Kolkata Knight Riders have won nine matches in a row in the run-up to the IPL 7 final © IANS
Kolkata Knight Riders have won nine matches in a row in the run-up to the IPL 7 final © IANS


Jun 1 , 2014


Catch Live Scorecard of the IPL 7 final: Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) vs Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) here

(It all comes down the to one match. After 52 matches and three playoffs, the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2014 awaits the next champion as KKR and KXIP clash in the IPL 7 final at Bangalore. Catch the Live cricket score and live updates of the final here)








Chawla finishes off in style. Four needed in three and Chawla slices over the infield for a four. First ball was hit by Narine straight to Sehwag. Manages to pick a single on the next ball. And the third ball seals the dela for KKR.



Yadav picks a crucial couple on the first delivery. Yadav takes a chance and pulls the next delivery but Vohra in the deep takes a brilliant catch. Sunil Narine is the new batsman. Chawla picks a single. Narine can’t connect the next one. He managed to dig out out yorker and run one. And Piyush Chawla finishes the over with a six. That will stay in Chawla’s history books forever! Pulling Johnson for a six. Five needed in the last over.
OUT! S Yadav c Vohra b Johnson 5(6)


Akshar Patel comes back. Tidy over under pressure from him. Five singles and a wide. KKR can take it easy here. His four overs have gone for just 21 runs. KKR need 15 runs in 12 balls.



First ball by Karanveer was tossed up and Manish Pandey hits it for a six. Pandey picks a single on the enxt ball. The third one was tossed up again and Doeschate has a go at it, doesn’t get the timing right and David Miller takes an easy catch. Crucial wicket for Punjab. But there’s no stopping Pandey. Hits a a six and follows it up with a four. Needed 21 from 19 and Pandey has a brain freeze. Goes for the big one and Bailey takes a regulation catch.
OUT! Doeschate c Miller b Karanveer 4(3), M Pandey c Bailey b Karanveer 94 (50)


Single on the first ball from Akshar. The next one is hit ferociously by Shakib in the air. Miller does well to block it but the ball ricochets off his legs and touches the boundary. Shakib attempts a tight single on the next ball and is Bailey once again produces a stunning effort. Shakib is run-out. Doeschate does well to get a four between short thirdman and backward point.
OUT! Shakib run-out Bailey 12(7)



Johnson comes back. Single on the first ball. Shakib misses dispatching an easy full-toss angling towards his pads. The next ball is pulled by Shakib but brilliantly fielded by Akshar. Saves two runs. Couple more in the next delivery. Boundary to end the over. Kolkata need 49 runs in 30 balls.





Karanveer comes in. Sees Pandey charging down and bowls it towards his legs. Pandey picks a single on the next ball. Wide on the next delivery. Yusuf goes for the big one and Maxwell takes a brilliant catch in the deep. Big man gone. Pandey follows it up with a six and a four. The pressure is right back on Punjab. 14 runs from the over. 58 needed in 36 balls.
OUT! Yusuf c Maxwell b Karanveer 36(22)



Balaji and Awana are getting their length wrong. The first ball from Balaji was hit towards cover for two by Yusuf. The next one is short and there for a pull. Yusuf strikes hard for a six. Couple again on the next two deliveries. The last ball was a full-toss and there was not much to think for Yusuf but to send it for some spectator to catch. 72 needed in 42 balls.



Some drama in that over! Manish Pandey gets a leading edge on the fourth ball and Bailey makes a valiant effort. Makes three attempts to catch it but drops it. Does well to throw it at the non-striker’s end where Yusuf is almost run-out. Another brilliant over from Akshar Patel. Three runs from it.


Four and a six from the first two deliveries of Awana. Fifty for Manish Pandey. A dot followed by two singles. Pandey finishes off with a six carved over midwicket. 93 runs needed in 54 balls.






Akshar Patel is in and the first two deliveries fetch a single. One more on the third. Has a tough ask to keep Yusuf quiet and he does it perfectly. Only two runs from the over. Halfway through the innings KKR need 111 in 60 balls.


Karanveer lures Yusuf to go for the big one and pays the price. Pathan hammers two sixes in a row. The first one was slapped over covers, the next one was almost caught by Miller. 14 runs from the over.


Balaji not giving much pace to the batsmen. Single on the first two deliveries. The third one is short and Pandey fetches it, pulls in the gap to the right of long-on for four. KKR need 127 runs in 72 balls.



Big wicket for Karanveer. Gambhir comes down the track and is deceived in the air. Gambhir goes through with his shot and Miller takes a good catch at midwicket running in from long-on. Pandey then hits a six over covers. Eight runs from the over but Punjab earned the big wicket of Gambhir. Strategic Timeout taken.
OUT! Gambhir c Miller b Karanveer 23(17)



KKR have done well by keeping up with the required run-rate. Singles on the first three deliveries. Extra runs thanks to a direct throw from Johnson which deflected to the boundary. Single and four byes. Pandey fails to capitalise on a juicy full-toss and gets only a couple on the last ball. 11 from that Awana over.



The first ball from Balaji was fuller and Pandey hammers it straight past the bowler for four. No run on the next ball. On the third, Pandey was beaten by a slower short ball. Single on the next, one more from Gambhir and Pandey finishes the over with a couple.



Awana comes in to bowl. Single each for Gambhir and Pandey on the first two deliveries. Pandey then flicks one for four.Adds two more on the fifth ball with a flick towards midwicket.






Johnson starts off with a wide. Gambhir then drives sweetly through covers for four. The next one is again a wide. Johnson is bowling at 150pkhs. He is already charged up. The fifth ball was short and Gambhir almost edges it trying for an upper-cut. The last ball is fullish and Gambhir carves it through covers again for four.



Balaji starts with a wide half-volley and Gambhir isn’t going to miss out on that one. Four runs. The third ball was wide and driven again but didn’t get the timing right, two runs for him. Single on the last three deliveries.






The chase begins in the right earnest with the Orange Cap holder Robin Uthappa driving through covers for four. Johnson steamed in over the wicket and pitched it full outside off, Uthappa had no problems dispatching it. Single on the next two balls. But then comes the big jolt for KKR. Robin Uthappa has finally been dismissed for a below 40 score!!! He drove it uppishly and Akshar Patel takes a brilliant catch at covers. Manish Pandey is the new batsman in, gets a boundary on the first ball with a pull shot.
OUT! Uthappa c A Patel b Johnson 5(3)








Well who would have imagined, Punjab’s key players in this season, Glenn Maxwell and David Miller played two deliveries and scored one run in between them but Punjab still posted 199. Sensational partnership of 129 between Saha (115*) and Vohra (67) set up the big score. To recap, Saha has hit the fastest ton in IPL 2014, it is the highest individual score in an IPL final.


Read the Innings Report here





Yorker from Umesh Yadav. Saha makes up for it with two consecutive fours. The second ball was swept between squareleg and fineleg for four. The next one was lofted on the off-side. Couple on the next ball. Single on the next ball. Miller finishes with a single. So 200 is the target for Kolkata.



Saha fails to connect the first two deliveries but makes the most of it with a six and a four. This is the highest individual score in an IPL final! Meanwhile he gets to his ton with a six over long-on. Sensational stuff. No mindless slogging.



Finally KKR are able to catch something and that too with some drama !!! Vohra mistimes going for a big hit and Chawla almost spills it but the ball somehow stuck in to him. Saha follows it up with a straight shot for four. The fourth ball was short and wide and Saha cuts it well for four more. But Maxwell is bowled first ball. Reverse sweep and Morkel makes good use of his height.
OUT! Vohra c& b Chawla 67(52). Maxwell c Morkel b Chawla 0(1)



Umesh Yadav comes back and the first ball is cut by Saha for four. What Maxwell, Miller were supposed to, Saha and Vohra have exceeded that. The third ball was driven neatly for four.The fourth ball was a wide and Uthappa concedes two byes as well. Saha completes KKR’s humiliation with a straight six. 19 runs from the over.



Dropped! Saha goes for a slog sweep and Narine drops a skier. Vohra then tries to slice but Uthappa completes a quick stumping. The third umpire spends a lot of time checking whether the glove was ahead of the stumps while collecting the ball. He was given not out eventually. No-Ball! Vohra adds insult to injury. Hammers a four on the next ball. That was some bizarre survival for the two batsmen.


While the fans can’t believe Maxwell has still not batted, Vohra is busy with his big hits. The second ball is sliced on the up for six and Vohra follows it up with one more on the off for four. Saha pulls the short ball for six over fine-leg. 700th six of the tournament! Brilliant batting from these two. 100 partnership comes up. 20 runs from the over.






Narine is being taken for runs. After a dot ball, Saha pulls two consecutive sixes. Tries to pull again and gets an inside edge which runs past the keeper for four. Fifty for Saha. Vohra follows it up with one more flick for four. That was neatly timed. Fifty for him as well. That has forced a strategic timeout. Gambhir is already looking a worried man. News of the day: Narine hit for 19 runs in an over






Shakib continues… Vohra hammers straight to deep midwicket for a single. Saha picks a leg-bye. Single on the third ball. Saha plays a lofted drive over the infield a picks a couple. The last ball was a fuller one from Shakib, Vohra digs it out and plays between short thirdman and point for four.



Vohra-Saha are in no mood to defend now. The more these play, lesser the time for Maxwell. Vohra drives and gets a couple on the second ball from that Chawla over. Saha follows it up with a huge six over long-off. The fifth ball fetched six more. Saha uses his feet and hammers one more over the fence.



Couple for Vohra on the first ball. A stumping opportunity on the second but Vohra survives. Picks a single on the next. Saha tries to reverse sweep but misses. The fifth ball was short and Saha dispatches it over midwicket for a huge six.


Saha picks a single on the first ball. Vohra adds one more. Saha placed the third ball towards short thirdman and sprints for a single. Vohra is beaten on the fourth ball trying to hammer. Picks a single on the fifth. Four runs from that over from Chawla.






So this pitch is not a flat deck as expected. Spinners are getting some turn and the wicket is a touch slower. Shakib continues. Starts and ends with dot ball. Four singles in between. Strategic time-out taken.



Piyush Chawla replaces Narine and starts off with two short balls. The first one was fielded well but Saha managed a couple. The next one was pulled and placed well between sweeper cover and midwicket for four. Vohra finally kicks off with a slog sweep for six. 14 runs from the over. Finally some momentum.






The spinners have already started strangling the batsmen. After Narine’s two-run over, Shakib starts well. Has bowled a good line and kept Saha, Vohra judging. Four singles from the over.


Narine has already proved his worth by picking club over country! Straighter one, Bailey goes for the sweep and misses it, the stumps are disturbed. So, Punjab are trying to hold back their key players. Saha has been promoted up the order. Starts with a couple. Beats him on the sixth ball.
OUT! Baile b Narine 1(2)


Morkel continues with his third. Single of the first two deliveries. Vohra misses the third. The next two balls are timed well but doesn’t go the distance. Got two each followed by a failed attempt to glide past the keeper on the last delivery.



B Bedi wants the commentators to go a bit easy…



After two dot balls, Sehwag works one away to deep backward square-leg for a couple. But the next one was short of good length and Sehwag, mistimes it, Gambhir takes a comfortable catch at mid-off. KKR pacers have bowled a tight length overall, not much width and have got the ball to rise from short of length. George Bailey has promoted himself.
OUT! Sehwag c Gambhir b U Yadav 7(10)


Morkel continues, the first ball was a dot. The next ball was fuller on middle and leg, Vohra flicks it elegantly over midwicket for four. Neatly done. That shot will give him huge confidence. A dot ball follows. The fourth ball went past the outside edge. Huge appeal from everyone, but that was way away from the bat. Vohra flicked the fifth ball for a couple.



Umesh Yadav begins from the other end. The first one kept low, Sehwag was ready to hammer it but the ball beats him. The next one was on middle and leg, played straight to mid-on. The third one is a short ball. The fourth ball was sliced towards thirdman, Morkel does well to stop it. Vohra survives. The fifth one was pitched up and Vohra mistimed it towards cover. Gets a single. The last ball was pitched up and this time Sehwag hammers it straight back for a four.



Morkel starts with a middle and leg line, Punjab begin with a leg-bye. The next one was an inswinger and Vohra guides it on the off but had timed it well, couple for him. The fourth delivery was in the slot for a drive, Vohra goes for it, but gets and outside edge as it runs past slips for four. That was bowled at 150 kph. The fifth one is beautifully timed past covers for two more. Goes for another aggressive shot on the last ball but misses.








TOSS: Gautam Gambhir wins toss, KKR are going to bowl. KKR are unchanged, Punjab bring in Balaji for Sandeep Sharma.


Playing XI:


Kings XI Punjab: V Sehwag, M Vohra, G Maxwell, D Miller, W Saha (wk), G Bailey (c), M Johnson, A Patel, L Balaji, P Awana, K Singh


Kolkata Knight Riders: G Gambhir, R Uthappa, M Pandey, Yusuf, S Yadav, R Doeschate, Shakib, S Narine,  M Morkel, P Chawla,  U Yadav





That looks like the usual Chinnaswamy wicket, seems 200 would be too less!





The commentators are ready…





STAT ALERT! Time for some interesting statistical analysis of IPL finals. Here’s the first one. If KXIP wins this final, Laxmipathy Balaji will be the first player to win an IPL for three different teams !


None of the below bowlers are in action today!




Highest & Lowest totals: Ironically, both these records are held by Chennai Super Kings. In the 2011 IPL final, CSK hammered 205 for five batting first against Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). And in the 2013 IPL final, CSK were restricted to 125 for nine in 20 overs chasing Mumbai Indians’ 149.


And just for fun, you know who has been dominating IPL finals right? Well this is only the second time CSK won’t be playing an IPL final. The 2009 edition in South Africa was played between Deccan Chargers and Royal Challengers Bangalore.






Hello and a warm welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2014 final between 2012 champions Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) at the Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore. I am Abhijit Banare and I will be bringing you the live updates. There’s not much surprise that two teams who have had some exceptional run in the tournament have made it to the IPL 7 final. The Glenn Maxwell show in the first followed by some fine team effort, KXIP stormed in to the finals whereas, nothing seemed to deter KKR when it mattered the most as they are unbeaten in their last eight matches.


KKR’s Run-up to the finals:  They’ve had some pretty demoralising games especially against Rajasthan Royals (RR) where they went down to an embarrassing defeat. The UAE tour wasn’t a memorable one either. But ever since the Indian leg started, KKR have not kept a foot wrong barring the RR match. And the fortunes of the team have changed in parallel with that of a certain Robin Uthappa.  KKR’s eight wins in a row is a mere subset of Uthappa’s 10 40+ scores in a row (and obviously the Orange Cap holder). And you don’t have much issues with your bowling when you have Sunil Narine in your team. The morale booster was the thumping win in their final league match against Sunrisers Hyderabad that powered them to the second position and gave them a clear shot of reaching the IPL 7 final which they did convincingly by beating KKR.


KXIP’s run-up to the finals:  There have been many teams who have done exceptionally well in the league phase but have faltered when it mattered the most. But Punjab have maintained their consistency all through. After topping the table with 22 points, the only moment of bother in this tournament came in the first qualifier against KKR where the Kolkata bowling proved too heavy for Punjab. But they came back with the right dose of tonic when Virender Sehwag smashed a sensational 58-ball 122 against the mighty Chennai Super Kings. (Click here to see highlights of Sehwag’s innings).  They don’t need anymore motivation after a thrilling Qualifier 2. The team combination has went well and if the batting clicks, KKR have much to worry in this final.


KKR KXIP Collage 1


So after a preview of how these two teams have done in the run-up to the IPL 7 final, let’s shift the focus back to the final. KXIP boast of a strong batting line-up whereas, KKR have the bowling to match the pressure. There are bound to be some key encounters to look forward to in the match.  Here’s our reporter Shrikant Shankar’s piece on key battles to look forward to in the match in the match. Click Here to read Key Battles in the IPL 7 final


Talking about IPL finals, here are statistical highlights of the previous IPL finals with some interesting trivia. The obvious stat is that this is the second final in seven seasons that is being played without Chennai Super Kings. Shows how consistent a team they are.  Click Here for the Stats analysis


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Kings XI Punjab: George Bailey (c), David Miller, Manan Vohra, Mitchell Johnson, Glenn Maxwell, Virender Sehwag, Rishi Dhawan, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Shaun Marsh, Cheteshwar Pujara, Beuran Hendricks, Lakshmipathy Balaji, Thisara Perera, Gurkeerat Mann Singh, Murali Kartik, Sandeep Sharma, Mandeep Singh, Akshar Patel, Parvinder Awana, Shardul Thakur, Anureet Singh, Shivam Sharma, Karanveer Singh.


Kolkata Knight Riders: Gautam Gambhir (c), Jacques Kallis, Robin Uthappa, Manish Pandey, Shakib Al Hasan, Manvinder Bisla (wk), Ryan ten Doeschate, Yusuf Pathan, Suryakumar Yadav, Sunil Narine, Chris Lynn, Kuldeep Yadav, Pat Cummins, Debabrata Das, Piyush Chawla, Morne Morkel, Umesh Yadav, Sayan Mondal, R Vinay Kumar, Andre Russell, Veer Pratap Singh.


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