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Sunil Gavaskar said Hardik Pandya can learn from Virat Kohli (above) © AFP (File Photo)

Sunil Gavaskar, former Indian opening batsman who is widely regarded as perhaps the finest when it comes to technique, believes that Hardik Pandya has to learn a lot from Virat Kohli. According to Gavaskar, Kohli who was more of a showman early on but has now become a show stealer. He works on his game pretty hard. The 66-year-old lauded Kohli’s dedication to the game and believes Hardik too can learn a lot from him. This will help Hardik, who has not been in his own while playing for Mumbai Indians (MI) in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2016, to grow as a player and perform better in the future. Full Cricket Scorecard: Gujarat Lions vs Mumbai Indians, IPL 2016, Match 54 at Kanpur

In his column in Times of India, Gavaskar said, “What the elder Pandya [Krunal] has done this season is to be the impact player that Mumbai Indians were looking for with both bat and ball. In the process he has also taken his brother’s spot in the team.The Mumbai Indians scouts deserve to take a bow for spotting the elder Pandya despite the fact that with his injury he wasn’t at his best before the IPL season started. The younger Pandya also is a top prospect and needs patience shown towards him, but for that he has to focus more on cricket and not showmanship, which is what gets him negative rather than positive vibes.” Sunil Gavaskar on Virat Kohli: ‘Is he for real?’

“Look at the way Virat Kohli has transformed himself from being a showman to being a show stealer. True, with television being such a prominent part of the game, the temptation to look and be a bit different will always be there, but that’s where the good players will realize that at the end of the day it’s not how good you look on TV but how you perform that will decide their longevity in the game.”