Karun Nair © IANS
Karun Nair © IANS

May 19, 2014


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(Rajasthan look to march in to the playoffs with a win against Mumbai. Catch live scores and updates of the match here.)

A few singles are taken and Rajat Bhatia edges one to third-man for a four. Jasprit Bumrah bowls a decent last over. Only eight runs off the last. Mumbai have won by 25 runs.

Santokie comes in and Faulkner smashes it high over long-off for a six. That was hit way back into the stands. Faulkner then smashes a four through wide long-off as he gets it over the top and it goes on the bounce. Santokie then bowls it on the pads and they get a single off the leg bye. Hodge then hits another six as he smashes a full toss over long-on for a huge six. And Hodge is gone. He walks down the pitch and hits it to long-on. Rohit takes it and celebrates.
OUT! Hodge 40(30)
Bumrah comes back and they get a couple down the ground as Hodge hits it to long-off. Then a single is taken off the third. Bumrah then bowls a wide to Faulkner. Hodge finally hits a six as he smashes it over long-on for a six. But, it is too little too late for Rajasthan.
Santokie comes on with Mumbai tightening the screws. Hodge takes a single off the first ball. Faulkner also gets a single then. Hodge then gets a couple by placing through the deep on the off-side. Santokie then bowls a wide outside the off-stump. Hodge then gets another couple through the off-side. he then gets a single through short third-man. They finally get a six as Faulkner smashes it over long on for a six.
Pragyan Ojha comes on to bowl. Off the first four balls only four singles are possible. But, what a good over for Mumbai only six off it.
Shreyas Gopal and the third ball is swept by Hodge over mid-wicket for a huge six. They need many more of those! Faulkner tries to go over the top and hits it high, but it falls short of Pollard at long-off. Hodge finishes the over with a brace.
Harbhajan is in and Faulkner takes a single by hitting him through mid-wicket off the second ball. Hodge plays a dot ball and then runs two off the next ball. Harbhajan has bowled an excellent over as only four runs are conceded off it.
Faulkner is in and he edges the second ball from Shreyas Gopal through third-man for a couple. A second slip comes in then. Faulkner gets a single then as Hodge comes on strike. Hodge misses a heave off a full delivery as it spins away from him.
Harbhajan hits Hodge’s pads off the first two balls and there are appeals but they are turned down. Hodge gets a single only off the fourth ball as he plays it to long-on. Karun comes on strike after a while and he moves across the line and sweeps it over fine leg for a four. But then he is out! He dances down the ground to the next and hits it to long-off where Krishmar Santokie takes a good catch.
OUT! Harbhajan 48(24)
Binny struggles come to an end. After playing two dot balls, he is finally out. He charges to Shreyas and he misses. Tare completes the stumping. Brad Hodge comes in and there is a dot ball upfront.
OUT! Binny 2(10)
Harbhajan continues and bowls two dots upfront. There was an appeal off the second but it is not out. Binny defends the third one as well. There is another appeal as Harbhajan hits him on the pads but it is not out. Binny finally gets off strike off the fifth ball.
Shreyas Gopal is in and the first ball is a bit short. Ankit Sharma pulls it to mid-wicket for a couple of runs. The second delivery is wide down the leg side. Then Ankit smashes it through cover for a couple. And Shreyas gets his first wicket in the IPL! Ankit sweeps and finds the man at mid-wicket. Stuart Binny is the new man.
OUT! A Sharma 4(3)
Cooper faces Harbhajan. The first ball is a dot ball as Cooper blocks it. He then misses the next one through. Harbhajan then strays down the leg side and it is wide even as Cooper attempts a heave. He then hits it through fine-leg and they get a double. What a catch! Cooper hits it to long-on! Pollard stretches, takes it with one hand and he was overbalances. But he throws it back, comes back and dives forward to take it almost one handed.
OUT! Cooper 5(8)
Cooper tries to go over the top off Ojha but misses. The leg goes in the air, but he gets it down in time as Tare takes the bails off. Cooper then gets off the mark by placing through mid-wicket for a couple. He then edges it through third-man and Santokie stops it well, saving three runs. Karun then gets a six! What a sound it made off the bat. He swept it and it went flat over square-leg for a six. He then cuts for a couple.
Santokie continues and Karun gets a single first ball. And Santokie gets it. Samson tries to go over the off-side and Rayudu runs back from point to take a good catch. Cooper gets another promotion and they would want quick runs from him. Then Karun swings across the line and he is almost taken by Shreyas Gopal as he runs back from mid-on.
OUT! Samson 2(6)
Watson is gone! Ojha bowls it a bit slow and it turnd away from Watson and he tries to pull across the line. However, it takes the bottom of the bat and is taken at mid-on. Samson starts well as he hits one through cover off the back-foot for a couple of runs.
OUT! Watson 5(6)
Pollard comes in to bowl and Watson defends the first one. After a couple of dot balls, Watson cuts one hard through the off-side for a four. Karun finishes the over with a huge six over long on. It was hit very well.
Pragyan Ojha comes into the attack. Chand tries to sweep the first ball and doesn’t get it. And then Chand tries to pull one over mid-wicket and holes out to Michael Hussey in the deep. Shane Watson is in the middle. Karun then guides one to third-man and Santokie chases it from point as the batsmen get a couple. Karun then carts it through point for a four. Harbhajan misses it inside the ring. Karun then finishes the over with another four through the off-side. Good batting!
OUT! Chand 2(9)
Krishmar Santokie is into the attack. The first ball is angled into the pads and Karun gets a single. The next delivery is then a wide down the leg-side. Karun then makes room to one and it is full and outside the off-stump. In fact, it is a full toss and Karun carts it for a six over point. The over comes to an end with a four over cover.
Unmukt Chand is in with Karun Nair to open the innings. Nair cuts one past point for a single to start things off. Jasprit Bumrah is the bowler. Bumrah gets it to come into Chand and he misses a couple. He misses a heave as it just brushes pact the stumps. Chand gets off the mark with an inside edge.
Faulkner comes and Pollard gets a single first ball. And then, next ball is carted by Rohit through mid-wicket for a six. That was played well as he hit is near his legs and lofted it. The next ball is creamed straight down the ground for another six. Rohit then hits it down the ground and it goes for a four. What a shot! And there is a run-out off the last ball as Rohit digs a yorker out and tries to run, but Faulkner continues in his follow through and runs him out.
OUT! Rohit 40(19)
Kulkarni is now into the attack. He comes from round the wicket and they get a single as Rohit plays it to mid-wicket. Kulkarni bowls another yorker to Pollard and they only get a leg bye. Kulkarni then bowls it short and it is slow. Rohit pulls it behind square for a six. Rohit then gets a single through mid-wicket. Pollard tries a reverse sweep and they get a couple as the edge goes to fine-leg.
Faulkner comes on. Pollard gets a brace off the first ball. Faulkner then foxes him with a slower ball that he misses. Then another one hits him on his pads and they get a leg bye. Rohit then misses a full delivery as he makes room. And they get a boundary as it hits Rohit’s bat and goes for a four through third-man.
Cooper comes on and Pollard inside edges the first one and they get a single. Rohit misses the next one and then inside edges another. He runs, but is sent back. Sanju Samson throws it and it hits the stumps, but Rohit is home. Cooper then bowls a full toss and Rohit smashes it for a six over wide long-off. It was flat batted and carted with power. Cooper responds with a slower ball that Rohit misses.
Rohit comes in and Bhatia bowls onto his stumps. Rohit can only defend it and no run is available. They get a single off the next ball though as he plays it to the off-side and runs. There is a direct hit as Pollard runs into the striker’s end. But, he is safe. Pollard then plays to mid-wicket and is sent back by Rohit. The throw comes in and Pollard was gone, but Samson doesn’t collect it as he breaks the stumps. And, then Pollard dances down the track and lofts it high over long-on for a six. Rohit then paddles one very fine and it goes for a four.
Ankit Sharma comes to bowl. Simmons charges and goes over the top. It goes high, and Cooper comes around from long-off to take a safe catch near the boundary. What a catch ! It went high in the air and Cooper got underneath that perfectly. Pollard is now in the middle. Hussey then sweeps for a single as Pollard comes on strike. He gets off the mark first ball. Hussey then falls as he hits it to long-on. It is taken by Cooper in the deep again.
OUT! Simmons 62(51) Hussey 56(39)
Cooper comes on and Simmons smashes it over long-off for a massive six. He then hits one through cover and they get a brace. Then there is a single on offer. Hussey then drives one to wide long-off. Hussey runs across for two. Hussey then pulls for a single through fine-leg.
Simmons is dropped! He smashes it to cover and Watson dives to his left but drops. And the next ball is smashed by Simmons into the stands at long on for a six. That is his fifty. Mumbai are now past 100. What a start!
Ankit Sharma comes in and Hussey sweeps the second ball for a six. It was hit flat and it went into the stands. Hussey then works the next ball for a single and that is his fifty. Simmons then makes room but misses. However, it goes past the stumps.
Faulkner bowls it slow and a bit short. Hussey waits and pulls it for a six over mid-wicket. It went way back. Big six! Hussey then flicks the third ball through the leg-side for a single.
Bhatia is on the money as only five runs are taken off the first five balls. He takes the pace off and the batsmen cannot do anything but stroke it around. The last over is hit past cover, but only a single for Hussey. A good over. Bhatia as usual!
Kulkarni is back in the attack and Hussey goes over the top but it lands short of the man at extra cover. Hussey then gets a single as he lofts to long off.
Rajat Bhatia is in the attack and Simmons gets two upfront by placing it to wide long-on. He then gets another brace by defending one down the ground. Hussey then plays one through third-man and that has gone for a four. He found the gap very well as he merely guided it.
Stuart Binny comes in and Simmons placees one past point for a four. There was room and Simmons played it very well. Hussey then places another one past point and the batsmen get a couple. That is a 50-run partnership. Finally Mumbai get 50 upfront. Hussey then finishes the over with a beautiful cover drive for a four.
Kevon Cooper is into the attack and Hussey takes a single first ball. Simmons then smashes his compatriot through cover for a four. It was full and he played it well on the full. Cooper then responds with a short ball, but Simmons misses. He bowls another bouncer that is slow, but it is given a no ball as the umpire feels it is the second bouncer.
Hussey dances down the track as James Faulkner is introduced and he is stroked through cover for a four. There were many fielders on the off-side, but he found the gap perfectly. Hussey then pulls a slow short one for a single to deep square-leg. Simmons then carts one through point for a four. Simmons played the slower one very well and hit is past point. He then makes some room by walking towards the leg side and flays at it through point for a four.
Dhawal Kulkarni comes back on and Simmons pierces the gap through third-man for a four. That was very well played. He then inside edges the next ball onto his pads. Simmons then gets a single down the ground. Hussey then drives one straight to cover. No run off that. Kulkarni then bowls a wide down the leg-side. Hussey then takes a single through the leg-side.
Ankit Sharma continues and Hussey hits through mid-wicket for a single. Simmons then charges down the ground but only gets a single through mid-wicket. Hussey tries a reverse sweep but hits it straight to short third-man. Hussey then guides one from his pads to short fine-leg, but it is misfielded and they get three runs.
Dhawal Kulkarni is into the attack and Simmons gets behind the first one. Simmons is kept on strike on the first four balls. He tries to charge, but isn’t able to force the issue. He is in fact hit on the pads twice, but it was going down the leg side. The last ball is short and Simmons pulls it for a four past short fine-leg. That spoils the over.
Mumbai Indians are ready with Michael Hussey and Lendl Simmons in the centre. Ankit Sharma to start the proceedings with his left arm spin. Hussey gets going by pushing through mid-wicket for a single. Simmons then defends the next ball. He then makes room and plays one straight to the fielder. He then defends the next one. Simmons gets off the mark by stroking one to square-leg. Hussey finishes the over with a brace through the leg side.


In fact there are four changes for Rajasthan with Watson coming in for Ben Cutting.




Here are the teams for the day:


Rajasthan Royals: Shane Watson (c), Unmukt Chand, Karun Nair, Sanju Samson (wk), Stuart Binny, Brad Hodge, James Faulkner, Ankit Sharma, Rajat Bhatia, Kevon Cooper, Dhawal Kulkarni.


Mumbai Indians Rohit Sharma (c), Lendl Simmons, Michael Hussey, Ambati Rayudu, Kieron Pollard, Krishmar Santokie, Shreyas Gopal, Aditya Tare, Harbhajan Singh, Pragyan Ojha, Jasprit Bumrah.




Three changes for each side. Ajinkya Rahane, Pravin Tambe and Steven Smith make way for Brad Hodge, Ankit Sharma and Unmukt Chand for Rajasthan. For Mumbai, Krishmar Santokie comes in.




Toss: Mumbai Indians have won the toss and have elected to bat.




Shane Watson is fit and is captaining Rajasthan Royals for this game.




Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of Match 44 of the Indian Premier League (IPL) between Rajasthan Royals (RR) and Mumbai Indians (MI). I am Nishad Pai Vaidya and I will be bringing live updates of the match. Mumbai are virtually out of contention while Rajasthan are a win away to secure their last four spot.


Languishing near the bottom of the table, Mumbai are all but out of the play-offs race. After having clinched both the Indian T20 League and the World T20 League last year, this season has come as a massive low for Rohit’s men. However, they will be eager to redeem a bit of wounded pride and dash a few parties.

As always, Rajasthan have found a hero during every crisis. Steve Smith, Ajinkya Rahane, Karun Nair, Pravin Tambe, Rajast Bhatia, all have played starring roles. Watto missed Rajasthan’s previous game against Delhi, wherein the former romped to victory. Mumbai will also have to do without the services of Lasith Malinga, who is on international duty.


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