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There is one ACSU official for each IPL franchise © Getty Images (Representation photo)

The members of the Anti Corruption and Security Unit (ACSU) of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) have reportedly had one-on-one sessions with cricketers form different franchises, educating them over the way fixers and bookies work and how they plant honeytraps in cricketers’ lives.

According to India Today, the BCCI’s ACSU members have had in-depth discussions with cricketers, also educating them on how to avoid the honeytraps. Their drive was especially concentrated over young cricketers from the Indian domestic circuit, who are in public eye for the first time in their lives.

The latest incidence of a Rajasthan Royals (RR) player being approached by another Indian domestic circuit player made headlines, and the BCCI did confirm the news bit did not name the players.

An official of an Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise has revealed that one ACSU official is there for each of the eight teams, and the players have had full session with their official wherein they were explained about how the fixers generally work, and forcing the cricketers to join them.

The official informed, “The power of the visual medium is obvious to all and, this time around, the players were told exactly how a honeytrap works. It is often seen that the players feel they are too smart to be trapped, but the reality is that we are all human beings and these things can happen (to any of us).” IPL 2015 Highest run-scorer: List of best batsmen in IPL 8

“So the official told us how they first plant a character with an imaginary name in the life of a player. This person will start off as a fan, and then try to get to know the player personally. It starts with frequent messaging to make the bond with the player stronger.

“After this, the cricketer is approached to go out for dinner and frequent attempts are made to get intimate with him at the earliest. Once this aim is achieved, an MMS reaches the player, followed by a phone call by the fixers. This is the time when the player is given the choice of either joining hands with them or seeing the MMS being leaked on the Internet. There is no chance of a happy passage for the trapped individual,” he informed. IPL 2015 Most 6s and 4s: List of most dangerous batsmen in IPL 8

Madan Lal, the former Indian cricketer is impressed with BCCI’s move. “I think it is an impressive move by the BCCI,” he said. “After all, only the players can stop fixing. The issue is that most of the cricketers come from not so affluent backgrounds and the fame and adulation gets to their head. I am sure that these efforts and explanations will help the players avoid suspicious characters.” IPL 2015 most catches by fielders: List of best fielders in IPL 8

“In fact, the domestic players and youngsters are the most vulnerable as they aren’t accustomed to this type of fame and adulation. When they see an international cricketer and the aura around him, they want the same for themselves. That is when they commit mistakes and their life takes a turn for the worse,” Lal concluded.

A member of the Indian cricket board said, “We are trying our best. The image of the game can’t keep taking a beating.” Talking about the players from Rajasthan Royals involved in the latest development, the board official said, “We feel that we need to have more evidence before naming the players. While it is true that the Royals immediately informed us upon being approached by the domestic player, it is unethical to name the people at this point.”