IPL 2013 spot-fixing controversy: S Sreesanth pleads innocence to priest

S Sreesanth was arrested in connection with the spot-fixing controversy during Indian Premier League 2013 © PTI

Mumbai: Jun 1, 2013

S Sreesanth broke down in front of Father John Puthuva in Tihar Jail on Thursday.

“He [Sreesanth] saw me from a distance when he was being brought by the personnel accompanying him. He ran towards me and held my hand and started crying,” Puthuva said.

“What have I done to be here? I am innocent. Please ask everyone to pray for me,” Sreesanth told Puthuva, as reported by the Indian Express.

“I asked him to try not to get depressed. But he turned around and said, how can I do that? I have never been inside jail. I haven’t done anything to be here,” Puthuva added.

Puthuva’s office in Palarivattom, Ernakulam was two blocks away from Sreesanth’s house. Sreesanth’s family often visited Puthuva for conducting prayers.

In October 2012, Puthuva moved to New Delhi to work with ‘Prising Ministry India,’ an NGO that counsels prisoners in Tihar Jail. Through this he met Sreesanth.

“He [Sreesanth] has lost about eight kilos and complained of a headache since he didn’t have his contact lenses all this while. He hadn’t eaten his breakfast in the morning. But as soon as I met him, he ordered lunch and promised me he would eat it later. When I insisted that he have something with me, he agreed to a glass of Fanta,” Puthuva said.

After spending two hours in prayer and counseling when Puthuva was about to leave, Sreesanth knelt and said, “Please pray for me. I have done nothing wrong.”

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