IPL 2013 spot-fixing controversy: Car chase through midnight led to S Sreesanth's arrest

S Sreesanth and Ankeet Chavan visted a swanky pub in Bandra after Wednesday evening’s match against Mumbai Indians © PTI

Mumbai: May 18, 2013
A well-planned chase by police after the Indian premier League (IPL) match on Wednseday led to the arrest of Rajasthan Royals players S Sreesanth, Ankeet Chavan and Ajit Chandila on Thursday.
After losing their match against Mumbai Indians, Sreesanth along with Chavan drove to the swanky pub OR-G at Bandra, said an insider from the pub. Being under the scanner since many days, the police followed the cricketers to the pub where he was supposedly with Mithania, a bookie.
A report by NDTV states that on the day of their arrest, the police kept tabs on each and every movement of Sreesanth, Chavan and Ajit Chandila, the third Rajasthan cricketer in the spot-fixing controversy.
 “After spending half an hour at the pub, Ankeet Chavan left the pub, and one of the police teams began tailing him. When he reached the Intercontinental Hotel, cops arrested him. In the meantime, Sreesanth was still with Mithania inside the pub,” said a source from Mumbai police.
Sreesanth left the pub around 1:30 am for Waterfield Road in Bandra. The bookie Mithania too left shortly. According to the source, the police broke up into separate teams and followed them. The Kerala pacer’s car was intercepted by the police at Moti Mahal on Waterfield Road. Three girls were in Sreesanth’s at the time he was intercepted in Bandra.
The long chase which began post the IPL match on Wednesday night, ended with Chandila and Chavan being taken into custody along with the arrest of some bookies.
The following day the trio were taken to Delhi and by afternoon the Delhi Police held a press conference revealing all the details behind the murky deals between the cricketers and the bookies.

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