Gautam Gambhir © PTI
Gautam Gambhir © PTI


May 11, 2014


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So Virender Sehwag’s terrific knock was not enough for Kings XI Punjab. They missed the Miller-Maxwell show today. For Kolkata, Gambhir and Uthappa got them off to an absolute flier. Manish Pandey came in and ensured that KKR did not suffer another embarrassing collapse. It’s time for the presentation. Viru wins the maximum sixes award. Gambhir wins the ‘keep calm’ award for his patient half century, and he also wins the Man of the Match award for his unbeaten 63 off just 45 balls. In case you missed what happened in this match, don’t worry. Nishad Pai Vaidya has made a match report that you can read here.

Sandy comes on to bowl his final over. Fantastic boundary off the first ball, on his pads and over midwicket for four. Two off this next ball, Maxi tries to flick the ball onto the stumps, but it ends up as two overthrows. Just a single now. Looks like this match may get over in this over itself! Two more for Gauti. And another single. So the scores are level. One to win, and MANISH GETS THE WINNING RUNS! Kolkata win with shocking ease against the table-toppers. They outplayed Kings XI in absolutely every aspect.
Rishi comes back to bowl the 17th over. Some drama first ball itself, is this a run out? No, Manish survives the direct hit from Maxi. Single off the next ball. Slower ball, another single for Manish. Short ball, and BAILEY HAS DROPPED THIS! Oh dear me, this would have been an easy catch for a pre-teen! Bailey fluffs a real sitter. GG survives this. Last ball of the over is tucked away for another single.
Akshar Patel comes back on. Dot ball to start with. Another dot, and again GG nearly gets run out. He was backing up too far. Single for Manish. Gambhir steps out, lofts this over midwicket for two. Short ball, and wide, and Gambhir gets to his half century with that boundary! Single off the last ball.
Rishi Dhawan back on. Single to Gambhir off the first ball. Another single to Manish. GG back on strike. Oh this is just fractionally short, but GG rocks back and smashes this over midwicket. Four more. And now a single. Slower ball, Manish gets one…or not, they decide to go for two and GG is ALMOST run out. Rishi doesn’t collect the ball though. Single to end with.
Axshar Patel to continue. Single off the first ball. GG moves to 40 off 30. Manish plays and misses at one, gets the next ball away for four. And another play and miss, this time from GG. And ANOTHER play and miss. Beautiful bowling, this! Last ball now, and GG gets a single to midwicket.
Mitch back on now. Can he pull off a breakthrough? Short ball, Manish smashes this through midwicket, Akshar Patel just about manages to keep it in. Oh lovely shot! Manish looking really good as well! Straight drive right back past Mitch for four! Single off this agricultural slog next ball. Slower ball now, nearly foxes GG. Just a dot. Last ball of the over now. Tucked away for one.
Here comes SuperMax. He couldn’t do much with the bat today, can he spin a web around KKR? Couple off the first ball. And now GG steps out and drives him in the air for two more. And this is four more runs. Through point. Wide ball. And now a single. Manish on strike, Maxi from round the wicket. Dot ball. And a single to end with.
Axar to continue. Couple of dots to start. Then a single. 60 needed off 57 right now. GG on strike. Cuts, misses. Goes back and gets another single. Dot ball. Tidy over.
Rishi comes back on. Dot ball to Manish. And now a single. Good period of play for KKR after losing Robin. Oh LEADING EDGE and falls inches wide of a diving Miller. One run. Wow, Manish goes down on his knees and smacks that through midwicket for four. He goes again, this one is flicked away for two. Last ball of the over now, slower one and a single for Manish.
Awana comes back on now. Single off the first ball to GG. Manish on strike. Steps out, misses. 77 needed of 70 balls at this point. And now another Dot ball. Oh a quick single. Would have been lots of trouble for GG if Maxi had hit this! Very close! Gambhir takes the run eventually. Oh spectacular shot! Short and wide, Gambhir reminds us all why he’s one of the best openers in the country. Four through point. Single off the last ball.
We are back from the break. And Manish Pandey is the new man in. Rishi Dhawan to bowl now. Dot ball outside off to begin. Quick single. Gambhir gets another single. Short ball, Manish pulls this for a single. Single down to third man. This is easy for KKR at the moment. But they are prone to imploding. Dot ball to end with.
Here comes Parvinder Awana. Quick ball to start with, but Uthappa times this flick beautifully for a couple down to midwicket. Wide ball. Good ball, Uthappa stepped out and got the outside edge, four more to third man. On his pads, just another single. Short and wide, four more for Gambhir. Lovely square cut. Another short one outside off, single down to third man. OH AND HE’S HOLED OUT! Robbie will be furious with himself. Innocuous ball on his pads, Uthappa goes for a lofted flick and finds Axar in the deep. And it’s time for the strategic break.
OUT! R Uthappa 46(28) c A Patel b Awana
Axar Patel comes on now. Robbie reverse sweeps, but it goes to the fielder. Oh he nearly chops this one on. Good ball. Quick ball, Uthappa tries another reverse sweep, gets an edge onto his arm, but it falls short. Short outside off, cut away. Awana misfields this and concedes two. Oh tremendous shot! Robbie steps out, just chips this down the ground, it goes for a boundary. Quick single now. Seven off the over.
Sandy comes back for his third over. Oh great shot from GG, but it is stopped wonderfully by Mandeep. Short ball, Gambhir rocks back and smashes this through midwicket for four. Oh another short ball, well bowled. GG pulls out of the shot. Gambhir slices this next one, and Mandeep nearly pulls off a stunner. He jumps while running backward, but the ball just away from his outstretched hands. Dot ball to end the over.
Mitch steams in again. Single for Gambhir, played in the air, lucky that it didn’t go to hand. Johnson bowls this one short, Robbie goes for the pull it’s IN THE AIR…AND SIX! Top edge goes behind Uthappa for six. Oh take that! Brett Lee will remember Uthappa walking out to him. Johnson the victim of Robbie’s assault this time. Four more down the ground. AND FOUR MORE! This one on his pads, Robbie flicks this away to fine leg. Last ball now. On his pads again, and FOUR MORE RUNS! Robin Uthappa going ballistic at Barabati! 19 off that over. 19!
Sandeep will continue. That’s four off the first ball, drifts on to the pads and Uthappa finds the fence. Dot ball. Oh beautifully played, that’s another boundary! This one through covers. A dot ball to follow up. Oh that’s an absolute gem from Robbie! A straight drive that Tendulkar himself would be proud of! Four more! Last ball of the over now. Another dot. 12 off this over.
Mitch Johnson comes on now. Gambhir takes a single off the first ball. Mitch strays on to Robbie’s pads, but gets away with it. Two leg byes. And now a single. Good ball again, another dot. Short ball, GG goes for a pull but misses entirely. Last ball of the over coming up. Short again, this time GG finds the middle of the bat. Four to end with.
Welcome back to the second innings. Sandeep Sharma, who has been outstanding for KXIP, will start proceedings for Punjab. That’s a dot ball. Wobbly in swing to start off. Well played by Uthappa though. Oooh he’s nearly cut him in half there! Absolute peach from Sandy. Quick single for Robbie. Here’s Gauti on strike now. Another quick single. Sandeep swinging the ball nicely. Oh and he’s beaten the outside edge again. This time it’s the outswinger. Dot ball to end with. Just two off that first over.

So a wonderful innings from Virender Sehwag helps Punjab to a sub-par 149 for eight. Will this be enough? Kolkata haven’t quite been on fire yet. Don’t worry if you missed all the action so far, you can read about it here in the innings report by Nishad Pai Vaidya.



Here comes Narine to bowl the final over. Mitch on strike. Swing and a miss. Next ball, swing and a miss. He steps out now, gets this from the middle and gets four for it. Oh he’s smoked this! HUGE six from Mitch! Oh and he’s knocked him over. Simply done by Narine, gets the ball to spin away from Mitch and he’s comprehensively beaten. Stumped by Uthappa. Axar in now. And he makes connection, just trots away for one, Bailey calls him back and he’s run out by a mile and a half. So a reasonable end to the innings from KXIP.
OUT! M Johnson 14(12) st Uthappa b Narine, A Patel 1(1) run out Uthappa
Yadav now to bowl the penultimate over. Big over for KXIP will help them in a big way. Single off the first ball…no make that two, misfield in the deep. And another dot ball. Oh just a single that time. Mitch trying too hard to hit the ball, gets it on the bottom of the bat. Quick single for Bailey now. Just four off the first four balls. That’s a bye now, Mitch would have been struggling, but Yadav didn’t throw it at the non striker’s end. No one backing up, that was smart. Last ball now. Bailey slaps this down the ground for two. Just seven off the over.
Narine in for the 18th over. Two to Bailey first ball. Dot ball now. And another single. Oh well bowled. Gone past the outside edge of Mitch. And again. Almost an action replay! Last ball of the over now. Mitch would do well to survive. And he does. Single off it. Just four runs from the over.
PC comes on to bowl his final over. That’s Piyush Chawla. Single. Dot ball. Another single. Oh would have been a dot, but sloppy fielding gives them one more. Bailey slogs this one, but only gets one to the deep. Last ball now. Oh he’s cleaned him up! Googly does Rishi in comprehensively!
OUT! R Dhawan 4(6) b Chawla
Umesh continues. “And that’s gone like a tracer bullet!” shouts Ravi Shastri in my mind. Four through covers for Killer Miller! OH HE’S KNOCKED HIM OVER! Fantastic comeback for Umesh! Slower ball on middle stump, and Miller misses it completely! That’s the danger man Miller dismissed. Rishi Dhawan is the new man in. Singe off the first ball. Another single for Bailey. Dot ball from Yadav, and he takes a tumble in his follow through. He’s up immediately though. And a single to end the over.
OUT! D Miller 13(14) b Umesh
Chawla in for his third over now. OOOH inside edge, just misses the stumps! Another dot ball. AND HE’S BOWLED HIM! Sehwag is out. Stepped out, got an inside edge and this time it finds the sumps. Good innings from Viru comes to an end. Bailey is the new man in. Single to get off the mark. Another single for Miller. Last ball now. And a couple to end with.
OUT! V Sehwag 72(50) b Chawla
We’re back from the timeout. Miller and Viru are looking circumspect but solid. Morkel will come on for his final over now. If he can get rid of either one of these two, it’ll be a huge blow for KXIP. Here comes Morne. Dot ball to Miller. Oh outside edge…but it evades the diving fielder at gully. One run. Viru on strike. And again he gets a gift on his pads. Sehwag has been extremely gracious to these today. Four more to fine leg. And now an outside edge to third man. Consecutive boundaries to Viru! A single now. Good over for KXIP. No run to end with.
Chawla comes back on. Single off the first ball. Good shot here from Miller, but this is well fielded by Piyush off his own bowling. Powerfully swept by Miller, and brilliant fielding at deep square leg by the young Kallis. Good over again for KKR. These two are just milking the ball for singles right now. Another single. Just six off it. Strategic timeout now.
Ryan ten Doeschate comes on to bowl now. Dot ball to Miller. Single off the next ball. And this is four down the ground for Sehwag! Lovely shot. Good comeback from Tendo, couple of dots. Last ball is a single. Good over for KKR.


Chawla comes on now. Couple of singles off the first two balls. OH THIS IS OUT! Maxwell pulls a short ball right into the hands of Morkel at square leg. HUGE wicket! Killer Miller comes in now. Single off the first ball. Viru top edges this, but it lands safely. Another single. And one more to end the over. Very good over from Piyush.
OUT! G Maxwell 14(14) c Morkel b Chawla
Kallis comes back on. Single to Sehwag, he moves to 49. AND HERE GOES MAXI! Four runs to deep midwicket, evades a diving Yusuf Pathan. Single to Maxi. And another single gets FIFTY FOR SEHWAG! After a long, long time! 18 innings to be precise. Another single for Maxi to the deep. Last ball, and Viru rewinds the clock! Outside off, he just leans into it and opens the face, that’s four more. Glorious timing! The hand-eye coordination looks very good!
Narine continues. Oh that’s flown off the outside edge! Four runs to third man. Quick two, Sehwag is really keen on scoring runs today! Couple of singles off the next two balls. Maxi gets an edge, but this goes safely. Two off the last ball.
Kallis comes back on now. Viru on strike. Just a dot ball. Oh Sehwag has mishit this. Ryan tendo gets underneath this, BUT HE CAN’T CATCH IT! Sehwag survives. Very lucky! Another single for Maxi. This was wide outside off, flashes and misses. Kallis pitches this up, Sehwag says thank you. SMASHED THIS for six down the ground! And another single to third man. Sehwag touches 40 for the first time this year.
Here comes Sunny Narine. What can Maxi do here? He takes a single to start off. Single to fine leg for Viru. This was a bit short outside off, one more. KXIP playing sensible cricket right now. Just seeing off Narine. Four singles off the over so far. Oh Maxi goes for a big hit, misses this altogether. And another dot ball to end with. Just four off this over.
Morkel on now. OH HE’S KNOCKED HIM OVER! Saha bowled by Morkel! And it’s the strategic timeout. We’re back now, and it’s Glenn “SuperMax” Maxwell on strike. Flashes outside off, beaten. Flicks this for a single to square leg. Viru on strike. Well bowled outside off, Sehwag thinks of playing but pulls out in the end. Great over from Morkel again! Just a single from it.
OUT! W Saha 15(9) b Morkel
Umesh continues. Single to begin with. Short ball, SAHA PULLS THIS AND IT’S A TOP EDGE. Lands safely, how did this not go to hand? It was in the air for ages! Anyway, no harm done. Wide ball. Another quick single for Viru. Another thing I never thought I’d say. This is yet another 30 for Viru. Can he continue? Oh Saha plays a beautiful pick-up flick, gets four to square leg. Lovely shot! And FOUR MORE to end with! Driven well over covers for another boundary by Saha. Great batting! Final ball now. It’s just one. Good over for Punjab.
Morkel to Viru now. The start of the over is delayed, something with the sight screen. This was outside off, and Viru leaves this alone. Well left by Sehwag. There’s something I never thought I’d say. HE’S EDGED THIS! Oh dear. Uthappa fluffs this. Slow to get down, it doesn’t stick. That’s four to third man. Lucky for Viru. And again, outside off and again flashed at and missed. And another leave outside off now. Viru realising that Dravid wasn’t wrong to let them go all these years. Another dot ball now. Single off the last ball.
Here comes Umesh Yadav. Well played by Viru first ball, clipped away for two off his pads. Oh poor ball from Umesh, outside leg stump and Viru loves those! Four to fine leg. Good full ball to follow up. No run. Oh good yorker, Viru keeps it out and gets one. Oh another short one, Saha gets a single to third man. Another single, off a leg bye, to end with.
Morne Morkel comes on to bowl now. Starts off to Mandeep. That’s a dot ball. And another dot. OH HE’S GOT HIM! Morne making up for a lackluster first over. This was outside the off stump, Mandy flashes at this and gets an outside edge. Simple catch for Uthappa. Saha comes in now. Good ball to start with. Saha defends on the front foot. Oh this one went past the off stump again! Brilliantly bowled. Morkel yet to concede a run so far. Last ball now. And that’s a cracker of a shot last ball! Four to point for Saha.
OUT! M Singh 0(3) c Uthappa b Morkel
Out stride Virender Sehwag and Mandeep Singh for KXIP. Viru has been getting 30s is virtually every game so far, but he is yet to touch 40. He will be hoping all that can change. Young Mandeep will be looking to get a few runs today as well. Right, here we go now! It’s Jacques Kallis to bowl to Viru. HELLO JACQUES! Viru slams this first one over covers for a boundary. Great start for Viru. Next ball is outside off, Sehwag flashes and misses. And now a wide down leg stump. This will be four more! Kallis drifting on the pads, and Sehwag accepts this happily. Kallis follows up with a shortish ball, well defended by Viru. Oh dear, short ball outside leg stump, and Viru flick-pulls this for the THIRD boundary off the over. And this last ball ends with… ANOTHER boundary! Sehwag on fire here at Barabati! 17 off that first over!

So the toss has happened. Gautam Gambhir won the toss for KKR and asked Kings XI Punjab to bat first. For KXIP, Parvinder Awana and Rishi Dhawan in for Shivam Sharma and Lakshmipathy Balaji. Shakib-al-Hasan and Vinay Kumar miss out for Kolkata in place of Morne Morkel and Piyush Chawla.


Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2014′s 34th game between Kings XI Punjab and Kolkata Knight Riders at the Barabati Stadium in Cuttack. I am Shiamak Unwalla and I will take you through the entire match. This could be another one-sided contest going on current form, but if the IPL has taught us one thing, it is that on any given day, even the wooden-spooners of one edition can overcome the table toppers on their day. The 2012 champions have been markedly inconsistent this year, while the 2008 semi-finalists have been nigh unstoppable this year.


Punjab are one win away from virtually guaranteeing a spot in the final four, while Kolkata are a part of a mid-table scramble that could decide the final spot in the top four. Glenn Maxwell and David Miller have been like runaway freight trains for KXIP, and the Knight Riders will be wary of the duo. For KKR, Robin Uthappa and Gautam Gambhir have settled in beautifully at the top of the order, and they will back themselves to see off the new ball threat presented by young Sandeep Sharma.




Kings XI Punjab: Mandeep Singh, V Sehwag, WP Saha, GJ Maxwell, GJ Bailey, DA Miller, AR Patel, MG Johnson, R Dhawan, P Awana, Sandeep Sharma


Kolkata Knight Riders: RV Uthappa, G Gambhir, MK Pandey, JH Kallis, RN ten Doeschate, YK Pathan, SA Yadav, PP Chawla, M Morkel, UT Yadav, SP Narine


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