IPL Cheerleaders

Payment towards two of Rajasthan Royals’ cheerleaders were not made during the Indian Premier League 2013 PTI (Representational photo)

Mumbai: Jun 10, 2013

Two Ukranian cheerleaders who represented the Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League 2013 have not been paid entirely by the franchise.

According to a report on DNA, the Ukrainian girls had been demanding the outstanding for 16 matches they performed in. Meanwhile, Zeb Chaudhary, the director of the company that coordinated the supply of cheer leaders tried to stay away from the controversy.

“We are a small firm and we paid some of the girls from our own pocket; but paying everyone is not possible for us. The girls keep approaching us and we are left embarrassed. We do a lot of other events and we don t want our name sullied,” he said.

Choudhary went on to say that it had become difficult to coordinate with the Rajasthan side as they were being handled by a Jaipur-based firm called 10/10 inc. The contract drawn up between Choudhury s company and 10/10 mentioned that nine cheer girls were booked for 16 matches for a sum of Rs 13 lakh.

Choudhury also claimed that 10/10 told him that the payment would be made on May 30.

“I asked them to pay us on May 15 before the final performance at Hyderabad on May 17. Accordingly, Siddharth Sanghvi of 10/10 made the change on the contract and signed it.”

However the money did not come on May 15 as promised and the cheer girls refused to fly to Hyderabad. They had to be pleaded to go and promised that the payment would be made by the end of the match on May 17.

“There [in Hyderabad], my manager Kartik Ranwat kept pleading with 10/10 partner DJ Chiku for the money, but he was refused,” Choudhury said.

Among the girls who are still awaiting payment are Tetiana Stepanova, 26, alias Tashya and Tetiana Kharkychava, 23, alias Tasha.

Tashya, who is from Kiev, said, “DJ Chiku threatened to get our baggage thrown out and our flight tickets back to Mumbai cancelled. But we challenged him to do it. We said: No money, no performance.”

The match started and RR manager (Operations), Rajeev Khanna, came to the green room, calmed tempers and mailed Choudhary at 9.04 pm, saying: “Please [be] rest assured all issues with 10/10 will be sorted. We guarantee the same.”

The girls came out to perform in the 15th over of the match. “Once that was over, Rajeev hasn t been responding to my mails. But he tried to enter into another agreement for the girls to go to Kolkata. I said, first organise the payment for our previous performance,” said Choudhary.

After a point, 10/10 also alleged that several clauses of the contract was violated by Choudhury s company and hence the payment was withheld. Sanghvi said, “If we wanted, we could have withheld Rs 6.5 lakh, but we have only withheld Rs 1.5 lakh.”

A vexed Tashya said, “It was bad that RR would not provide us food on long road trips, not give us water to drink, no umbrellas as we squatted behind the podium in the sun when it was 40 degrees… but this is really a blow.”