Virender Sehwag © IANS (File Photo)
Virender Sehwag’s outrageous 58-ball 122 took KXIP to final © IANS (File Photo)

May 30, 2014

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ONE. Mohit hands the strike over to his skipper. DOT. Dhoni plays to point. FOUR. Easy runs through vacant third-man, Raina looks morose in the dugout, and has a right to be. DOT. Plays to long-off. FOUR. Picks up the full-toss, four through deep mid-wicket. SIX! Finishes off in style, too late, though.
DOT. Dhoni tries to clear deep mid-wicket, mises completely. DOT. Slaps to long-on, turns the single down. FOUR! Slogs through deep mid-wicket! SIX! Steps out and dispatches over long-off! DOT. Plays to long-off, denies the single again. FOUR BYES. Misses everything, that.
WIDE. Way down off. DOT. Tries a cross-batted thwack, mistimes, turns the single down. NO-BALL! Mitch strikes timber! Dhoni is yorked, he returns, and… wait… IT’S A HUGE NO-BALL! Priety Zinta’s celebrations have to wait. FREE HIT, DOT. Tries to heave it over square-leg, misses. TWO. Mistimes, still manages a brace. WIDE. Steep climb, er, too steep. DOT. Takes the pace off, plays to cover. ONE. Dhoni plays to mid-wicket. DOT. Digs out the yorker, 54 from 2 overs now.
DOT. Misses out on the short-pitch. ONE. Slams to long-off. ONE. Ashwin tries to flick, leading edge, flies behind the bowler. ONE. Plays off the back-foot to deep mid-wicket. OUT! Beaten in flight, and Saha whips the bails off! DOT. Plays back to Akshar.
OUT! Ashwin st Saha b Akshar 10(11)!
DOT. Dhoni swings and misses. SIX! Dhoni goes downtown! Mitch pitches short, and the ball soars over long-off, all places! DOT. Good bouncer there, Dhoni misses. ONE. Slower delivery, pushes to mid-off and runs. ONE. Ashwin flicks to deep square-leg, back to Dhoni. ONE. Excellent yorker, but Dhoni keeps strike.
ONE. Ashwin plays it through extra-cover. DOT. Dhoni misses but comes back in time. WIDE. Dhoni doesn’t even bother. ONE. Dhoni plays to deep point. TWO. Ashwin plays to backward-point. ONE. Flicks to deep fine-leg. ONE. Plays to long-off.
ONE. Ashwin plays Sandeep to deep point. ONE. Dhoni steps out and plays to short mid-wicket. DOT. Ashwin plays to short mid-wicket. ONE. Driven casually to long-off, when is MSD going to explode? ONE. Booming cut from MSD, cut down to a single. ONE. Steers to deep third-man, and that’s a strategic timeout.
OUT! Two in two! Jadeja goes for the big one, but the ball flies to deep third-man where Mitch takes an excellent diving catch! DOT. Hussey plays it to point. ONE. Plays it past point, they wait before running. ONE. Dhoni flicks nonchalantly. OUT! Half-hearted pull from Hus, only to find Sehwag at short mid-wicket! ONE. Ashwin drives to long-on.
OUT! Jadeja c Johnson b Awana 27(21)! Hussey c Sehwag b Awana 1(3)!
ONE. Jadeja hits to long-off, easy run. ONE. Baz plays it off his pads. ONE. Jadeja plays to long-on. ONE. McCullum steers to third-man. ONE. Jadeja plays to long-on, again. ONE. Driven through the empty cover area, they hesitate before going for the second, the throw was accurate, as was Saha’s to the wicket, stupid run out there.
McCullum run out 11(16)!
ONE. Baz sweeps, easy run. SIX! Jadeja steps out and hits it straight over Karan’s head. DOT. Steps out, Karan bowls slightly wide. FOUR! Slog-sweeps, the ball eludes a diving Miller at long-on! ONE. Plays to Miller again. DOT. Well outside off, Baz tries to sweep across the line, misses, would’ve been a wide if he had left it alone.
DOT. Jadeja plays it to cover. ONE. Pushes to mid-wicket. ONE. McCullum is trying to cut loose here, the pull finds the fielder. WIDE. Akshar tries to fire one through, strays a bit down the leg. ONE. Drives to long-on. ONE. Baz defends. LEG-BYE. Tries to pull, it’s too full, excellent over from Akshar.
ONE. Plays to deep point. FOUR! Karan strays a bit, Jadeja leg-glances, easy runs. ONE. Jadeja steps out and plays to long-off. ONE. Baz cuts, lovely fielding by Bailey, they still go for the single. ONE. Fuming straight drive, great stop by Karn, and brilliant running between the wickets. TWO. Agricultural slog-sweep from Baz, flies over mid-wicket, they run two.
DOT. Outside off, Jadeja misses. DOT. Jadeja drives straight to cover. ONE. Plays Maxwell to deep point. ONE. Baz lofts it over extra-cover, doesn’t time well, gets the single. TWO. Jadeja pushes through mid-wicket, excellent running. DOT. Plays it back to Maxwell, 7 off the last 2 overs.
OUT! They hesitate, there was a confusion, Raina fumbles, and Bailey’s direct hit beats Raina to the crease. What an innings, though, 87 off 25! ONE. Jadeja drives nonchalantly to long-on to get off strike. ONE. McCullum cuts to deep point, they get a single. ONE. Yet another single for Jadeja. DOT. Drives to cover, Maxwell flings himself to the ground to stop the single. DOT. Plays to cover again.
OUT! Raina run out 87(25)!
SIX! What is Raina up to? Awana is slightly short, the ball lands on the square-leg fence. SIX! Over long-on this time, do sixes happen as easily as that? FOUR! That was mistimed! How could that have gone for a four? FOUR! Once again, slightly bottom-edged, still through mid-wicket! NO-BALL! FOUR! Over waist, and Raina places it with ease between point and cover. FOUR! Lofted with ease over long-on, Awana is falling apart here! FOUR! Flicked behind square-leg, Raina seems unstoppable here!
WIDE. Huge wide down leg-stump, terrible bowling from Sandeep. LEG-BYE. Tries to go for a slog over square-leg, misses it. SIX! He makes them look impossibly easy — the ball disappeared over deep cover! ONE. Short-armed pull to mid-wicket, it’s back to Dwayne. LEG-BYE. Dwayne misses it, stifled appeal, was missing leg. ONE. Raina pushes to cover. OUT! That one darted in, Dwayne missed the line completely, middle-stump is flattened, Sandeep strikes!
OUT! Dwayne b Sandeep 7(11)!
TWO. Dwayne cover-drives hard, Akshar saves a certain boundary. ONE. Flicked easily to mid-wicket. FOUR! Mitchell doesn’t bounce! Raina dismisses him to mid-wicket fence! SIX! Over deep mid-wicket, Johnson had over-pitched there! DOT. Moves outside leg, but Johnson fires one outside off, Raina is beaten. WIDE. Johnson tries to bounce, strays down the leg, Raina misses the hook. SIX! Johnson is a tad short, Raina hooks ferociously, hits the deep mid-wicket fence!
DOT. Awana is on target, Dwayne pushes it to mid-on. DOT. Dwayne tries to unleash his favourite pull, misses. LEG-BYE. Dwayne tries to push it towards leg, they run, Awana falls in his follow-through. FOUR! Rank long-hop on leg, easy picking for Raina. FOUR! Steps out and places through cover, that is straight out of EA Sports Cricket 2007! DOT. Raina plays it to point, Bailey celebrates, the audience erupts, it’s a bump catch of course.
FOUR! Raina plays it over mid-off, easy one. FOUR! Raina beats mid-off again, though it was in air! DOT. Pitches on the leg, Raina misses it completely, hits pad, no run. SIX! Raina! Slightly short, the ball lands in the top tier of the square-leg stand! FOUR! Pierces the umbrella field on the off, four more! DOT. Slightly short, the pull picks out mid-wicket.
ONE. Dwayne has a go first ball, Awana fields at deep third-man, that one raced. OUT! Faf tries to go big, top-edges, Bailey takes an easy catch at mid-on, one down! ONE. Dwayne plays with short hands and steals a single. FOUR! Mitch pitches short, Raina glances off his hips, first boundary for CSK! ONE. Ugly-looking pull from outside off. TWO. Smith flicks deftly, they run hard.
OUT! Faf c Bailey b Johnson 0(1)!
Sehwag 122(58) Manan 34(31) Maxwell 13(6) Miller 38(19) Bailey 1(2) Saha 6(4) Johnson 1*(1)
Nehra 4-0-51-2 Ishwar 4-0-35-1 Mohit 4-0-46-1 Ashwin 4-0-44-1 Jadeja 4-0-48-0
ONE. Drilled to long-off. SIX! Saha cleans deep square-leg! OUT! Saha misses, Miller tries to steal a bye, but MSD is spot-on! ONE. Johnson is cramped for room, they get a single. DOT. Saha tries to scoop it over fine-leg, misses completely. OUT! Saha tries to clear square-leg, but Dwayne Smith was waiting there, easy catch.
OUT! Miller run out 38(19)! Saha c Smith b Mohit 6(4)!
OUT! A nothing shot really, Faf takes a neat catch at deep cover, well played Virender Sehwag! FOUR! Tonks past square-leg, easy picking for Miller. ONE. Dug out that one, easy run. ONE. Bailey pushes to long-on. ONE. Hit straight to deep mid-wicket. OUT! Low yorker, crashes into the base of Bailey’s middle-stump!
OUT! Sehwag c Faf b Nehra 122(58)! Bailey b Nehra 1(2)!
ONE. Hit very hard, sweeper-cover picks up. SIX! Tonks perfectly, six more, this time over long! FOUR! Sehwag edges that, but it races past Dhoni. SIX! Dragged from outside off, massive six. DOT. Toss at way outside off, beaten. ONE. Sehwag drives to cover, easy single.
FOUR! Miller joins in the fun, ONE. Risky single, Hussey breaks the stumps down but Miller survives. ONE. Cramps him for room, they run anyway. SIX! Mohit attempts yorker, but Miller picks and dispatches it over deep mid-wicket! FOUR! Edges, the ball races past MSD. ONE. Plays to deep extra-cover.
ONE. Sehwag misses out on the full-toss but still drives to long-off for a single. ONE. Miller drives to long-off. DOT. Plays straight to David Hussey to mid-wicket. NO-BALL. High full-toss, Sehwag plays and misses. ONE. Plays straight to bring up his HUNDRED. ONE. Plays to backward-point, they scamper for a single. FOUR! Tries to move outside leg, Ishwar held his line, Sehwag gave it the full throttle, the stroke went past point.
FOUR! Loose delivery outside leg, Miller sweeps it for an easy four down fine-leg. FOUR! Wrong line, Miller leg-glances him for four more! DOT. Plays to mid-wicket. ONE. Flicks to square-leg. DOT. Hits straight back to Ashwin. ONE. Driven to deep cover.
ONE. Miller pushes to deep mid-wicket, back to Sehwag. ONE. Lazy stroke over deep extra-cover, he looks almost bored. ONE. Miller pushes to mid-wicket, another single. ONE. Well-bowled by Jadeja, Sehwag is cramped for room, another single to mid-off. ONE. Miller plays it to deep extra-cover, another run. FOUR! Sehwag places through deep extra-cover, hit too hard for the fielder in the deep.
WIDE. Down the leg. SIX! Sehwag goes berserk again, hits the sight-screen this time with a cleanly timed stroke. ONE. Sehwag places this to deep mid-wicket. ONE. Maxwell leg-glances, they run a single. ONE. Tries to make room, Ashwin follows him, they get a single. WIDE. Huge, huge wide, MSD does well to collect, seems he has hurt his fingers. SIX! This is getting boring now, Ashwin tries a LEG-BREAK from OVER the wicket, soars over long-on anyway. OUT! Tries to clear deep mid-wicket, that was the doosra, Raina catches it at deep mid-wicket, Ashwin gives him a send-off.
OUT! Maxwell c Raina b Ashwin 13(6)!
SIX! Nehra tries to cramp him, but Sehwag is in the form of his life, the shot thumps into the board over Nehra’s head. SIX! Bigger! It seems he did not time it, but it vanished somewhere in the crowd, two in two! ONE. Driven to long-off, Maxwell to face now. WIDE. Nehra bounces, but it’s down the leg. DOT. Hit the pad, but it was clearly pitched outside leg. FOUR! Over-pitched on leg, easy picking for Maxwell. TWO. Inside-edges to deep square-leg, Maxwell stumbles but still completes the two.
DOT. Sehwag hits the full-toss, falls just short of mid-off and cover. DOT. Driven straight to cover. ONE. Excellent yorker from Ishwar, Sehwag digs it out, Manan runs for it and reaches. OUT! Ishwar bounces, Manan tries to go big, gets the top edge and Raina runs about a mile to pouch it, first blood for CSK. That brings MAXWELL to the crease. DOT. Yorker outside off, Sehwag misses. ONE. Sehwag tries to on-drive but does not time, Maxwell wanted a second but Sehwag settles for a single.
FOUR! Attempted steer, the top-edge beats Ashwin at third-man. FOUR! Jadeja bowls a long-hop, Sehwag dismisses it to mid-wicket. BYE. Sehwag misses, so does Dhoni. DOT. The player was well-placed at short mid-wicket. ONE. Edges, misses the stump by a whisker, they take the single. ONE. Sehwag tries to go big, they take a single on the bounce to long-on.
WIDE. That is the fourth wide of the innings, Sehwag looks baffled. ONE. Sehwag plays to point and jogs for a single. ONE. Manan pushes to third man, they run again, back to Sehwag. ONE. Sehwag plays to backward-point. DOT. That’s the carrom ball, Vohra defends. DOT. Plays straight, Ashwin does a good job off his own bowling. TWO. Plays to deep square-leg, Mohit flings himself on the ground to save two runs.
ONE. Plays to wide mid-on. DOT. Slants down a bit, Sehwag misses. SIX! Now he goes after Jadeja., the ball vanishes into the stratosphere over deep mid-wicket! ONE. Good variation, driven to long-off for single. DOT. Manan defends solidly. WIDE. Down the leg-side. TWO. Plays to deep square-leg and runs hard for two, bringing SEHWAG back on strike.
SIX! MSD summons Ashwin, and Sehwag dispatches him over deep mid-wicket! What has he had for lunch? ONE. Reverse-sweeps this time, but only finds the third man. DOT. Manan tries to push and run, doesn’t quite manage. WIDE. Strays down the leg, Dharmasena wouldn’t miss out on those. DOT. Plays to extra-cover and runs. ONE. Places to point and runs, 50 in 21 balls for him, looks ominous today. ONE. Manan steers to third-man, keeps strike.
TWO. Plays it through the vacant mid-wicket, easy runs. SIX! Ho ho ho, that’s the uppercut! The ball soars over MSD’s head past the ropes! TWO. Fine-leg was up, but deep square-leg cuts it off, it’s still Sehwag on strike. ONE. Slower delivery from Mohit, Sehwag waited and drove but did not time, the ball fell short of mid-on. TWO. Excellent running, Manan just drops it at his feet and runs, there is an overthrow, Mohit is not happy. DOT. Finally some respite, Manan shuffles and misses.
FOUR! Sehwag gives it the full throttle, the ball races to the straight fence! FOUR! This is vintage Sehwag, lofted over extra-cover, this is stuff from a decade back! FOUR! There were two third men, and Sehwag bisects them perfectly! WIDE. Nehra tries some variation, but the bouncer is way down leg. DOT. Sehwag plays it to mid-on. DOT. Sehwag jumps down the track and tries to go over long-on, misses completely. ONE. Casually played to sweeper-cover, Sehwag keeps strike.
SIX! Ishwar drops short, and Manan thumps him over long-on for maximum! THREE. Ishwar strays in line, Manan tries to pull and top-edges, Sehwag calls for the third. FOUR! You cannot keep Sehwag out of the action for long — there was a slip and a gully, and he had the cheek to try to bisect them — and did! FOUR! That was not intended, Sehwag tried to loft Ishwar, the outside edge raced to the point boundary. LEG-BYE. Off the thigh, stifled appeal, maybe a tad high. SIX! Pitches short, the punch looked like a top-edge, but cleared ropes with ease!
DOT. Manan plays to mid-on, no run; something tells he will go after Mohit. DOT. Mohit pitches up, Manan tries to play a cute stroke to third-man with a slip there, doesn’t connect. ONE. Mohit strays a bit, Manan flicks, but Ashwin saved a run there with a full-length drive at mid-wicket. WIDE. Mohit attempts a bouncer, too high, Dharmasena is quick to respond. ONE. Driven on the up, but Dhoni has placed Raina at sweeper cover, smart thinking there. ONE. Manan inside-edges and sprints to the other end. FOUR! It doesn’t matter whether you have Raina at sweeper cover, you cannot stop a rampant Sehwag!
DOT. Nice line, left Manan, he lets it go. DOT. Ishwar is bang on target, Manan defends. DOT. Outswing from Ishwar, Manan plays and misses. DOT. Excellent outswing again, Ishwar is getting better with every ball, Manan was sucked into that. DOT. Ishwar won’t let that off-stump line go, Manan was taken aback by the bouncer. ONE. Finally a run off the over, Manan plays down to deep third-man to keep strike.


Ashish Nehra starts and Sehwag defends the first one and they take a single. The second ball is on the pads and Vohra flicks it fine for a four. Vohra then gets a single through third-man. The last ball of the over is carted through cover for a four. Typical Sehwag!

    Kings XI Punjab have made one change as Sandeep Sharma has replaced Shikhar Dhawan. Chennai Super Kings are unchanged:   Kings XI Punjab: George Bailey (c), Manan Vohra, Virender Sehwag, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Glenn Maxwell, David Miller, Akshar Patel, Mitchell Johnson, Karanveer Singh, Sandeep Sharma, Parvinder Awana.   Chennai Super Kings: MS Dhoni (c & wk), Dwayne Smith, Faf du Plessis, Brendon McCullum, Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja, David Hussey, Ravichandran Ashwin, Ishwar Pandey, Ashish Nehra, Mohit Sharma.

Toss: Chennai have won the toss and have elected to bowl.

In what will be a battle for the team that will face Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in the final of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2014, the No 1 and No 3 teams of the group stages of the competition will be involved in an intense battle. Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) were in rampaging form in the round-robin games of the tournament. They went through to the knock-out stages in a breeze. Glenn Maxwell simply overpowered opponents and their opponents in the Qualifier 2, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) bore the brunt of his big-hitting twice. Maxwell’s relentless clubbing tore the Chennai attack apart. After hitting a low patch in recent games, the Australian would be eying Chennai’s spinners to get back to run-scoring ways. Anyways, I am Abhishek Mukherjee and I will be bringing live updates of the match to show you the team that will take on Kolkata Knight Riders in Sunday’s final.   Squads:   Kings XI Punjab: George Bailey (c), David Miller, Manan Vohra, Mitchell Johnson, Glenn Maxwell, Virender Sehwag, Rishi Dhawan, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Shaun Marsh, Cheteshwar Pujara, Beuran Hendricks, Lakshmipathy Balaji, Thisara Perera, Gurkeerat Mann Singh, Murali Kartik, Sandeep Sharma, Mandeep Singh, Akshar Patel, Parvinder Awana, Shardul Thakur, Anureet Singh, Shivam Sharma, Karanveer Singh.   Chennai Super Kings: MS Dhoni (c & wk), Ravichandran Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja, Suresh Raina, Francois du Plessis, Dwayne Smith, Brendon McCullum, Ashish Nehra, Mohit Sharma, Ishwar Pandey, Ben Hilfenhaus, John Hastings, Samuel Badree, Matt Henry, Mithun Manhas, Vijay Shankar, Ronit More, Baba Aparajith, Pawan Negi.   Click here for IPL 2014 playoffs Schedule   Click here for IPL 2014 Schedule: Match time table for IPL 7   Click here for IPL 2014 Schedule & Results   Click here for IPL 2014 complete coverage