Mumbai Indians are currently on top of IPL 10 points table BCCI

Mumbai Indians (MI), so far in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2017, are having a successful run. Winning 6 out of 8 games has ensured the top spot in the points table for the Rohit Sharma-led side. MI have so far dominated other sides and notched up wins from close quarters. Rohit’s contribution with the bat has been rather lowly but his captaincy skills have been lauded by all. From his growth as captain to his team selection to his comeback after injury, Rohit has seen all the highs and lows of the game. MI look the more satisfied of side in the ongoing IPL with a place in the playoff just few inches away. MI continue to lead points table

In an interview to Times of India, Rohit opened about his journey in the IPL so far. Talking about his growth as a captain, Rohit said, “I try and stick to my strengths and my plans. There’s a lot of planning and strategising that goes on behind the scenes. That’s not visible.”

He explained, “I do like to do my homework before I get on to the field, try and understand which way the game is likely to be going in terms of the strengths and weakness of the opposition, try and find matchups for the opponent. These are the kind of things I try and work with the help of the coaching staff, analysts, everyone. They keep throwing their thoughts and ideas at me and I try and execute them.

He also talked about how he lets the players express themselves more than him imposing ideas on them. “To let your teammates know that failing once or twice is not going to change anything as long as your focus stays and you keep looking at the bigger picture, that’s something I believe in. Pick your men, back them, and let them think about ways to succeed instead of just bogging them down with pressure in any way. Somewhere, I also react instinctively. No matter how much planning you do, captaincy in cricket is all about instincts and that is something that comes naturally to me,” he elaborated. IPL 2017: Slow starters no more Mumbai Indians lost elements find way to create history in IPL 10

He pointed out the reason for doing so, “Give all the liberty and freedom you can to your teammates to go out and express themselves. That’s how one can bring the best out of a player.”

Speaking about his return from injury, Rohit said, “The whole comeback, just to put it in one perspective, wasn’t necessarily a very comfortable one. It’s not about just returning from an injury, attending nets, padding up and going out to bat. As captain, there are a whole lot of other responsibilities I had to shoulder, getting combinations right, getting strategies in place. As a player, it would’ve meant focusing more on my individual responsibilities. But as one of the leaders of the entire set-up, the focus has to be equally divided. ”

To conclude the interview Rohit talked about his batting and how he continues to find form in IPL 10. “Yes, I was a little rusty. But that’s not an excuse for not scoring. I don’t believe in taking three or four games to loosen up. Once you’re there, you’re either scoring or not scoring. Here’s my philosophy: I wouldn’t worry so much if I walked out to bat and got out in the first two, three or four deliveries. However, I’ll worry if I bat for a good 15-20 balls and then get out. That would mean, throwing away the wicket,” Rohit ended.