eyes light up. He hits it towards the long on boundary but doesn’t time it. He hits the ball straight down Suresh Raina’s throat. MSD has done exceptionally well so far. Mumbai are reeling at 47 for three at the half-way stage. Can Rohit play another captain’s knock?

MI 45/2 | Overs 9 |  Dinesh Karthik 4* , Kieron Pollard 1*

This is awesome stuff from Chennai and MSD! They continue to strangle the batsmen at the crease. Another miserly over by Chris Morris comes to an end with just two runs conceded off it.

MI 43/2 | Overs 8 |  Dinesh Karthik 1* , Kieron Pollard 0* OUT! Dwayne Smith 22 (24)

The newly appointed West Indian skipper Dwayne Bravo strikes in his first over! He removes Dwayne Smith who skies a ball for Bravo to take the catch and break into his dance move. Mumbai in big trouble here. The wicket brings Kieron Pollard out. Lovely start from the purple cap holder. He concedes just 2 runs.

MI 41/1 | Overs 7 | Dwayne Smith 22*, Dinesh Karthik 1* OUT! Sachin Tendulkar 15 (18)

Ravindra Jadeja strikes! And he has the prized wicket of Tendulkar! Dinesh Karthik comes out to bat. Good over for Mumbai until the wicket fell. Nine runs come off it.

MI 32/0 | Overs 6 | Dwayne Smith 15*, Sachin Tendulkar 14*

Sachin finally decides to attack! He hits Sharma for a four and a six. He first hits a boundary over the bowler and follows it up with a six over fine-leg boundary. 11 runs off the over.

MI 21/0 | Overs 5 | Dwayne Smith 15*, Sachin Tendulkar 3*

Now Tendulkar tries to cut loose. But he fails to connect. How often does that happen? He tries to come across and hit a short delivery over fine-leg but he can’t get bat to ball. MS Dhoni appeals for a caught behind but the umpire turns it down. Morris continues to keep the runs down but strays onto Smith’s legs in the last ball and the West Indian dispatches it to midwicket boundary.

MI 15/0 | Overs 4 | Dwayne Smith 11*, Sachin Tendulkar 2*

Dwayne Smith finally gets a move on! He hits the first boundary of the Mumbai innings straight back over Mohit Sharma but the young lad gives nothing else away.

MI 11/0 | Overs 3 | Dwayne Smith 7*, Sachin Tendulkar 2*

Chris Morris comes on sporting a yellow headband a la Dennis Lillee. Smith plays out two deliveries and takes a single to make the crowds go ‘ Sachin Sachin!’ Three singles and some comical effort on the fields enables Mumbai to take six runs off the over.

MI 5/0 | Overs 2 | Dwayne Smith 3*, Sachin Tendulkar 1*

Mohit Sharma’s good show in the IPL continues! He starts off with a wide but bowls six dot balls to none other than Sachin Tendulkar.

MI 4/0 | Overs 1 | Dwayne Smith 3*, Sachin Tendulkar 1*

MS Dhoni opens the bowling with Ravindra Jadeja! He concedes just four runs as Dwayne Smith and Sachin Tendulkar start off slowly.

Mumbai and Chennai have already clashed before in this year’s IPL but the result of this fixture could have a major impact on the points table. Mumbai Indians need nothing less than win to enter into the top four.

Mumbai Indians skipper Rohit Sharma has won the toss against and has elected to bat first at the Wankhede Stadium in their Indian Premier League (IPL) 2013 encounter.

Injuries have forced both teams to make changes. Mumbai Indians bring in Pawan Suyal for Dhawal Kulkarni while Ben Hilfenhaus and Murali Vijay return in place of Albie Morkel and Wriddhiman Saha.


Mumbai Indians: Dwayne Smith, Sachin Tendulkar, Dinesh Karthik (wk), Rohit Sharma (c), Kieron Pollard, Ambati Rayudu, Harbhajan Singh, Mitchell Johnson, Lasith Malinga, Pawan Suyal, Pragyan Ojha

Chennai Super Kings: Murali Vijay, Michael Hussey, Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni (c & wk) , Ravindra Jadeja, Subramanium Badrinath, Dwayne Bravo, Chris Morris, Ravichandran Ashwin, Ben Laughlin,  Mohit Sharma

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