Sunil Narine © IANS
Sunil Narine © IANS


May 22, 2014


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Vinay Kumar bowls the last over of the innings and Mitchell Starc plays an agricultural whack that reaches the boundary. The batsmen are slamming it and Kolkata have cruised to their sixth win in six games with a comfortable 30-run win. On form, Kolkata are looking menacing and with Sunil Narine’s from and Uthappa’s stunning form, anything is possible for the Purple jersey team.



Umesh Yadav bowls the penultimate over of the match and with just four off the first three balls, it is mathematically impossible for Bangalore to chase down the target. Kolkata are on the cusp of going to the play-offs. Sachin Rana is giving the crowd good entertainment with a paddle scoop — a lovely one one that runs to the boundary.



Vinay Kumar comes in to bowl his last overs and Rana’s wild swing beats the short third man and point fielders and goers to the boundary. The game is a lost cause now. The batsmen are heaving everything in an attempt to get a few sixes. Nine comes of the over and Bangalore just need 54 off the last two overs.



AB takes a single off the first ball and after last over’s pyrotechnics, Yuvraj goes for another big six and its caught inches before the boundary line. AB’s is beaten by the spin and is bowled all ends up and that should end Bangalore’s resistance.
OUT! Yuvraj c Vinay b Narine 22(12), de Villiers b Narine 13(14)



After the break, it is Yadav who comes on to bowl and starts with a slower ball. Yuvraj picks it early and plays his trademark pull and its a massive six over the square-leg boundary. Its angled down the leg-side and the ball goes down to the fine leg boundary. Its leg-byes. The next ball is angled to the pads and another six from Yuvi. This time its flat and sails into the crowd. A yorker is dabbed fine to the third man boundary and its a huge over. Last ball yields a couple.



The man who changed the course of the match, Morne Morkel is into the attack and this time, the tall pacer is trying variations and is totally outfoxing his counterpart, who is wearing a resigned look on his face. The run-rate required is close to 18. After such a quality over, Morkel wastes it by bowling a bad one down the leg-side, which AB hits to the leg-side boundary.



Shakib is on to bowl his last over and with the run rate nigh on impossible, the batsmen are on the front foot and are unable to find a boundary. Excellent from the Bangladeshi.



Narine gets extra bounce and Kohli plays a cut but Morne Morkel takes a stunning catch at short-third man. Takawale then plays the ball on to the stumps and Narine magic is back.
OUT!Kohli c Morkel b Narine 38(31), Y Takawale b Narine 45(36),



Shakib comes back for his third over and after two excellent over, Kohli moves to the leg side, makes room for himself and whacks a big six to the deep mid-wicket fence. 11 runs comes of the over.



Narine is back and this time the ball is straight on and the batsmen are restricted to just singles for the first five balls. The last ball is smashed high in the air but the ball lands safely and Yogesh survives. This partnership is looking good.



Shakib comes into the attack and Kohli digs out a single. Takawale also rotates the strike but so far it has been Shakib’s day as it is yet another economical over and a brilliant over under the circumstances.



Poor bowling by Vinay. Virat comes down the pitch and hammers a boundary through the off-side. Takawale then flashes through the off-side and its a six!Yet again, Vinay offers width on the off-side and its another boundary for Takawale, who is looking increasingly dangerous.



Shakib comes into the attack for the first time and he makes a tidy start by cramping the batsmen for room. The batsmen are looking for the boundary but are restricted to just four singles in the over. The run-rate is flirting with the insurmountable.



Vinay Kumar come into the attack and Virat Kohli plays a glorious flick on the leg side for a boundary. That really was a treat to watch. Otherwise, both batsmen have steadied the ship and Bangalore look in good shape.



The Sunil Narine is back and he starts off horribly with a wide down leg side, which goes to the boundary. The rest of the deliveries are tidy and just one comes of the legitimate playing deliveries.



After a long, laboured stay so far, Takawale goes on the attack and just beats mid-on. The ball rolls to the boundary. There is collision. Takawale scoops it in the air and miscommunication means Pandey and ten Doeschate go for the catch and both players bundle over each other and the ball goes to the boundary. Thankfully nothing serious happens with the players but it was horrible to watch. Takawale then plays a wonderful dab to third man for a boundary.



Kohli survives after the ball takes the leading edge and the ball intercepts the fielders and its a couple. Takawale is chewing up deliveries out here. Kohli then goes on the front foot of an over-pitched delivery, walloping the ball down the ground for a four.



Morne comes back into the attack and Kohli, like Gayle is tentative and is not taking any risks. Morne is getting a lot of bounce and its been a mean spell from him so far. Just two runs come of the over and the batsmen are all at sea.



Umesh Shares the new ball with Africaner Curtly. Again Gayle is on the defence and they surely can’t go any slower can they? In typical West Indies style Gayle plays a one-legged hook and the ball reaches the boundary. There is movement into the pitch and the ball is wrapped on the pads. Chris Gayle departs after a belated decision from the umpire.
C Gayle lbw b Yadav 6(9)



Morne Morkel starts thing off and the ball is moving around and Gayle is leaving it. Finally Gayle takes a single of the fifth ball of the over its a brilliant start from Kolkata.



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Starc bowls the last over. To give you an update of a comical incident of the last over — Uthappa tries to take a quick single and is miles off the crease. The ball is returned to the bowler Nechim and but he misses the stumps. Uthappa tries to heave in the penultimate ball and Chahal makes a mess of it in the deep to roll the ball to the boundary ropes. The last ball is a full toss and its another masterful stroke down the bowler’s head and Kolkata finish at a gigantic score. Its another Uthappa masterclass!



16 runs came of the previous over off Dinda and Nechim is back to bowl the penultimate over and trying one paddle sweep too many, Shakib misses the line and the ball misses the stumps. The Dutch maestro comes into the attack and hits the ball out of the park for a monstrous six.
OUT!Shakib b Abu Nechim 60(38)



Dinda is back and Shakib greets him by slapping him square on the off-side for a boundary. Shakib brings up an outstanding fifty. Another bad ball — width offered and it is hammered through the off-side for a boundary. The Bangladeshi grinds the ball down the ground and its good fielding from Sachin Rana at long-on for just a single.Uthappa returns the strike. Uthappa finishes the over with an absolutely gorgeous cover drive which races to the boundary.



Virat Kohli is clutching at straws and has brought back the impressive Mitchell Starc into the attack. Just two runs comes of the first three balls so far and batsmen are closing in on a brilliant 100-run partnership. Five balls and Starc is closing down all scoring angles for the batsmen. Commentators curse as the lanky Aussie bowls a wide and then an attempted yorker is a full-toss and Uthappa beats the fielders in the circle for a boundary.



The runs keep flowing of the Kolkata Knight Riders blade. Nechim comes back and Uthappa cuts the ball to the boundary. Elegance personified Uthappa then strokes a full delivery down the ground to take a couple and then hits a single down the ground. The crowd is in raptures. Kohli has two men patrolling the pint area and both the deliveries are smacked in the same region. No run and its break time.



Bong power it is Kolkata. Chahal comes in is treated like trash by the former Bangladesh captain. First, a boundary down the ground and then steps out and hits a huge six over the bowlers’ head. Yet again, Shakib comes down the ground, hits with the spin and its a magnificent six over mid-wicket. Oh boy its another one over mid-wicket and its three sixes of the over. This is total carnage by Shakib. Suddenly Chahal looks very ordinary.




Dinda comes back into the attack and Shakib’s paddle sweep goes horribly wrong. No run. Yet another dot ball by the local boy playing for RCB. The third ball is a yorker and Shakib digs out a single. Its a good over so far. Its yet another slow ball and Uthappa reaches his half century by stroking a single down the ground. Its a no-ball for overstepping and the ball just bounces in front of AB at long on. Shakib takes strike and its a good ball. Only a single off the yorker-length delivery.



Chahal continues and he bowls two excellent deliveries to calm the Uthappa storm. The Karnataka batsman strokes it to long on for a single. Shakib then dances down the wicket and yet again, its four down the ground. Shakib keeps the strike.



Nechim is back into the attack and Shakib flicks it behind square for another boundary. Even Jonty Starc couldn’t cut it off and Shakib is continuing from the scintillating cameo against Chennai Super Kings. Robin Uthappa is the orange cap holder! The ball is slightly wide and Uthappa elegantly trickles the ball down to the fine leg boundary.



The highest Test wicket-taker is back and the Eden Gardens crowd is buzzing after Uthappa’s superb reverse-sweep off the last ball in the previous over. Against Murali, Kolkata’s talisman is running the twos and takes his customary boundary, beating short-fine leg. Uthappa enters into the 40’s — his eight score in in the zone in IPL 7



Chahal comes in yet again and Uthappa once again steps down and heaps pressure on the bowler by smacking him down the ground for a boundary. In a classic case of deja vu, Chahal comes back with balls that have the batsmen beaten all ends up before Uthappa cuts the last ball for a boundary. Kolkata are moving on.




Yuvraj continues and Uthappa chips the ball over the infield and the ball reaches the boundary. It intercepted the field beautifully. The batsmen rotate the strike. Shakib pulls and the ball hits the inside edge and the ball runs fine and its another couple.



Yuzvendra Chahal is into the attack and Uthappa chips it over the bowler for a boundary. He is closing in on Maxwell. Shakib takes first strike and strokes the ball on the off-side for a single. Its a tidy over from the leg-spinner.



Yuvraj is into the attack and Yusuf treats the bowler with utter disdain by hammering him for a six over long on. Yusuf then strokes the ball through the leg side and takes a couple. Good running from the batsmen. More overthrows and the batsmen yet again take a couple. Sloppy from RCB. Brain freeze from Yusuf and he is sent back by his partner and the replay shows that the bat is marginally in the air. What a waste of a wicket!
OUT!Y Pathan run out 22(13)



Its the legend Muttaih Muralitharan into the attack. Its a wide down the leg side by Murali off the third ball. Uthappa makes a lazy chip and Dinda nearly pouches it at mid-off. Good effort though. Murali tries the classic off-spinner and Yusuf sweeps the fifth ball for a six behind square. Murali makes a good comeback by beating Yusuf of the last delivery.



It will be the medium pacers of Abu Nechim that will grace us and its a good delivery to start of with. Uthappa then chips the second ball over the infield for a boundary. Nechim looks promising so far its only five off five. Uthappa keeps strike of the last ball.



Dinda continues into the attack and the batsmen are on the front-foot. Dinda bowls a short ball outside the off-stump and Pandey cuts it to third man and the tall Jonty Mitchell Starc takes a superb catch, skidding on the ground. Needless overthrows in the last over means its a four to the total.
OUT!M Pandey c Starc b Dinda 13(9)



Mitchell Starc continues and the second delivery is a short ball and Pandey hooks it for a single to deep-square leg. Pandey misses out on a over-pitched delivery on the fourth ball. Another slow delivery and Pandey again misses out but a not so bad delivery is angled in this time it reaches the boundary ropes. The ball beats mid-on.


Ashok Dinda comes back after missing out on last three matches. Uthappa picks a single on the second ball. Half-volley on the third and Manish Pandey hammers it through covers for four. Bouncer on the last ball and umpire gives it a wide. The extra ball proves costly as Pandey gets an inside edge and it runs past the short fine-leg fielder for four.



Mitchell Starc starts. Last time around he dismissed Gambhir for a golden duck. But this time around, Uthappa takes strike and picks a single. The next one is wayward down the leg-side and Gambhir guides it for four. Two balls later a similar wayward delivery gives RCB an easy breakthrough. Bowling across to the left-hander, Starc was way down the leg-side, Gambhir tried to flick it but got a nick; Yogesh Takwale completes an easy catch.
OUT! Gambhir 4(4)





Royal Challengers Bangalore captain, Virat Kohli has won the toss and elected to field. The captain of Kolkata Knight Riders is Gautam Gambhir.



Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2014 game between Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). I am R Vishal and will take you through the game. This match is being held at the Eden Gardens, Kolkata. Kolkata will be looking to seal their spot in the playoffs with a win over Bangalore, who have been inconsistent with their performances. After a slow start Kolkata have found form and have won their last five matches. The last match these teams played went down to the last over and Kolkata won the game. Bangalore are facing an exit and a defeat would make it certain. Their qualification hopes hang by a thread and their chances are very bleak, unless there is a miracle and other results also fall in place.




Kolkata Knight Riders: Gautam Gambhir (c), Jacques Kallis, Robin Uthappa, Manish Pandey, Shakib Al Hasan, Manvinder Bisla (wk), Ryan ten Doeschate, Yusuf Pathan, Suryakumar Yadav, Sunil Narine, Chris Lynn, Kuldeep Yadav, Pat Cummins, Debabrata Das, Piyush Chawla, Morne Morkel, Umesh Yadav, Sayan Mondal, R Vinay Kumar, Andre Russell, Veer Pratap Singh.


Royal Challengers Bangalore: Virat Kohli (c), Chris Gayle, Parthiv Patel (wk), Yuvraj Singh, AB de Villiers, Albie Morkel, Muttiah Muralitharan, Mitchell Starc, Ravi Rampaul, Vijay Zol, Sachin Rana, Yogesh Takawale, Nic Maddinson, Sandeep Warrier, Tanmay Mishra, Harshal Patel, Shadab Jakati, Abu Nechim Ahmed, Ashok Dinda, Varun Aaron, Yuzvendra Chahal.


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