IPL 2013 Live cricket score, RR vs KKR at Jaipur: Kolkata in disarray after losing quick wickets

Royals pegged back Kolkata picking up wickets at regular intervals © AFP

Jaipur: Apr 8, 2013

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KKR 125/10 | Overs 19 |  Narine 2*

Cooper delivered the body blow by dismissing Morgan on the first ball of the over. Shami was dismissed off the last ball. Royals won the game by 19 runs. Cooper (3-15) and Trivedi (3-23)  were the stars with the ball.

KKR 122/8 | Overs 18 |  E Morgan 51*, Shami 3*

KKR get 13 off this over. Morgan used Tait’s pace and worked him over fine leg for a six. So KKR are in the hunt. They need 23 off two overs.

KKR 109/8 | Overs 17 |  E Morgan 40*, Shami 1*

Shami went for almighty slogs off the last two deliveries. Cooper used his variations in this over. Morgan could not get under any delivery. Three overs and 36 runs to get.

KKR 104/8 | Overs 16 |  E Morgan 37*, Shami 0*

Lee hit Sreesanth for a boundary but went for another hit that failed to clear long-on. Kolkata need 41 off four overs. It is fair to say this is now a match between Royals and Morgan.

KKR 99/7 | Overs 15 |  E Morgan 36*, B Lee 1*

Tait got Bhatia off his first delivery. Lee scored one off the next three deliveries. Morgan finished off the over with two boundaries. KKR are getting  boundaries.

KKR 90/6 | Overs 14 |  E Morgan 28*, R Bhatia 12*

Morgan is looking dangerous here. He carted Shukla for a six, and KKR run-chase gets an impetus. Royals must not relax.

KKR 77/6 | Overs 13 |  E Morgan 16*, R Bhatia 12*

Trivedi has been carted. A 15-run last over from Trivedi spoils his figures. He had conceded eight off his first three. KKR are fighting.

KKR 62/6 | Overs 12 |  E Morgan 8* , R Bhatia 5*

Trivedi misfielded, that was sloppy. Royals mustn’t relax KKR A six runs over is still good from Royals’ perspective.

KKR 56/6 | Overs 11 |  E Morgan 6*, R Bhatia

Trivedi is on a roll. KKR are capitulating. Shukla uses long handle but fails to get the distance. The elavation was there. Royals are on top.

KKR 55/5 | Overs 10 |  E Morgan 6* , L Shukla 2*

Sreesanth had Morgan leg before but Aleem Dar missed that one. KKR are struggling to get runs. Royals looking favourites here on their fortress.

KKR 50/5 | Overs 9 |  E Morgan 5* , L Shukla 2*

Watson floored down a chance of Morgan. If Watson would have held that, it would have been virtually game over for KKR. Trivedi is bowling a good line.

KKR 46/5 | Overs 8 |  E Morgan 2* , L Shukla 1*

Cooper got the huge wicket of Yusuf Pathan. A nothing shot played by Pathan. Kolkata are playing poor shots. Royals are on top at Jaipur.

KKR 43/4 | Overs 7 |  E Morgan 1* , Y Pathan 0*

Siddharth Trivedi gets Tiwary and Gambhir. That has been Kolkata’s pattern so far – losing two wickets in an over. Royals looking to bowl some frugal overs and keep the pressure on KKR.

KKR 40/2 | Overs 6 |  G Gambhir 20*, M Tiwary 13*

Bizzare start to the over from Gambhir. He danced down the track and missed the ball by a country mile. The next ball went up in the air, in no man’s land. Cooper troubled KKR captain in his first over.

KKR 36/2 | Overs 5 |  G Gambhir 18*, M Tiwary 12*

KKR’s run-rate is good but they have lost two wickets. Shukla’s full delivery was hit for a boundary by Tiwary.

KKR 26/2 | Overs 4 |  G Gambhir 15*, M Tiwary 5*

Tait is really working up good pace. He bowled the fastest ball of the tournament (150.1 kmps). A three run over is a good effort after Shukla’s twin-strikes.

KKR 23/2 | Overs 3 |  G Gambhir 13*, M Tiwary 3*

Shukla got two in two (technically although he bowled a wide in between). Bisla fell to an incredulous shot while Kallis tried to dab Shukla towards third man but got an edge. Royals get the early breakthroughs.

KKR 18/0 | Overs 2 |  M Bisla 1* , G Gambhir 13*

Shaun Tait started the over with a couple of wides. He is working up good pace but Tait has to get his radar right.

KKR 11/0 | Overs 1 |  M Bisla 0* , G Gambhir 12*

Shocking effort from Shaun Tait at fine-leg gave Gambhir a first ball boundary. Gambhir announced his intentions by charging down the track and hoicking Sreesanth over square leg for a six. Poor line from Sreesanth despite getting a lot of swing.

RR 144/6 | Overs 20 |  B Hodge 46* , Sreesanth 1*

Royals got 38 off the last three overs. Thanks to Hodge and Yagnik. Kallis gave away 12 off the final over. It is a fighting total. Will KKR chase 145? Join us in 10 minutes.

RR 132/5 | Overs 19 |  B Hodge 37* , Yagnik 16*

When was Narine hit for 18-runs in an over? What wonderful hitting from Yagnik who switched over to conventional hitting after failing with his ramp shot. A six and reverse-sweep (a conventional shot) in this format earned him a four. Royals have got that big over.

RR 114/5 | Overs 18 |  B Hodge 32* , Yagnik 4*

Yagnik tried an impetuous ramp but failed to make contact. Hodge carted Lee through mid-wicket. Eight runs off the 18th over. Royals are now in search of big overs.

RR 106/5 | Overs 17 |  B Hodge 27* , Yagnik 2*

Only six runs have come off the last two overs. Narine started the slide and Kallis complemented him well. Hodge waiting for an opportune moment to launch the final assault.

RR 101/5 | Overs 16 |  B Hodge 25* , Yagnik 0*

Narine gets two wickets off two deliveries and Royals lose momentum. One run conceded. Hodge has to bat through for the Royals now.

RR 100/3 | Overs 15 |  A Rahane 36*, B Hodge 24*

Rahane played shot of the IPL so far. He effortlessly hit Shami for a six over covers. Hodge also thwacked Shami for a boundary. Royals scored 15 off this over.

RR 86/3 | Overs 14 |  A Rahane 29*, B Hodge 18*

Hodge pulled Bhatia in front of mid-wicket for a boundary. Royals ensuring that they are get singles as well. A good move on from Royals.

RR 79/3 | Overs 13 |  A Rahane 27*, B Hodge 13*

Royals score runs off every ball. Shukla was cut again by Hodge behind point for a boundary. A 10-run over for Royals. And there is some delay.

RR 69/3 | Overs 12 |  A Rahane 25*, B Hodge 5*

Narine gives away only two runs. KKR are attacking. A wicket here will peg Royals back. Royals played Narine cautiously.

RR 67/3 | Overs 11 |  A Rahane 24*, B Hodge 4*

Laxmi Ratan Shukla got a wicket off his first delivery when he trapped Binny plumb in front. Hodge then cut Shukla behind point for a four. Shukla bowled outside off stump and got some movement.

RR 63/2 | Overs 10 |  A Rahane 24*, S Binny 13*

Stuart Binny used deft touch to get a boundary that eluded short third man and then lofted Bhatia over covers for another boundary. Royals score 10-runs off the 10th over.

RR 53/2 | Overs 9 |  A Rahane 23*, S Binny 5*

Another over where the last ball goes for a four. Rajasthan are getting an odd-boundary but still they are struggling for momentum. Kallis gave away seven off his second over.

RR 46/2 | Overs 8 |  A Rahane 21*, S Binny 0*

Dravid missed a straight delivery from Rajat Bhatia and was castled. Bhatia just bowled wicket-to-wicket and got the prized scalp of the Royals skipper. Bhatia gives away four off his first over.

RR 42/1 | Overs 7 |  A Rahane 19*, R Dravid 15*

An exquisite cover-drive from Dravid was the best shot of the innings so far. Kallis was taken for seven runs off his first over.

RR 35/1 | Overs 6 |  A Rahane 18*, R Dravid 10*

Gambhir got his trump card Narine into the attack who was attacked by Rahane and was dispatched for a boundary through mid-wicket. No turn available for Narine.

RR 27/1 | Overs 5 |  A Rahane 13*, R Dravid 7*

Dravid executed a leg-glance off the final ball to spoil what otherwise was a good over by Lee. So 27 off five overs. A decent start for Royals.

RR 21/1 | Overs 4 |  A Rahane 13*, R Dravid 1*

Two fours were scored by Rahane who is looking comfortable at the crease. Shami has not quite found his line. Rajasthan have got a move on.

RR 13/1 | Overs 3 |  A Rahane 5*, R Dravid 1*

Brett Lee got the wicket of Watson who mistimed a cover-drive and presented a simple catch to Morgan at covers. Watson had scored four in an unconvincing fashion off the second delivery. Watson doesn’t make an impact with the bat for Royals. And he broke his bat for the second time today.

RR 6/0 | Overs 2 | S Watson 1* , A Rahane 4*

Shami Ahmed got some bounce and movement in the over. He erred on a couple of occasions but the carry on the wicket will keep the Kolkata pacers excited.

RR 1/0 | Overs 1 | S Watson 0* , A Rahane 0*

Brett Lee broke Watson’s bat in the first over. Watson failed to execute a hook shot and the ball hit bottom of his bat. Lee worked up some pace and got some movement in this over. A sedate start from the Royals.

Kolkata Knight Riders captain Gautam Gambhir won the toss and elected to bowl in Match 8 of IPL 6 agains Rajasthan Royals, who will be boosted with the return of all-rounder Shane Watson.

Rajasthan have brought in Shane Watson, Shaun Tait and Dishant Yagnik in places of Samuel Badree, Kushal Perera and Ashok Menaria.

Kolkata retain the same set of foreign players but have got in Shami Ahmed in place of L Balaji.

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of Match no 8 of IPL 2013 between Kolkata Knight Riders and Rajasthan Royals. This is Rajasthan’s first home game. They won their opening encounter against Delhi Daredevils at the Ferozshah Kotla.

Kolkata won their opening game by trouncing Delhi Daredevils at the Eden Gardens. We will be bringing you over-by-over updates of the match held at the Sawai Man Singh Stadium, Jaipur.

Rajasthan Royals: Ajinkya Rahane, Shane Watson, Rahul Dravid (c), Stuart Binny, Brad Hodge, Kevon Cooper, Dishant Yagnik, S Sreesanth, Rahul Shukla, Siddharth Trivedi, Shaun Tait.

Kolkata Knight Riders: Gautam Gambhir (c), Manvinder Bisla (wk), Jacques Kallis, Manoj Tiwary, Eoin Morgan, Yusuf Pathan, Laxmi Shukla, Rajat Bhatia, Brett Lee, Sunil Narine, Shami Ahmed.

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