Ryan Ten Doeschate © IANS (File Photo)
Ryan Ten Doeschate © IANS (File Photo)



May 18, 2014


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Kumar bowling the last over. Unfortunately, Doeschate smashes him for a six. Hyderabad needed someone like Fanie de Villiers to bowl the final. Well, it is Kolkata who win the game with Doeschate smashing a boundary. He is a master while batting in the end overs. One can only salute the man for his superlative knock!




Some excellent running by Yusuf and Ryan. Ryan is always known for running like a jackrabbit between wickets. Yusuf is turned around with the one that shapes away from him by Steyn but thankfully for Yusuf he gets away. They need 10 runs of the last over.




B Kumar misses the block hole and Yusuf with his bazooka bat clambers it for six. A much needed six for Kolkata. Doeschate then collects a fine boundary over third man. Essex fans have seen him do this zillion times during the end overs. Street smart Ryan then collects a single.




Can Pathan with his dibbly dobblers do some magic? Maybe send his brother back the pavilion? He starts well by bowling full and straight. Kolkata camp getting a bit jittery, as slowly but steadily, they are losing their way. Both batsmen are struggling to get anywhere near the middle of the bat. A fine over in the end by I Pathan.




Pandey though doesn’t make use of the chance as he is caught by Finch at long on. Are we going to see a twist in the tale which makes fans chomp their nails and hearts pump against rib-cages? Ryan Ten Doeschate is the new batsman for Kolkata. They suddenly need nine runs per over.
OUT! M Pandey c A Finch b K Sharma 35(32)




Yusuf Pathan then goes after Mishra’s bowling and smashes him for a six. It was a rank bad full toss. To make it worse for Hyderabad, Sammy drops a tough chance on the boundary line to give Pandey a chance. It was  a tough one but in these sort situations you have no other choice but to take it.




What can a captain do in this sort of situation Even Mark Taylor the shrewd yesteryear Australian captain would have struggled a bit. Some Superman-like dive to take a catch can help. Or maybe a stroke of luck where a batsman throws his wicket away.




Sammy the skipper going for the jugular as Steyn is back into the attack. However Irfan mis-fields at third man and Yusuf his brother gets a boundary. It can’t get worse for Hyderabad. Time for Curtly Ambrose-like seven for one spell perhaps?




When he is in top form Pandey is good to watch. He picks the leg-break and thumps Amit over extra cover for a six. He then plays the short arm pull for a boundary. Hyderabad must be down to prayers now.




It is Irfan bowling to Yusuf now. Well while watching Irfan try slower ones it is difficult to watch as here was a bowler who used to swing it late early in his career. Yusuf then duly thumps the dibbly dobblers over backward point for a boundary.




Amit to continue to bowl for Kolkata. He needs to entice the batsmen into a trap like a temptress. Uthappa though picks the length quickly and smashes a boundary. Hmm! the next ball a wrong un that beats Uthappa’s defence. Another modern day batsman who can’t pick the wrong un. Oh! well what has happened there? Uthappa tries to run a single and loses his bat, while he is about to ground it. He is out run out! A terrible way to get out.
OUT! Uthappa run out 40(33)




It is Irfan Pathan the medium pacer wh has come into the attack. They need a few wickets here as that is the only way they can stop the run flow and put some pressure on the opposition ranks. However Uthappa continues his merry way with a boundary. Why do you want to dig it short on this track and that too at that pace? Something only Pathan the bowler who bowled it can answer!




Sharma continues to bowl for Kolkata. Pandey dances down the wicket but only gets a single. Kolkata know that they can win this game by dealing in singles. However, Uthappa seems to be thinking of chasing it down quickly as he essays a another boundary.




It is Mishra who has come into bowl the sixth over of the game.Uthappa is trying his luck out here as he is playing a few strange slogs. Uthappa though gets one in the middle of the bat to play a forcing shot on the back foot for a boundary. Mishra tries a wrong un but can’t get it exactly right as it drifts down the leg-side ever so slightly.




Steyn bowling his second over of the innings. He straightaway induces an outside edge but Dhawan makes a mess of an easy catch by dropping it. To add insult to injury Uthappa then clips him for a six over on side. The extra pace helps the batsman. Uthappa tries a few slogs. Now that is not needed for Kolkata.




Both batsmen just looking to bide their time, before they can free their arms and play glorious shots. Darren Sammy into the attack. He is just looking to attack the stumps. Manish Pandey though shows his heavy dollops of talent by walloping him down the ground for a boundary.




Karn Sharma into the attack with his brand of leg-spin and googlies. Both Pandey and Uthappa looking to deal in singles at present. Just two runs of the overs too. Hyderabad looking to pull back things. Maybe we are in for a humdinger after-all.




Gambhir certainly was not happy with the decision. It is B Kumar who bowls the third over of the game and does a good job of it by bowling with good lines and lengths. They need more tight overs from him.




Steyn is now bowling to Gambhir. He has tended to bowl with cross seam in IPL 7. Maybe it is time for him to bowl with an upright seam. Who can forget him bowling with an upright seam and shattering the timber of a shell-shocked English opener Marcus Trescothick in his very first Test at Port Elizabeth in 2004? Sammy will be hoping for something similar, while he bowling to the left-handed, Gambhir. A tilt of the wrist is perhaps all what Steyn needs to comeback to form for Hyderabad. Well Gambhir then gets out caught behind. Maybe he didn’t get a faint edge there. However, Steyn indeed gets a wicket of his first over.
OUT! G Gambhir c P Ojha b D Steyn 6(10)




It will be Bhuvneshwar Kumar who will open the bowling for Hyderabad. They need him to combine skill with geometric precision to take a few wickets. B Kumar starts well by bowling with an upright seam for Hyderabad. Gambhir then  almost pokes at one outside the off-stump. Gambhir finally finds middle of the bat to essay a boundary.








Umesh Yadav is bowling the last over of the innings. He needs to get his radar right as he starts with a wide. Both batsmen try a few hoicks across the line but just can’t connect. To make it worse, Karn’s laziness costs them another wicket. Hyderabad end up with just 142 runs on the board. They needed a batsman who could bat like a turbo charged engine. But it wasn’t to be.
OUT! K Sharma run out 4(4), D Steyn b U Yadav 1(2)




Al Hasan, the slow left arm orthodox into the attack. He even ensnares a wicket with a low full toss. Sammy is the man who has to take a long walk back to the pavilion. Hyderabad just don’t look like will get to a par score. The gambling of bowling spinners in the death overs is certainly paying off for Kolkata.
OUT! D Sammy c M Pandey b Al Hasan 7(16)




The question going around must be how to play Narine? He has that ability to turn the ball both ways without any discernible change in his action. Both batsmen at the crease are certainly finding it difficult to pick him. Just three runs from the over.




Irfan Pathan after the strategic time out starts well with a boundary. But on this track if they want to post a competitive total and come out of the contest with flying colours they need a dozen more such shots. Darren Sammy tries an agricultural hoick but can’t get it away. Chawla for Kolkata just keeping it simple by bowling the googly. In that sense both he and Tahir are similar as they tend to depend on googly. Pathan for Hyderabad ends the over with a boundary. It is easier for the left-hander to play the leggie for sure.






Narine with his box of tricks continues to bowl for Kolkata. On the other hand, Sammy just looks rusty here. They need some big shots, otherwise on this track they are in some trouble. Both batsmen at present are just taking singles and that isn’t good enough.




Chawla continued to bowl for Hyderabad. A fine tactic by Gambhir as Sammy rarely picks the wrong un. Just one run from the over. Hyderabad are losing their way here for sure.




David Warner, who looked in fine also finds himself in the wallow of mediocrity, as he is caught by Yusuf Pathan off the bowling of pacer, Umesh Yadav. A disappointing end for a batsman who looked set to send the crowd into a tizzy with his breathlessly breathtaking stroke-play. Can Sammy now wield a few big shots with his bazooka bat? On the other hand, Gambhir showing some aggressive captaincy by keeping a slip in place.
OUT! D Warner c Y Pathan b U Yadav 34(18)




The 13th over of the game was bowled by Chawla. He trapped Rahul with a googly. The right-hander didn’t pick it. Maybe a blessing in disguise for SRH as he was struggling a bit. Irfan Pathan has come into bat now. Perhaps Sammy should have come into bat to up the ante? Discuss.
OUT! KL Rahul lbw b P Chawla 14(15)




Morne Morkel has comeback into the attack. He needs to find his length right. At his best Morkel is up there with the best. However, Warner showed his class by by essaying two boundaries. One of them was an outside edge. Where is the bowler, who can go around the wicket and trouble left-handers by tucking them up for room?




Piyush Chawla bowled the 10th over of the game. Rahul though greeted him by using the depth of the crease to smasha boundary over mid-wicket. The Karnataka batsman looks good against spin. Warner continued to explore gaps in the field with needlepoint precision. Hyderabad look set for a good score and that is despite losing three wickets inside 10 overs.




The 10th over of the game was bowled by Narine. Warner though penned his mark with the bat in the over by thwacking the ball over mid wicket for a six. The New South Welshman can pack a punch when on fire. Rahul too collected a boundary off the last ball.




In the ninth over of the game, Naman Ojha continued to make merry by smashing the slow left arm orthodox of Hasan for a sumptuous six. But he then lost the plot by getting out to Hasan caught by Yusuf Pathan.KL Rahaul the Karnataka batsman who has modeled his style on Dravid has come into bat at No 5.
OUT! N Ojha c Y Pathan b Al Hasan 22(24)




Naman Ojha shows his class by thumping Ryan Ten Doeschate for a six. He can surely hit the ball a a long way. Hyderabad though need more of it here to make a good fist of the match. It was alo an over when he tried to place through deep third man. When you can hit it down the ground like Ojha that isn’t a shot which you want to play.




Al Hasan has come into bowl. Straightaway he makes something happen only for Uthappa to make a mess of a stumping chance of Ojha. Warner then comes down the wicket to loft him deep into orbit for a sumptuous six. Hyderabad need a big score here, as the deck is flat.




During the sixth over of the game, Dhawan lost his wicket to Sunil Narine. Dhawan who was in fine touch tried a slog sweep but only could get a top edge and got out. A big wicket for KKR to take.
OUT! S Dhawan c G Gmabhir b S Narine 19(14)






Dhawan, relieved from the responsibility of captaining the side continued to show his class. On a flat deck, he explored every nook and cranny of the ground during the fifth over of the game. He essayed a classic drive through extra cover off Morkel for a boundary. Morkel generated steep bounce in the fifth over as well but struggled to get his lines right. Dhawan duly tok advantage of some poor bowling from the giant.




Yadav bowled the fourth over of the game. Dhawan though showcased his class by playing a debonair cut shot through the backward point for a boundary. He even guided one of the deliveries through third man for a single. He is certainly looking in fine touch. It is up to Ojha to give him able support for Hyderabad to build a large edifice on the board.




In the third over of the game, Morkel who seems more like a giant from Brobdingnang continued to bowl. He continued to hit the slice of the bat hard which made it difficult Naman Ojha to come onto the front-foot. He gave away seven runs from the over.




In the second over of the game, Finch lost his wicket to Umesh Yadav, the pacer. He was caught brilliantly by the towering giant Morne Morkel at deep third man. Finch certainly was struggling for touch during his brief stay at the crease. It led to Naman Ojha coming int bat at No 3 position.
OUT! A Finch c M Morkel b U Yadav 8(8)




Morne Morkel opened the bowling for Kolkata. He got a decent bit of bounce for them. He did hit the bat hard of Finch. It resulted in Finch struggling on the back-foot. Morkel even bowled ayorker and Finch had no clue about the delivery. Morkel though, lost his line a wee bit to the left-handed, Dhawan. Dhawan ended the over by thwacking a boundary through covers.





Sunrisers Hyderabad win toss and elect to bat against Kolkata Knight Riders. Shikhar Dhawan has been replaced by Darren Sammy as the captain of Sunrisers Hyderabad.


Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of the match 43 of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2014 game between Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) and Kolkata Knioght Riders (KKR). I am Bharath Ramaraj and I will be bringing you live updates of the entire game. Both teams are in need of a victory. Hyderabad have eight points on the board compared to Kolkata’s 10.  For Kolkata, Robin Uthappa and Gautam Gambhir are in fine form with the bat. However, the middle-order hasn’t really fired and that is a major worry for them.


Sunil Narine with his box of tricks is their key bowler. He will be expected to contain the run flow and take wickets. For Hyderabad, they tend to depend on their bowlers. But the likes of Dale Steyn and Amit Mishra have struggled in recent games. Their batting line-up is top heavy with Shikhar Dhawan, Aaron Finch and David Warner batting at top of the order.


It should  turn out to be an interesting contest between two sides looking to win a crucial game.  The game will be played at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium at Hyderabad.




Sunrisers Hyderabad: Aaron Finch, Shikhar Dhawan, KL Rahul, David Warner, Darren Sammy (c), Irfan Pathan, Naman Ojha (wk), Karn Sharma, Dale Steyn, Amit Mishra, Bhuvneshwar Kumar.


Kolkata Knight Riders: Robin Uthappa (wk), Gautam Gambhir (c), Manish Pandey, Yusuf Pathan, Shakib Al Hasan, Ryan ten Doeschate, Surya Kumar Yadav, Piyush Chawla, Morne Morkel, Umesh Yadav, Sunil Narine.


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