Brendon McCullum © IANS (File Photo)
Brendon McCullum © IANS (File Photo)

May 7, 2014


Catch Live Scorecard of the Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) vs Chennai Super Kings (CSK) clash here


(Kings XI Punjab play Chennai Super Kings in Match 29 of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2014. Catch Live Cricket Scores and Live Updates of the KXIP vs CSK match here)


Dhawan is back in the attack. Manhas hits one down the ground and they get a single. Ashwin then gets a brace to get off the mark. Later, Ashwin essays an educated edge past the keeper for a four. He then edges one more through third-man for a four. Ashwin then hits to mid-wicket for a single. There is a wide before the last ball. The last ball is short and Manhas pulls it for a six over fine-leg. This is the end of the game. Chennai have been beaten by 44 runs. Do join us tomorrow for the next game!



Johnson comes into the attack and he gets du Plessis first ball. He walked across his stumps to cart it to fine-leg but lapped it to Murali Kartik at short fine-leg. Johnson then gets it full and Dhoni smashes it over the boundary in front for a six. And Dhoni si gone too! He tries to pull a short one but gives a catch to mid-wicket as it goes high.
OUT! du Plessis 52(25) Dhoni 23(20)



Sandeep Sharma is back and he comes from around the wicket. Faf du Plessis jumps and flicks it fine for a four. He then charges and hits it through the covers for a four. He then gets a slower ball and he guides it fine for a four. That is a fifty for du Plessis off 22 balls.



Du Plessis charges to Johnson and smashes him down the ground for a six. Some excitement for the Chennai fans, but it would all be in vain. Johnson then bowls short to du Plessis and he gets a top edge over the keeper for a four. Du Plessis then charges down the track and smacks it over long-off for a four.



These two are merely knocking it around for singles and twos. Murali Kartik is bowling well here. Only seven runs come off that over. Punjab are in complete control. Chennai need a miracle. Rajini sir are you there?



Akshar Patel continues and he is bowling quite fast and is firing them in. off the first four balls only three runs are possible as McCullum and du Plessis struggle to hit it around. Only five runs off that over.



Murali Kartik continues and Dhoni cannot get the first two balls away. He finally gets a single off the third ball. Du Plessis then places to mid-wicket and they get two again. Du Plessis then dances down the track and smashes it for four past Murali Kartik. It was hit quite well and went past Kartik before he could get a hand to it. Du Plessis then hits one through the cover region for a four.



Dhoni is in the middle and he gets off the mark off his first ball. Chennai have got to their hundred now. Akshar Patel continues to fire them in. Not many runs come off that over. Now it is merely a formality one would think.



Murali Kartik is back in the attack and McCullum gets two off the first ball as he carts it to cover. He then pulls one to mid-wicket for a single. Du Plessis then woks a single through the leg-side. McCullum isn’t able to hit it too well as he is only managing singles for now. Du Plessis then places through the leg-side for a couple. Du Plessis then places it through the leg-side and pushes McCullum for a couple. Johnson comes in from deep mid-wicket and hits the stumps at the non-striker’s end. McCullum is out! What a throw.
OUT! McCullum 33(29)



Rishi Dhawan is in the attack now. At the same stage, Punjab were behind Chennai, but it is different when you are chasing. McCulolum tries to sweep Dhawan with the keeper standing up, but it hits his ribs. They get a leg-bye. And Jadeja is gone. He inside edges one onto his stumps. Jadeja is not moving and he believes the wicketkeeper has hit the stumps. The umpires confer with the TV umpire. They check the replay and he is given out! But, there is a feeling that it is a no-ball here. But Jadeja is going back. Faf du Plessis is the new batsman in the centre.
OUT! Jadeja 17(8)



Maxwell continues and Jadeja carts one behind point on the off-side for a four. The batsmen continue to knock it around for singles and then Maxwell bowls one down the leg side and Jadeja helps it along the way for a four. Jadeja then finishes the over by hitting one through point for a couple.



Jadeja faces his first ball and smashes it down the ground for a four. The Long off only moved a bit and it had gone for four. Patel continues from over the wicket. McCullum then smashes it through wide long-off for a four.



Maxwell is into the attack and Raina takes a single first ball. The second delivery is a wide. Raina is gone! Maxwell is the man on the day! And guess who gets the catch? It is Miller. Raina charges down the ground and lofts it to long-off. Miller runs and dives forward to take the catch. Jadeja is the new man in the centre. McCullum sweeps one fine for four.
OUT! Raina 35(27)



Akshar Patel is introduced in the attack and he is hit down the ground for a single. McCullum then also gets a single. The third ball is a yorker and Raina manages to keep it out. The fifty is up with McCullum taking a single. Raina then charges again, but it is flat and he cannot hit it. He places it through the off-side and they get a brace. he charges again and gets a single.



Sandeep continues and the first ball is a bit slow. McCullum places it through the off-side for a single. The second ball is a bit full and he is lofted over mid-wicket for a six by Raina. A good shot that! He then goes over the off-side but only a single is possible as there is a sweeper. McCullum then charges and lofts one down the ground. Mitchell Johnson ran back from mid-off but could not get to it.



Murali Kartik is in the attack and he is hit by McCullum inside out over gets a boundary through wide long-off. Raina then dances down the ground and hits it straight for a four. The last ball a full toss and Raina carts it through extra cover for a four. Expensive over that.



Raina guides the first one from Johnson through third-man and gets a single for that. McCullum then drives one straight down the ground and the batsmen get a couple for that. Akshar Patel does well to stop it before the boundary. McCullum then hits one through third-man for a single. Raina then makes room and hits it over extra cover for a four.



Sandeep continues and Raina plays the first one to short third-man. The second ball is driven by Raina through extra cover for a brace. Raina then goes over cover for a couple as Mandeep saves it well in the deep. Raine then lofts one over mid-wicket, but gets only a single as the fielder gets around to field it.



Mitchell Johnson bowls to Suresh Raina and is right on the money off the first four balls. Raina plays two of them to gully and there is one that beats him. It pitched on off-stump and leaves him. Raina then finally gets off the mark with a brace through fine-leg.



Dwayne Smith and Brendon McCullum walk in! They can be dangerous too you know! Sandeep Sharma starts proceedings and it is bowled wide outside the off-stump. The umpire stretches his arms and it is a wide. The first legal delivery is a bit outside the off-stump and Smith throws his hands at it and it has gone over cover for a four. Sandeep then gets one on a length and it just moves away from Smith. The next ball is fuller and it stays a bit low. Smith defends it. And Smith is gone! It is a bit short and Smith tries to pull it and gets a top edge that is taken by Johnson at short third-man. Suresh Raina is the new man.
OUT! Smith 4(4)



Mohit is back and he bowls one on a length. Johnson pulls it down the ground and du Plessis dives to field it, but it takes his body and goes into the boundary. Johnson then places one to third-man for a single as Bailey takes strike again. Bailey then moves across the stumps and guides one off the face of his bat fine down the leg-side for a four. He then hits it through mid-wicket and the batsmen run-through for two. Mohit then bowls a slower ball and Bailey lofts it high over long-on and that has gone all the way for a six. The innings is done as Bailey smashes one down the ground for a six. Maxwell may be the man who would be the talk of the tow, but what about Bailey? He has smashed 40 off 13 balls.



Hilfenhaus to bowl the penultimate over. The second ball is carted through the covers and that goes for a four. Good shot by Bailey. But, the next shot is even better. Hilfenhaus comes from around the wicket and bowls it full outside the off-stump. Bailey opens the face of the bat and guides it past point for a four. What a shot. Dhoni brings the mid-off in the ring and Bailey lofts one over that man and it goes for a four. The over is done as Bailey flays another one over cover and into the boundary.



Maxwell is out in the 90s again! He tries to club a length ball over mid-wicket, but is caught by Jadeja in the deep. What an innings by Maxwell! He raises his bat as he goes off. Mitchell Johnson is the new man! He has clearly been sent to slog. Mohit bowls a short one that surprises Johnson, but he gets an edge that goes fine through third-man for a four. Johnson then gets a single as he tris to pull and gets an inside edge onto his body. The ball falls right before him and Bailey calls him through. Nailey finishes the over with a boundary as he pulls it behind square for a four. It was a slower ball and he waited for it to pull it. Well done!
OUT! Maxwell 90(38)







Pandey is into the attack and it is a full delivery. He tries the reverse scoop again and misses. There is an appeal for the leg-before but it is given not out as it may have gone down the leg side. The first ball to George Bailey is a full toss and it hits his pads. They get a leg-bye. And then Pandey bowls it full to Maxwell and he gets an inside edge which goes fine for a four. He then hits one down the ground, but it doesn’t carry to long-on. They get a single and he is into the 90s. Bailey then gets a single as he edges one to third man. He gets off the mark.



Dwayne Smith is back into the attack and would you believe it? Maxwell changes his grip and reverse-guides it over third-man for a six. The third-man was in the ring and that has gone all the way. The next ball is full and Maxwell smashes it down the ground for a huge six. That follows a dot ball. And then it is on a length again and Maxwell reverse-scoops it again for a six! What batting is this? Maxwell then takes a single off the penultimate ball. Finally some respite for Chennai as Miller drags one back onto his stumps.
OUT! Miller 47(31)



Miller gets a single off the first ball and then Maxwell follows. But then Miller tries to play an expansive shot and gets an edge off Jadeja and it goes over third-man for a four. And the last ball is smoked over cover for a six. It went miles into the stands. What a shot! Again, a question we have been asking: How are they doing that?







How has he hit that? Ishwar Pandey is back into the attack and Maxwell clubs a length delivery over long-on for a six. It was flat, but still cleared the man quite well for a six. Pandey then responds with a good yorker. Maxwell keeps it out and they get a single. But then, Miller gets an edge off a full-toss outside the off-stump and it goes to the third-man boundary for a four. Miller then gets a single and then Maxwell gets a brace through the leg-side. The last ball is clubbed through wide long-on for a four. The hundred partnership is up



Maxwell is dominating now. He dances down the track to Ashwin and lofts him brilliantly for a six over long on. The next ball is smashed over mid-wicket and the fielder midfields in the deep, it is a four. He then reverse sweeps Ashwin and that almost goes for six. That is a remarkable shot for four. And then he slogs one into the stands at mid-wicket for a six. That is Maxwell’s fifty in only 22 balls.



Jadeja is back and Miller puts the dancing shoes on and hits a six down the ground. It has gone way back into the stands for a six. What a hit that by Miller! Off the next two bals, there are singles. Miller then hits one back to Jadeja and it goes off his foot to mid-wicket. The batsmen get a single. Maxwell then tries to heave across the line and gets a top-edge and it flies fine through third-man for a four. He then places through the off-side for a single. The hundred is up.



Ravichandran Ashwin comes back into the attack. Miller gets a single down the ground for a single. Coming from round the wicket to Ashwin, he strays down the leg-side and Maxwell sweeps him through fine-leg for a six. It went flat and just crossed the boundary. The next ball is a full-toss and Maxwell smashes it into the stands at square-leg. This is what the crowd has come to see. Ashwin then strays down the leg-side for a wide. He then overcompensates by firing one wide outside off-stump.Maxwell then takes a single. Miller finishes the over with a single through the cover area.



Smith is back into the attack and Miller gets a leg-bye off the first ball. Maxwell then smashes one through mid-wicket for a four. Raina tries to jump and get it, but it goes way over his head. Maxwell then takes a single by guiding one fine through the off-side. Only singles come rest of the over. At the half-way mark, Punjab are 69 got two.



Ravindra Jadeja is into the attack and Miller drives it with all timing to long-off. Dwayne Smith gets around to field but misses and it has gone for a four. Miller then takes a single off the next ball. Maxwell then places one through the off-side and runs two. Jadeja then beats him with one that is slow and outside the off-stump. Maxwell then tries to reverse but misses.



Pandey continues and hits Maxwell high on the pads early on. The batsmen get a leg-bye. He then bowls a bit short and Miller pulls it with power through square-leg for a four.



Dwayne Smith bowling to Maxwell. So, No 2 in the Orange Cap list bowling to the No 1. Maxwell gets a single off the first ball through mid-on. Miller gets off the mark by pushing for one through the cover region. Smith then bowls a good yorker to Maxwell and he manages to keep it out. He then takes a single through mid-wicket. Miller then punches one down the ground with authority. It was full and he drives it of the front-foot. It just goes past the stumps there and into the boundary.



Maxwell gets off the mark off the first ball as Hilfenhaus gets an edge which goes to third-man. Sehwag is gone! He inside edges one onto his stump. it was a length ball and Sehwag tentatively plays it and gets an edge onto the stumps. David Miller is in now and Punjab have their most explosive batsmen in the centre. He plays the first one to mid-on and there is no run.
OUT! Sehwag 30(23)



Mohit beats Sehwag off the first one as he tries to cut. Off the second ball, he takes a leg-bye. And Mandeep is gone! He tries to walk down the ground and cut it, but it goes straight to third-man. Glenn Maxwell is the new man! The third man was in the ring and Sehwag plays it close to his body and guides it past gully for a four.
OUT! Mandeep 3(8)



Mandeep cuts another very well and Jadeja saves another certain boundary. However, he can only take pace off the ball and Mandeep gets a single as a result. Ben Hilfenhaus then bowls on a length and Sehwag carts him over long-on for a six. He is looking in great touch here.



Mohit Sharma is into the attack and Mandeep faces his first ball of the IPL 2014. He cuts the first two, but they are fielded very well by Ravindra Jadeja at point. Mandeep then tries to pull, but it hits his bottom edge and goes back to the bowler. Mandeep then tries to charge to Mohit and pull it, but misses as the ball goes past the leg-stump. Mandeep finally gets off strike off the fifth ball as he places one behind point.



Ishwar Pandey starts off from the other end and Sehwag plays the first one off the backfoot. The second ball is on the pads and Sehwag smashes it through mid-wicket for a four. And then, the next is short and wide, and Sehwag smashes it over the infield on the off-side for a four. This is Sehwag we used to know! And what’s more! He carts one over cover for four! The over then finishes with a dot ball.



Ben Hilfenhaus to start proceedings and the first ball is full outside the off-stump. Sehwag creams it through cover for a four. That was a beautiful shot there by Sehwag to get off the mark. The second ball is straighter and Sehwag places it through the leg-side for a couple. Later in the over Hilfenhaus pitches it short and it goes high over Sehwag’s head. That is a wide. He then bowls one down the leg-side, another wide.






Here are the teams for the day:


Kings XI Punjab: George Bailey (c), Virender Sehwag, Mandeep Singh, David Miller, Glenn Maxwell, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Rishi Dhawan, Murali Kartik, Mitchell Johnson, Sandeep Sharma, Akshar Patel.


Chennai Super Kings: MS Dhoni (c), Dwayne Smith, Brendon McCullum, Suresh Raina, Faf du Plessis, Mithun Manhas, Ravindra Jadeja, Ben Hilfenhaus, Ishwar Pandey, Ravichandran Ashwin, Mohit Sharma.




Chennai are playing the same side. But, Kings XI Punjab have made two changes with Mandeep Singh and Murali Kartik in the side for this game.




Toss: Chennai Super Kings have won the toss and elected to bowl first.




Hello and welcome to the live updates of this crucial IPL 2014 encounter between the table-toppers, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and the second placed Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) at the Barabati Stadium in Cuttack. I am Nishad Pai Vaidya and I will take you through this encounter, which promises to be a tightly-contested match.


CSK have been in tremendous form after losing their first match to the same opposition. They are currently enjoying a winning streak of six consecutive games. Punjab, on the other hand, made their best ever start to an IPL campaign this year, winning all of their first five matches. While they did beat CSK in their previous encounter, Punjab will be well aware that they will be facing a resurgent and much more confident Chennai line-up.


Read the preview of the match here.




Kings XI Punjab: George Bailey (c), David Miller, Manan Vohra, Mitchell Johnson, Glenn Maxwell, Virender Sehwag, Rishi Dhawan, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Shaun Marsh, Cheteshwar Pujara, Beuran Hendricks, Lakshmipathy Balaji, Thisara Perera, Gurkeerat Mann Singh, Murali Kartik, Sandeep Sharma, Mandeep Singh, Akshar Patel, Parvinder Awana, Shardul Thakur, Anureet Singh, Shivam Sharma, Karanveer Singh.


Chennai Super Kings: MS Dhoni (c & wk), Ravichandran Ashwin, Dwayne Bravo, Ravindra Jadeja, Suresh Raina, Francois du Plessis, Dwayne Smith, Brendon McCullum, Ashish Nehra, Mohit Sharma, Ishwar Pandey, Ben Hilfenhaus, John Hastings, Samuel Badree, Matt Henry, Mithun Manhas, Vijay Shankar, Ronit More, Baba Aparajith, Pawan Negi.


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