Yusuf Pathan © IANS (File Photo)
Yusuf Pathan © IANS (File Photo)


May 24, 2014


Catch the live scorecard of the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) vs Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) in IPL 2014


(Follow the live cricket score and live updates of the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) vs Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) contest at the Indian Premier League (IPL), 2014)


No prizes for guessing who the Man of the Match would be. YUSUF PATHAN.


What a knock by Yusuf Pathan. What a match! This is the match report from Eden Gardens.




7 needed off this over.Bhuvneshwar Kumar to bowl this over. Suryakumar Yadav hits a SIX. That must be it. And Bhuvi bowls a wide. That’s it. Kolkata have done it. They have sealed the No 2 spot. Ecstatic scenes. The dug out has erupted. Eden Gardens is sounding at its vintage best. Yusuf Pathan, take a bow!! What a knock! The fastest IPL 50 ever. The best knock of IPL 2014.



Yusuf Pathan has done the unthinkable. Kolkata are surely sealing the No 2 spot. Suryakumar Yadav hits a four now. And now Pathan hits another SIX. Just eight more runs needed. And he’s gone. This time he holds out. WHAT AN INNINGS!! 72 off 22 balls. The best IPL innings in a long long time.
OUT! Y Pathan 72(22)



Steyn to Pathan now. And oh boy! The best bowler in the world is being hit. Four straight down the ground. Six more needed to get the fastest fifty in IPL history. And he gets it. SIX. Fifty in 15 balls. And another SIX. Dale Steyn is being torn apart. Four more. What is happening. Another FOUR. That over reads 4,6,6,64,4,1.
Oh my God! Eden Gardens has erupted. The unthinkable has happened.



Karn Sharma continues. And Yusuf Pathan’s flurry continues. Another SIX, and he has lost the ball. This is phenomenal hitting by Pathan. Suddenly, this is a huge momentum shift. Pathan hits another one over the ropes. What has got into him?!
Shakib tries to join the party, and he perishes. Holds out to Holder again.
OUT! Al Hasan 1(5)



Yusuf Pathan got a life on the first ball. Then was involved in the first ball-run out of Doeschate. He is in the mood for some payback. Starts Rasool’s first over with a crushing SIX. Can he and Shakib reach the target in 15.2 overs? That is the question. Pathan is going for it. Slashes at a flipper and gets FOUR. And oh wait! Pathan goes for another SIX. And it goes through Steyn’s hands. Deja vu anyone? Another misfield, another FOUR. What an over!!
100 up for Kolkata all of a sudden.



Uthappa doesn’t know how to stop. Karn Sharma is greeted by another superb shot for SIX. He goes for another one, but this time he holds out to Holder at long-on. One feels he fell to the run rate here.
Ryan Ten Doeschate is the new man in. And oh boy, confusion between him and Pathan, and Doeschate has been run out. Shakib Al Hasan is the new man in now.
OUT! R Uthappa 41(30), RT Doeschate 0(1)



Holder continues for his third over now. He has bowled well after that no-ball saga. WAIT! Uthappa has hit the most delightful pull. That sounded orgasmic. 98 metres. And another pull. This time it’s FOUR. Holder proving to be costly again.
13 off the over. Are they still eyeing 15.2?



Spin introduced now. Karn Sharma comes into the attack. And he gets the breakthrough. Manish Pandey tries to get going, doesn’t connect on the lofted shot, hands an easy catch to Dale Steyn.
Yusuf Pathan is the new man in. And he is dropped first ball by Aniruddha Shrikkanth. Superb first over by Karn Sharma
OUT! M Pandey 2(7)



Holder continues. He will be hoping to keep his long foot behind the line this time round. It proved a little too costly last over. Uthappa tries to upset his rhythm by coming down the track once, then making room, but Holder has won both the battles so far. And on the third occasion, Holder almost gets his man. Uthappa tries the upper cut, but that ball just falls short of a diving Parvez Rasool at third man.
Just four runs off that over.



Steyn to bowl his third over now. Probably Hyderabad don’t want him to bowl in the death. Uthappa doesn’t mind him bowling. Greets him with a lofted drive for FOUR over extra cover. Steyn comes back well with two dot balls. Steyn to Pandey now, and that flew to the wicketkeeper at 147kmph. Wait, did that take a knick? Replays seem to suggest so. No one appealed. It was so fast. Now he bowls a wide.
End of powerplay. Not a bad one for KKR.



Jason Holder replaces Bhuvneshwar Kumar into the attack now. Straightaway he gets some swing. And Gambhir doesn’t like it. He clears the front leg and thwacks it in front of square on the leg side for a long SIX. And it was a No Ball. So it is a Free Hit now. Gambhir makes room again and this time slaps it over cover for FOUR. And it’s another No Ball. Another Free Hit. What’s wrong with Holder. Gambhir slashes again, but only gets a couple this time round. So that’s 14 runs off one ball.
And now Gambhir loses his concentration, gets an inside edge and is bowled. Holder’s lucky. Manish Pandey is the new man in now.
OUT! G Gambhir 28(18)



Steyn continues from the other end. Steyn is getting some stocking done on his popping crease. Not happy with his footing probably. Uthappa is flicking well here. He has been in amazing form so far this season. Now Gambhir goes for a wild swing, and misses it. Steyn has been express fast so far. He cuts the next one, and it races for a FOUR.
Six runs off the over. Good start by the SRH bowlers so far.



Bhuvi continues. Gambhir comes down the track and that has been hit over extra cover for four. Typical Gambhir. And now Uthappa gets into the act too. Nice flick of the wrists for another FOUR. Chase On!
Good comeback by Bhuvi. Two play and a miss. And the next one is a repeat of the previous FOUR.



Dale Steyn from the other end now. Gambhir gets an inside edge for FOUR. And now Steyn misses a goal, oops run out to dismiss Uthappa. Steyn to Uthappa should be interesting. Starts off with a dot ball. Another dot. And another.



Robin Uthappa and Gautam Gambhir up against Bhuvneshwar Kumar to start off the chase. KKR need to chase down the target in 15.2 overs to seal the No 2 spot. Can they do it? Against Steyn and co., it’s a tough job.
Uthappa gets off the mark straightaway with a quick single. Gambhir misses the first two balls he faces. Gets a single off the fourth ball. Beautiful away swinger from Bhuvi to finish the over.





Vinay Kumar, who has been expensive, will bowl the final over. And Sammy starts the over with a jab over extra cover for SIX. Now Kumar bowls a wide. Oh! Sammy hurts his hurt leg again. Now Holder misses the third ball of the over, Sammy calls for the single, Holder was ball watching, and is run out. Now Sammy goes for the slog, doesn’t connect and hands an easy catch to Shakib. Two more balls to go.
Karn Sharma gets a four of the penultimate ball, and ends the innings with a single. So Hyderabad finish with 160 on the board. Kolkata will be feeling they leaked too many in the last two and the first few overs.
OUT! D Sammy 29(19), J Holder 16(12)



Yadav will bowl the 19th over now. Meanwhile, it has started to drizzle in Kolkata, and it is drizzling heavy now. Holder likes Yadav’s pace and dispatches him for a SIX over long on. Follows it up with a four. Poor bowling from Yadav. 12 off the first four balls. What can Sammy do? He hurts himself. Goes for the wild slog, inside hits it onto his back leg. But Holder hits another four to end the over. That makes it 17 off the 19th over.



Narine on for his last over now. The spinners have bowled so well tonight. And another run out? No. Tall Holder makes his ground. What an over by Narine. Just three off it. Brilliant stuff.



Shakib comes on for his last over now. He has been brilliant tonight. And gets another wicket. Aniruddha walks down the track without an idea of which way that ball was going, and Uthappa does the obligatory rest.
Jason Holder joins Sammy in the centre now. Shakib is foxing is him. Three dot balls to end his spell.
OUT! S Aniruddha 3(5)



Aniruddha Shrikkanth is the new man in now. Narine comes on for his third over. And bowls a real quiet one. Only four off it.



Shakib on for his third over now. Sammy goes for the big one, doesn’t really connect, and I can’t believe it! Yusuf Pathan does a Sunil Narine. Another one goes through the hands of the fielder. It’s a SIX! Sammy takes the life and now hits another SIX! No doubt about where that was going. Now a four. Expensive over.
WAIT! It’s not over, Venugopal Rao is now run out of another brilliant throw of the last ball. Manish Pandey the artist again.
OUT! V Rao 27(26)



Morkel comes back for his last over. Venugopal Rao slashes, it is in the air, should be an easy catch for Sunil Narine at thirdman, but his effort to be brilliant looking makes sure he misses the catch, and the ball goes for a FOUR. He could have easily held on to that, instead tried to jump and messed it. Now Rao hits his third four of the over. Terrible end to Morkel’s quota.
Concedes 13 runs off that over. 100 up for Hyderabad.



Shakib continues for his third over now. And wait, oh Boy! Shikhar Dhawan has been run out by some brilliant fielding by Manish Pandey. He dived to stop that ball, got up, and made the best throw Uthappa could have hoped for. Dhawan was clueless about what hit him.
Sammy is the new man in. And he faces four dot balls to ensure it’s a wicket maiden from Shakib.
OUT! S Dhawan 29(31)



Sunil Narine comes back into the attack now. After Ojha’s dismissal, Hyderabad’s momentum has been completely stalled. They are hardly getting any runs. And Narine has started to cause some problems now. He is not being read well by either batsmen.
Six runs off that over.



Shakib Al Hasan comes into the attack now. And he straightaway causes some trouble for Rao. Almost gets him stumped off the first ball. Replays show the batsman was safe. After Rao has come to the crease, Dhawan has faced just three balls so far.
Just five off that over.



Vinay Kumar comes back into the attack now. Venugopal Rao takes the first three balls to get an idea of where the ball is going, on the fourth he slashes and gets a FOUR. Vinay Kumar has been quite expensive so far.



Venugopal Rao is the new man in for Hyderabad. Umesh Yadav continues for for Kolkata. Yadav comes back well after his wayward first over. Just two runs off the first five balls. Now a wide.
Just four runs off that over.



Ryan Ten Doeschate comes to roll his arm over now. Taking some pace off the ball shouldn’t be a bad idea. Tidy start by Doeschate. Has given away just one run from the first four balls. The fifth one goes for a SIX. Naman Ojha decides to swing, and swings big.
And Doeschate gets his revenge. Ojha gets a top edge which went to the stratosphere, the bowler calls for it, and holds on to it.
OUT! N Ojha 26(23)



Umesh Yadav comes into the attack now. And he continues the spraying spree by the Kolkata bowlers. Three FOURS from Yadav’s first over. Naman Ojha is having some easy pickings here.
First Dhawan cuts for FOUR. Then Ojha glances a wide down the leg side for FOUR. And then another one cut behind backward point for another FOUR.



Sunil Narine into the attack now. And Naman Ojha greets him with a smashing boundary through extra cover. Another FOUR off the third ball, gets an outside edge but well away from backward point. Narine comes back well. Beats Ojha on the next two occasions.
End of powerplay. SRH have not done too bad so far, despite Morkel’s brilliant spell.



Morkel to bowl his third over on the trot now. And another beauty from Morkel to start the fifth over. Oh MY God! The fourth ball needs to be framed on YouTube. Pitches on good length on leg stump, and takes off leaving the batsmen tangled up on off-stump. Dhawan beaten again, but that goes through the wicketkeeper for four.



Dhawan welcomes Vinay Kumar in his second over by walking down the road and crashing it through the covers for FOUR. Walks down again on the third ball, but Vinay Kumar bangs it short this time. So Dhawan 1-1 Vinay Kumar so far. Make that 2-1. Dhawan crashes another behind point for another FOUR. 3-1. Same shot, same result for Dhawan.
13 off that over.



Morkel to other lef-handed opener; Shikhar Dhawan now. Oh, another beauty from the South African. Pace, bounce and swing. He has everything going for him right now. Dhawan slashes at the second ball, and it beats a diving Manish Pandey at backward point for FOUR. Now Morkel sprays the last one. It’s four wide. A little too excited?
Excellent start by KKR.



Vinay Kumar to bowl the econd over now. And oh, what a start for him too. Almost got the bails off Dhawan’s stumps. Both the pacers are getting some swing early on in Eden Gardens. His first ball to Ojha is a fast bowler’s delight. Just shaped away at the last moment. The next ball goes for four down the leg side. Just glanced the pad on its way.



Morne Morkel vs David Warner to start off proceedings. SRH will be looking to post a huge total. And Warner starts the innings with a FOUR. What a start! Now a Wide. And OH MORKEL YOU BEAUTY! Warner’s off-stump goes for a somersault. Kolkata are on their way.
Naman Ojha is the new man in. Morkel’s pumped up. Some serious pace and bounce in display here.
OUT! D Warner 4(2)







Kolkata Knight Riders: Robin Uthappa (wk), Gautam Gambhir (c), Manish Pandey, Yusuf Pathan, Shakib Al Hasan, Ryan ten Doeschate, Suryakumar Yadav, R Vinay Kumar, Morne Morkel, Umesh Yadav, Sunil Narine


Sunrisers Hyderabad: David Warner, Shikhar Dhawan, Naman Ojha (wk), Shrikkanth Anirudha, Darren Sammy (c), Venugopal Rao, Parvez Rasool, Karn Sharma, Dale Steyn, Jason Holder, Bhuvneshwar Kumar.




Toss: Kolkata Knight Riders have won the toss and elected to bowl first. They have made no changes to their playing XI from the last match.


Sunrisers Hyderabad have made a couple of changes — David Warner plays in place of Aaron Finch, and Aniruddha Shrikkanth replaces Irfan Pathan.




Hello and welcome to the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2014 match between the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH). We will take you through the contest that is taking place at the Eden Gardens, Kolkata. The home side have already qualified for the IPL 7 playoffs and the visitors are out of the competition and have nothing to lose in this contest. A win for KKR will be a morale booster, ahead of playoffs, whereas, for SRH, a win will help them finish the tournament with pride. The last time the two teams met, Kolkata won.


Hyderabad have seen a change in captaincy mid-way through the season. After starting with Shikhar Dhawan as their captain, VVS Laxman announced few matches earlier that Darren Sammy will take over as the captain of the side. Their star bowler Dale Steyn hasn’t been in good form. Whereas, Kolkata have been boosted by the performances of Robin Uthappa, Shakib Al Hasan and Sunil Narine. KKR have a well balanced side and are favourites in the clash.


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