Strategic time-out, IPL 2018
Image courtesy: Twitter

Umpires will use new signal for strategic time-out sessions during IPL 2018. In a two-day workshop for IPL umpires, BCCI declared the same. Since the existing ‘T’ signal clashes with the signal for Decision Review System (DRS), which will be used for the first time in IPL, umpires will now point to their wrist with raised hands to indicate strategic time-out sessions.

The time-out sessions will last for two-and-half minutes for each team during the innings. While the bowling side can ask for it in between sixth and the ninth overs, the batting side can go for it between 13 and 16 overs. An IPL match sees four time-outs during a match.

IPL XI: Cricketers who have never played limited-overs cricket
IPL XI: Cricketers who have never played limited-overs cricket

A report from The Times of India mentions that along with the four referees, who attended the session, there were also 15 Indian umpires. Most of the Indian umpires have no experience in handling DRS. Javagal Srinath, Manu Nayyar, ICC umpires coach Dennis Burns, Anil Chaudhary, Nandan, C Shamshuddin and Nitin Menon discussed on handling match issues and new changes, along with DRS training.

The report further states on Wednesday, the final day of the workshop, DRS would be discussed in more details.