MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Kuldeep Yadav    AFP
MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Kuldeep Yadav AFP

A lot of credit goes to Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) for Kuldeep Yadav s rise in India s limited-overs cricket. He started off as a backup bowler for Sunil Narine and Brad Hogg in KKR, going on to becoming their strike bowler. In fact, Hogg has played a crucial role in honing Kuldeep s bowling skills. Kuldeep might be the bowler Virat Kohli turns to whenever India is in a dire need of a wicket, but he has his own bucket list in place ahead of 2018 IPL dismissing Kohli and MS Dhoni.

He is not just looking forward to dismiss Kohli and Dhoni but to also bowl to two of the best players of spin. Speaking to CricketNext, Kuldeep revealed his plans for upcoming IPL:

Kuldeep s bucket list: I would be lying if I said I don t any personal goals going into this season of the IPL. I too have a bucket list and I wish to dismiss Kohli and Dhoni. You don t get better players of spin bowling and the IPL is the only tournament when you get to have a go at them. Sometimes I feel I am privileged that I am in the same team as them and don t need to bowl to them on the international stage (laughs). But this year I want to dismiss them and this is the tournament that gives me that opportunity.

Kuldeep believes IPL helps to recognise the talents of unknown cricketers: The IPL has always been big and I have always looked forward to being a part of the tournament. Initially people would say that it is a format for the batsmen and there is nothing for the bowlers, but I have always felt that it is the perfect platform for any cricketer if you wish to make a name for yourself and get noticed. You get to play not just against the best in the business, but also get to share the dressing room with some of the big names and learn a lot from the professionalism and the dedication that is on display.

Kuldeep credits Hogg for his success: I have picked on his brain through the years. Our art is anyway rare. I feel I was lucky to have someone like him in my own team. It helped to get to see him from close quarters. I was always open to his ideas and tried to learn as much as I could.