Indian T20 League, Delhi vs Chennai latest updates: Watson, Bravo star in Chennai’s thrilling win over Delhi
All eyes will be on the Pant vs Dhoni battle.

That’s it! Chennai take the match against Delhi with a six-wicket win. But it didn’t come without Delhi bagging a consolation wicket in the form of Kedar Jadhav, who nicked Kagiso Rabada to Pant for the wicketkeeper to effect his third dismissal. Dwayne Bravo added more drama with two DOT balls, but a flick to hit the winning runs gave Chennai their second win of the Indian T20 League.

End of Over 19: Dhoni changes his bat, replaces SS with the good old BAS Vampire and the result is a SIX down the ground off Amit Mishra. Just two needed off the final over.

End of Over 18: The pressure is mounting. Axar Patel gives away another overthrow. Someone till him how his previous over to Dhoni is now a thing of past. Poor fielding. Keemo Paul sends a wide outside off. Dhoni misses the next ball but wades the next ball for a boundary. Off the final ball, Dhoni and Jadhav run hard to steal two runs where it had to be just a single. So much happened in that over. Chennai need 11 off 12. Is there a twist left?

End of Over 17: Almost a maiden!Whoa, hang on. Axar Patel bowls FIVE dot balls before Dhoni was able to get a single off the last ball. 22 needed off the final three overs. Shouldn’t be an issue but that over from Axar has just added curiosity. Meanwhile, Ishant Sharma seems to have done something to his right shoulder. He was seen receiving treatment in the dugout.

End of Over 16: The equation is down to 23 off 24 after another quiet over from Rabada, who is really cranking it up. Except a slower one, he’s bowling at over 140 kmph throughout. Chennai 125 for 3

End of Over 15: Tidy over from Axar, just two singles as Chennai need 28 off the final 30 deliveries. Axar has been disappointing for Delhi. After seeing the amount of turn Jadeja got for Chennai, Axar has been nowhere near to looking threatening.

End of Over 14: Another DROP, and it’s Dhawan once again. That’s the second time he’s out a catch down. A good outing with the bat, but not the greatest on the outfield. Short ball from Paul and Jadhav picked it up from outside off to produce a pull shot. The ball was quick but Dhawan at midwicket failed to time his jump well and spilled it. Chennai 118 for 3.

End of Over 13: Chennai 112 for 3, just four runs off it, including a misfield from Rabada in the deep. Dhoni, quick to spot the error, completed two. He’s still got it. Dhoni and Jadhav batting together brings back a few memories when they were involved in a match-winning partnership against Australia in the recently conducted two ODI series between the two sides.

End of Over 12: Keemo Paul into the attack, and Dhoni and Jadhav are happy to bide time and take singles. Chennai are going at NINE an over, way above the required-rate of FIVE. 108 for 3

End of Over 11: WICKET! Amit Mishra does it again. After Watson, he now gets rid of the dangerous-looking Raina. Slides it and Raina edges it to Pant. This is a big wicket. Raina was beginning to look dangerous scoring 30 off 15 balls. What more, a streaky start for MS Dhoni, who played the cut shot for the ball to fly quickly past Iyer at slips. Nervy moments as Chennai reach 105 for 3.

End of Over 10: Tewatia is turning out to be expensive. He’s given 20 off his first two overs. Raina thumped a six off the first ball, with the spin over deep mid-wicket and Jadhav used the pace of the ball to execute a late cut for his second boundary. Chennai motoring along at 97 for 2.

End of Over 9: A quiet over from Mishra, keeps Jadhav and Raina to four singles. Chennai happy to rotate strike. No rush. Watson has set the base and Raina is looking in terrific touch. Chennai 85 for 2.

End of Over 8: Rahul Tewatia into the attack and birthday boy Kedar Jadhav welcomes him with a pull for a boundary. Chennai scoring at a healthy rate of over nine runs an over. They reach 81 for 2.

End of Over 7: A successful over. What a comeback. After getting tonked for two SIXES, Amit Mishra gets the dangerous Shane Watson out for 44. Flighted delivery, outside off. Watson went for the full-blooded drive but missed it. Rishabh Pant alert to the situation was quick to take the bails off and the replay showed Watson struggling to get his foot back inside the crease. Chennai 73 for 2. It was also the 50th wicket at the Kotla for Mishra.

End of Over 6: That’s the Powerplay and Chennai progress to 58 for 1. Apart from a boundary off the first ball from Raina, Rabada bowls a clinical next five balls.

End of Over 5: FIFTY up for Chennai courtesy an expensive third over from Ishant. Suresh Raina takes the fast bowler on, taking him for FOUR boundaries off that over. Ishant drifts down leg and Raina glances it towards fine-leg. Ishant then tried to bounce Raina but the batsman, expecting the short delivery, creamed him backward of square leg and over point. Off the last ball, Raina collects his hat-trick of boundaries to give Chennai 18 off that over.

End of Over 4: Watson keeps the momentum going. After four dot balls from Kagiso Rabada, the former Australia allrounder spoils the South Africa fast bowler’s figures with a boundary and a SIX to finish the over. Chennai 33 for 1, need another 115 more to win off 96 balls.

End of Over 3: OUT. Ishant gets his man. The drop won’t hurt Delhi much as Rayudu charges down the ground and finds the ball high on the bat. The ball lobs in the air and Iyer takes a simple catch at mid-off. Watson began the over with a four off Ishant but the bowler has the last laugh. “Catch It Baby” was the shout from Dhawan as he breathes a sigh of relief. Delhi get an early breakthrough as Rayudu departs for five. Chennai 23 for 1.

End of Over 2: Shane Watson gets Chennai off the blocks with two boundaries off Axar Pate – a backfoot punch through covers and a pull wide off deep midwicket. Chennai looking promising in this chase to reach 16 for 0.

End of Over 1: An eventful start to the innings. Ambati Rayudu is off and running with a boundary but at the same time was lucky to survive a drop catch fifth ball. Rayudu edged the ball to Dhawan at slips but he spilled it to leave Ishant disappointed. Chennai 7 for 0.

Chennai innings underway…

End of Over 20: Nine come off it as Tewatia’s second boundary pushes Delhi to 147 for 6 after 20 overs. Dwayne Bravo finishes with 3 for 33. Excellent turnaround by Chennai who derailed Delhi’s progress with regular dents. None the less, Delhi would be a touch disappointed with that score but it seems a reasonable enough total to defend. Bravo conceded it’s two-paced. Surely, it won’t be a walk in the park for Chennai.

End of Over 19: A much-needed boundary from Rahul Tewatia as Thakur drifts one down the batsman’s legs. Eight runs come off that over as Delhi reach 138 for 6. Last over remains. Will they somehow get to 150?

End of Over 18: Nope, not going to happen. Dhawan will not go big. He departs the next ball after his fifty giving Bravo his third wicket. What a turnaround it has been for Delhi, led by the West Indies allrounder. Delhi are 130 for 6 and just two overs remain. How many more do you back Delhi to get?

End of Over 17: Another one goes as Jadeja cleans up Keemo Paul for a DUCK. It’s falling apart for Delhi who have slumped to 127 for 5 from 120 for 2. Meanwhile, Shikhar Dhawan brings up his half-century off 45 balls. He needs to go big for Delhi in the remaining three overs.

End of Over 16: Big over from the context of the game. Dwayne Bravo strikes twice to first remove Rishabh Pant and then send back Colin Ingram two balls later. Pant flicks Bravo to Shardul Thakur, who takes an excellent running catch at deep square leg. Ingram, who got off the mark with a double, found Suresh Raina at extra-cover. Two wickets in three balls and can that be the game-changing over? Delhi 122 for 4.

End of Over 15: Delhi 118 for 2. It was an absolute golden over from Harbhajan, using his bag of tricks to keep Dhawan quiet. But the final delivery was dealt brutally by Pant, who hammered it over long-off. For a moment it looked as if he had mistimed it but he effortlessly cleared Shardul. Pant is striking at over 200. Harbhajan finishes his spell with 4 for 30.

End of Over 14: 100 up for Delhi for the loss of two wickets as Dhawan creams back-to-back boundaries off Bravo. A cut followed by a straight drive off a low full toss. Dhawan finding back his timing upon his return to Kotla for Delhi. Delhi 108 for 2 with 38 runs coming off the last three overs.

End of Over 13: It’s been a decent start from Pant so far, who’s moved to 11 off 6 with a boundary. Delhi 91 for 2, and Shikhar Dhawan really needs to up the tempo now. He’s 35 off 36 and with Ingram to come, he ideally should go after the bowling.

End of Over 12: Delhi lose their second wicket. Dhawan started Tahir’s second over with back-to-back boundaries but the South Africa legspinner struck two balls later by getting Iyer out leg before wicket. Tahir landed a wrong one and the ball hit the pad first. Up went the finger and Delhi are 80 for 2. Out walks Rishabh Pant ahead of Colin Ingram. And boy! Won’t Delhi hope for a repeat of his destructive best against Mumbai the other night.

End of Over 11: Chennai once again just a stead ahead of Delhi. Jadeja is making the ball skid and keeping the batsmen on their toes. He almost got Iyer but the ball missed the off stump by a whisker. Just five runs off that over as Delhi reach 70 for 1.

End of Over 10 and Delhi progress to 65 for 1. Ten come off that over, thanks to a six from Shreyas Iyer, which broke the shackles. Slightly flighted from Imran Tahir and the Iyer cleared his front leg and deposited the ball into the vacant stand. Delhi need more of that from their captain.

End of Over 9: Delhi 55 for 1. It’s turning and Delhi are not finding it easy to score at the moment. Ravindra Jadeja bowls a wonderful first over giving away just three runs in that over. Dhawan and Iyer are scampering for singles to keep Delhi ticking. But we’re almost half-way through the innings and the run-rate of 6.1 an over must be a concern for Delhi. None the less, the strategic time-out is taken.

A practice which is becoming common…

End of Over 8 and Delhi are 52 for 1. Dhawan, at 21 off 23 balls needs to get a move on. Delhi almost suffered a second blow in that over from Harbhajan as he hit the ball in the air which landed just inches in front of a diving Ambati Rayudu. Harbhajan claps and appreciates the effort.

End of Over 7: Deepak Chahar sends down another disciplined over and bowls out all four of his overs in one go for the second time in two matches. Delhi just seem to be losing a bit of steam since the dismissal of Shaw. Delhi 48 for 1 and Chahar finishes with 1 for 20.

End of Over 6: Delhi 43 for 1 at the end of Powerplay. Harbhajan vs Dhawan has all the makings of a fascinating contest. The offspinner is using all his bag of tricks to fox the opener but Dhawan seems to be a step ahead of his former India teammate. Harbhajan pitches it slightly short and the batsmen executes the reverse sweep to reward himself a boundary.

End of Over 5: A successful one for Chennai. Prithvi Shaw fails to get in control of his pull and holes out to Shane Watson at short midwicket. Deepak Chahar gets his first wicket and gives away just three runs in that over. Delhi 38 for 1.

End of Over 4: Chennai replace Shardul with Harbhajan and Shaw and Dhawan welcome him with a boundary each. Shaw begins by lofting the offspinner over mid off, while Dhawan sweeps him fiercely to take Delhi to 35 without loss. The surface is nothing like the one at Chepauk the other day and Chennai are realising it.

End of Over 3: Delhi 24 without loss. A tidy comeback from Chennai and Chahar. Just a boundary off that over to help Dhawan get off the mark off his first delivery. A thick edge off the bat of Dhawan and the ball races away to the boundary. That marked four consecutive boundaries for Delhi.

End of Over 2: Delhi 20 without loss. Not the greatest of starts from Shardul Thakur, who has been given the new ball alongside Deepak Chahar. Errs in line and his fellow Mumbai teammate, Shaw takes full toll to collect three boundaries off that over. After three dots balls, the remaining were deal severely by Shaw – a pull shot, a flat-batted hit over mid on and a guide towards third-man. Shikhar Dhawan yet to face a delivery.

End of Over 1: Delhi 8 without loss. Shaw gets off the mark, so do Delhi. Slightly short from Deepak Chahar and the Delhi opener is quick to rock back and pull the ball towards deep square leg. Two balls later, Shaw pierces the gap on the leg side and grabs a couple of runs to go with a wide earlier.

Get, Set, Go: Chennai team is in a huddle, while Dhawan and Shaw walk out shadow practicing. Dhawan averages 46 at the venue which are good signs for Delhi, while Shaw would look to get some runs going after falling early against Mumbai.

Captain’s Corner

MS Dhoni: Chennai was completely different, this would be slightly different. I think it would be a good wicket. I think all the venues are great in India. We have played a lot of games here but all the venues are pretty special. We were looking to bowl first, we don’t exactly know how the wicket behaves. It looks a bit tacky. We are playing the same team.

Shreyas Iyer: Everything is new at the moment. The fans are coming and cheering for us. The positive vibe is contagious in the team. We will have a bat first. We are looking for 170-180, it plays (the wicket) slow in the second innings. It’s a good toss to win. We have made one change. Amit Mishra comes in place of Trent Boult.

Chennai Playing XI: Shane Watson, Ambati Rayudu, Suresh Raina, Kedar Jadhav, MS Dhoni(w/c), Ravindra Jadeja, Dwayne Bravo, Deepak Chahar, Shardul Thakur, Harbhajan Singh, Imran Tahir

Delhi Playing XI: Prithvi Shaw, Shikhar Dhawan, Shreyas Iyer(c), Colin Ingram, Rishabh Pant(w), Keemo Paul, Axar Patel, Rahul Tewatia, Amit Mishra, Kagiso Rabada, Ishant Sharma

TOSS: Delhi captain Shreyas Iyer wins toss and opts to bat against Chennai. One change for Delhi as legspinner Amit Mishra comes in for Trent Boult. Chennai however, are playing the same XI as the previous game.

Hello everyone and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of Game 5 of the Indian T20 League in which Delhi take on three-time champions Chennai at the Feroz Shah Kotla. The contest has been billed as the battle of wicketkeepers as the power of Rishabh Pant squares off against the experience of MS Dhoni. Indian cricket’s past meets Indian cricket’s future. How will the game fare? Let’s find out.

Delhi’s thumping 37-win against Mumbai in their season opener coupled with Chennai’s crushing seven-wicket victory against Bangalore at the MA Chidambaram Stadium has raised the stakes of this game.

For Delhi, it was a rollicking start as they performed with both bat and ball at the Wankhede on Sunday. While the top order showed tremendous grit and determination with Shikhar Dhawan and Colin Ingram sticking it early on, Rishabh Pant showed what he s capable of tonking seven sixes in his whirlwind 78* that came in just 27 deliveries.

MS Dhoni was right on the money as far as his decisions in the tournament opener was concerned playing the extra spinner in Harbhajan Singh, who turned out to be the game-changer in the low-scoring match.