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Gary Kirsten (Image courtesy: Getty)

Gary Kirsten has called for a more even contest between the bat and the ball in T20s. India’s 2011 World Cup winning coach isn’t happy to see mishits going for sixes. Kirsten believes that despite the rain of sixes attracting crowd to the stands, administrators need to restore the balance between batters and bowlers.

Speaking to The Times of India, Kirsten said, “Pitches that help bowlers take care of this element in Test cricket. But in shorter formats, the boundaries need to be longer and bats should be downsized.”

Speaking of IPL’s success, Kirsten emphasised that the tournament caters to cricket’s biggest challenge, which is ‘relevance’.

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“(IPL caters to) Relevance,” said the batting coach of Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), before adding, “The franchise cricket is attracting more attention than traditional forms from all the stakeholders of the game. The challenge is to embrace new values without losing out on traditional wisdom. The IPL is successful because it caters to the market of instant gratification. It’s fast, rewarding, exciting and entertaining.”

Author’s view

It is somehow unfair when batters are awarded same number of runs for a 55-meter long six or one hit 120-meter long. Cricket is perhaps the only sport, which does not have a defined perimeter for its boundaries, the most important part of the game. If the stumps, crease, ball size and pitch length can be of a defined size then why not boundaries. Especially, in T20s, the need of the hour is to have fixed sizes for boundaries, which should be longer than the usual in an attempt to benefit the bowlers.

On bat sizes, ICC has already put restrictions.