Kieron Pollard © IANS
Kieron Pollard © IANS


May 3, 2014


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(Will Mumbai break their winless run in this tournament or the unbeaten Punjab side prove to be too heavy for the defending champions? Catch live score and live updates of the match here)


Delhi Daredevils and the Rajasthan Royals take on each other in the second game today at the IPL 2014. Click here to follow the action on our live blog.


Sandeep to bowl the last over and Pollard finishes the game by hitting the first ball over long-off for a six. That is it! Mumbai Indians have won their first match in this tournament. Kings XI Punjab have lost their first game of the season.



Mitchell Johnson comes back and Polard smashes the first ball over long-on for a huge six. Johnson changes to round the wicket and stops before delivering the second ball. And the second ball is a wide down the leg-side. Pollard then pushes through mid-wicket for a single. He then gets two more through square-leg. And that is lucky for Pollard! He bowls a yorker and Pollard gets an inside edge and it goes to the boundary. Pollard pulls one over square-leg for a four. It was hit one-handed for four. The last ball goes for a single. This over has gone for 20.



Tare chips the first ball from Balaji over mid-wicket and runs two as Pollard pushes through for the second. Tare then carts the second ball over mid-off for a four. He then gets a single off the third ball. Pollard then gets a single down the ground. Tare then cuts one behind point for a brace. And Tare then charges down the ground and smashes it over mid-wicket for a huge six. This over has gone for 16.



Rishi Dhawan comes in to bowl and Anderson hits the first ball down the ground for a single. Pollard then gets off the mark by chipping one to mid-wicket. And Anderson is gone. He hits it straight to long-off. Mumbai are losing the plot now.
OUT! Anderson 35(25)



Punjab have appealed for obstructing the field. The ball hit Anderson’s body and it falls in front of him. Rohit asked him to run and ANderson charged down the ground while changing his angle as Balaji came in to collect. He collided with him. However, it is given not out. The second ball is hit by Rohit through square-leg for a four. And then Rohit is gone. A ball stops on Rohit and he gets a top edge. Saha comes underneath it and is out. Pollard is the new man in the middle. And bizarrely, he leaves the first ball outside the off-stump.
OUT! Rohit 39(34)



Johnson comes to bowl and delivers a full toss first up but Anderson cannot hit it. He hits the second ball straight to mid-off. The third ball is a short ball. Finally, Mumbai get a couple of runs when Anderson inside edges one through to fine-leg for a couple. The fifth ball goes between Anderson’s legs. Another dot ball. Only three runs off that over with the single coming off the last ball. Brilliant over.



Lakshmipathy Balaji is into the attack now. Balaji bowls a good over as he concedes only two runs off the first four balls. It was a good over until then and Rohit sweeps one over short fine-leg for a four.



Akshar Patel comes into the crease and his third ball his smashed by Anderson down the ground for a four. The next ball is lofted high over mid-wicket for a six. That brings up Mumbai’s 100. And, then Anderson smacks it down the ground for a four. They get 20 off the over as the last ball is pulled for four.



Rohit gets a six! Dhawan bowls it short and wide. The fielders were in the ring and he cuts it over third-man for a six. He then takes a single to give strike to Anderson. After a couple of sixes, Anderson gets one on a length and he hits it over long-on for a six. A big over for Mumbai as they get 14 runs off that.



Rohit faces Patel and can only get a single off the third ball. Anderson then gets off the mark by hitting it behind point, getting a brace in the process. Patel bowls it short and a bit flat, but Anderson can only get a single as he pulls it to mid-wicket. Only five runs come off that over.



Dhawan continues. He bowls two dot balls upfront and then Rohit gets a single by guiding one to short third man. And Gautam is gone! He tries to play a reverse scoop and it hit on the pads. A big wicket at this stage! Corey Anderson is the new man in the middle. He plays his first ball to point and there is no run. He tries to smash the next ball but misses.
OUT! Gautam 33(29)



Akshar Patel continues and there are no runs off the first two balls. Off the third ball, Gautam tries a reverse sweep, but it hits the pads and they get a leg-bye. Rohit then plays it to mid-wicket for a single.



Rishi Dhawan is the new bowler and Rohit gets a single off the first ball by playing it to third-man. Gautam then lofts one over the leg-side and gets two as David Miller runs across from long-on. The over finishes with Gautam taking a single. A good over for Punjab as only four runs come off that over.



Akshar Patel comes to bowl from round the wicket and Gautam plays a delicate reverse sweep and it goes very fine for a four. It in fact came off the gloves. That is Mumbai’s fifty. Rohit then gets a fifty as he guides it to fine-leg for a four.



Mitchell Johnson continues and the first ball is a dot ball. Rohit hits the second ball through third-man for a single. Gautam then guides one to third-man although there is a fielder at gully. When Rohit comes on strike, Johnson comes from round the wicket.There was a chance of a run-out as Gautam had come out too quickly, but the throw back wasn’t rallied properly onto the stumps. Rohit then makes room and lofts it over mid-off for a four.



There is a delay to start the over with a few sight-screen issues. The first ball from Sandeep swings into Gautam and he defends it. And then he tries to do something audacious as he walks across the stumps and scoop it. But it is a short ball and he gets bat onto it as it bounces to first-slip. The third ball hits Gautam on the pads and there is an appeal. But that is turned down. And Gautam retorts by lofting one over long-off that goes for six. The ball was much slower and he goes through with the shot. That was very well played by Gautam. And there is another six as Gautam walks down the track and hoicks it over mid-wicket for an even bigger shot!



Mitchell Johnson is into the attack and Gautam guides the first ball through third-man for a single. Johnson bowls well to Rohit and does not let him get away. But then, Rohit end the over well with a six over square-leg. It was a quick short ball and Rohit gets a top edge that goes for six.



Sandeep continues and Gautam walks across his tumps and lofts him over fine-leg for a four. Quite a brave shot. Sandeep responds with a short ball and Gautam tries to glide it over the slips, but misses. Gautam then takes a single as Rayudu comes on strike. Sandeep traps Rayudu in front with one that prodigiously moves in. It hits Rayudu’s pads before the bat and umpire gives it out leg-before. Rohit is the new man in the centre.
OUT! Rayudu 8(5)



Gautam gets a top edge that goes high over the off-side. Akshar Patel runs back from mid-off and he dives forward, gets a hand, but cannot hold on. The batsmen get two. Rayudu then gets a boundary as he smashes one down the ground for a four. He then tries to go over the top to Lakshmipathy Balaji and he gets an edge through the slips for a four.



Sandeep Sharma starts off proceedings and Dunk dirves it for four through the off-side. Dunk then gets a single through the off-side as Gautam comes on strike. The first ball he faces is angling down the leg-side and they get a leg-side. And Dunk is gone. A delivery is leaving him and he tries to play a shot through the off-side. But, he gets the edge and Saha takes a good catch diving to his right. Saha is on a roll today! Rayudu is the new man in.
OUT! Dunk 5(4)



Malinga comes in and bowls two dot balls upfront. They were low full tosses outside the off-stump and Miller could not get bat onto them. Malinga then gets his man as Miller smashes a low full toss down the ground and is caught by Ben Dunk brilliantly at long on. It was dying on him and he dived forward to take it. Malinga then fires one in and Saha hits it down the ground. Mitchell Johnson, the new man pushes Saha for a double and they get it quite easily. Malinga then bowls a yorker and Saha gets a single through the leg-side. The last ball is a dot ball as Johnson tries to scoop it and cannot get it away.
OUT! Miller 16(12)



Zaheer comes back and is bowling from around the wicket. It is short and Saha pulls it over square-leg for a six and that is his fifty. It has taken him 43 balls. The next ball is hit over the off-side but only a single is possible. Zaheer then bowls a yorker and Miller gets some body onto it and it goes for a four fine down the leg-side. And Zaheer walks off the ground. He seemed to be in pain while bowling that delivery. He was clutching the bowling shoulder. Pollard will complete the over. He bowls a full toss first up and Miller smacks it over long-off for a six. Saha then completes the over with a couple.



Malinga is back and Saha pulls him for a single through the leg-side. Miller then places one down the ground for another single. And the third ball is pulled again for a single by Saha. Only five runs off that over. A good one by Malinga.



Bumrah is in the attack. He gets off the mark by placing one through the off-side. There are a few singles in the over before Miller places one through mid-wicket and gets a couple of runs. The first five balls are good as only five runs come off them. However, Bumrah bowls one on Miller’s legs and he guides it fine for four. That was not the finish one expected from Bumrah.



Harbhajan comes for his final over. Bailey is gone as he tries to sweep him high over the leg-side, but is caught at fine-leg by Corey Anderson. Miller is out there and he is a good man for the job at this stage of the innings. But a very good over by Harbhajan Singh as only five runs come off the over.
OUT! Bailey 15(14)



Zaheer is back in the attack as the slog overs approach. The first three balls are dots. But then Bailey cuts one behind point and it is a four. Bailey then places through the off-side for a single. Then there is one on a length and Saha pulls it over mid-wicket and the fielder in the deep does not come across to stop it. It goes through for a four.



Pollard comes back and strays on Saha’s pads. He is worked away down the leg-side for a four. Saha really needs a move-on here as he has consumed too many deliveries. Later in the over, Saha charges to Pollard and smashes him over long-off for a four. And the last ball is swept flat over fine-leg for six. It sailed over the fielder’s head there.



Here is something interesting by Aakash Chopra:




Anderson is back into the attack and Bailey gets off the mark with a cut that goes for four. He had merely placed it behind point, but Zaheer Khan could not stop it in the deep. Bailey then helps Punjab get to their 100 with a few singles. Most of the deliveries have been played to third-man in this over.



Harbhajan Singh comes back and Maxwell charges to him and smashes a six over long-on. He then works it down the ground for a single. Saha then gets into the act as he sweeps Harbhajan as he comes around the wicket. That has gone flat for six. Saha then pushes to the leg-side for a single. And then Maxwell is out! He charges again and hits it high in the air. But, he is caught by Ben Dunk at long-on. George Bailey is the new man in the centre.
OUT! Maxwell 45(27)



Kieron Pollard comes in and Saha takes a single off the first ball to give the strike to Maxwell. Pollard bowls a wide down the off-side then. Maxwell then hits one down the ground and gets a double for that. Maxwell tried to reverse sweep, but it hits his pads. Pollard appeals, but it hit him outside the line of off-stump. Pollard then bowls a a slower ball, which beats Saha. Even the keeper Gautam cannot collect it. Pollard doesn’t give Maxwell pace and he can’t smash it.



Harbhajan continues. The batsmen manage three singles off the first five balls. Maxwell then carts the last ball through the off-side for a four.



Malinga is back and Maxwell welcomes him by pulling over mid-wicket for a six. There are small boundaries at the Wankhede Stadium and it goes all the way. The next ball yorks Maxwell and he gets an inside edge and CM Gautam misses behind the stumps and it goes for four. Malinga then responds one with a short ball and Maxwell misses. Malinga then bowls a lethal yorker and Maxwell keeps it out very well and manages to get a single.



Harbhajan Singh is the new bowler and Maxwell works the first ball for a single. Saha then works a single by placing through the off-side. Maxwell then simply lofts one through the off-side and it goes for a four. Saha and Maxwell finish the over by working a few singles. The 50 is up for Kings XI Punjab.



Bumrah continues and oversteps off the first ball. Off the free hit, Maxwell smacks it through the gap on the off-side and it is a four. Off the second legitimate delivery, Maxwell tries a heave but misses. Bumrah comes back well after the first delivery and keeps both batsmen quite.





Lasith Malinga is in and the first ball is a little slower and back of a length. Maxwell pushes it to the off-side and gets a single. He then bowls a slower one on the legs and Saha glides it to fine-leg for a four. Then there is one that bounces outside the off and he misses the cut. Malinga comes back well to finish the over with dot balls.



Bumrah is brought back into the attack. Wriddhiman Saha faces the first three balls and cannot get them away. He is finally able to take a single and give strike to Maxwell. He then works it to the fine leg fielder and takes a single.



Now that Maxwell in in the centre, you can read more about this contest. Remember, he played for the Mumbai Indians last year. So did Mitchell Johnson.


Corey Anderson is the new bowler and he drives it through the covers for a four. Another classy cover drive by Pujara. And then he is gone. He tries to play another cover-drive and edges it to the wicketkeeper CM Gautam. Maxwell announces himself by smashing one over the off-side for a four. He is up against his old team remember!
OUT! Pujara 19(18)



Sehwag cuts the first ball to the off-side and tries to go for a quick single. A throw comes from Rohit Sharma and hits the stumps at the non-striker’s end and he is out. Wriddhiman Saha is the new man in. He dabs it to the off-side and runs through for a quick single. As the throw comes in, Rohit was coming to back up but collides with the umpire. Pujara then gracefully drives one through the covers for a four.
OUT! Sehwag 1(2)



Jasprit Bumrah starts things from the other end. The first ball comes into Pujara and hits him high on the leg. There is an appal but it was going down the leg-side. Then, the nnext ball is a wide down the leg side and the batsmen also get a run. Sehwag gets off the mark as he keeps a rising delivery out. Pujara then drives one through the off-side and it goes for a four. A very classy shot by Pujara. Bumhrah then over-compensates for his start and is too far outside the off-stump. And then there was one that went through Pujara.



Zaheer Khan starts things off with a delivery that holds its line outside the off-stump. Pujara lets it go through to the wicketkeeper. Pujara walks down the ground off the second ball and flicks it over square-leg for a four. He then defends the third ball to the off-side. The overs comes to an end as Pujara pushes it to third-man for a single.






Here are the two teams for today:


Mumbai Indians: Rohit Sharma (c), Ben Dunk, Aditya Tare, Corey Anderson, Kieron Pollard, Ambati Rayudu, CM Gautam (wk), Lasith Malinga, Harbhajan Singh, Zaheer, Jasprit Bumrah.


Kings XI Punjab: George Bailey (c), Virender Sehwag, Cheteshwar Pujara, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Glenn Maxwell, David Miller, Rishi Dhawan, Mitchell Johnson, Sandeep Sharma, Akshar Patel, Lakshmipathy Balaji.




Toss: Kings XI Punjab have won the toss and have chosen to bat. They have persisted with same team. Mumbai have made one change as Jasprit Bumrah comes in place of Pragyan Ojha.




Good afternoon and welcome to the live blog of match 22 of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2014 between defending champions Mumbai Indians (MI) and Kings XI Punjab (KXIP). I am Nishad Pai Vaidya, and I will be bringing you the live updates. When you talk of these two teams, you can’t ignore but notice the polar opposite run in the first leg in UAE. While Mumbai failed to win any of their five matches, Punjab have won all the five. There’s little to say who’s the favourite to clinch this contest.


There could not have been any better opportunity for MI to start their India leg’ playing on their home turf Wankhede Stadium. The pitch has been seamer friendly at the start and expect the pacers to dominate. Watch out for the rookie Sandeep Sharma who has swung the ball and had the best batsmen in trouble in UAE.


But the biggest battle for Mumbai will be to contain their former teammates, Glenn Maxwell and Mitchell Johnson. Maxwell has been an unstoppable force sitting right on top of the highest run-scorers list. Watch what happened when Maxwell bumped in to his former teammate Harbhajan Singh.


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