Indian T20 League, Delhi vs Kolkata latest updates: Rabada delivers Super-Over win for Delhi
High-flying Kolkata eye hat-trick of victories.

Sixth ball: It’s just a single. Delhi win. What a fabulous over from Rabada.

Fifth ball: Karthik goes for the sweep but it’s still only a single. Five needed off one ball.

Fourth ball: Uthappa takes a single. Six needed off two balls.

Third ball: BOWLED HIM! Yorked him. Russell goes. It’s electric at the Kotla. Kolkata 4 for 1.

Second ball: The perfect yorker. DOT BALL! Kolkata 4 for o.

First ball: Low full toss and Russell gets under the ball to hit a boundary. Kolkata 4 for o.

It looks like Kagiso Rabada will bowl. And for Kolkata? Well, any guesses? Yes, it will be Andre Russell for sure, but who else? Surely, the other two batsmen should be Dinesh Karthik and Chris Lynn.

Sixth ball: Poor shot selection from Pant. Goes for the reverse sweep and gets just a single. So Delhi get 10 runs off the Super Over. Kolkata need 11. Intense discussion going on at the moment.

Fifth ball: Another double. Delhi 9 for 1.

Fourth ball: Pant scampers for TWO. Delhi 7 for 1.

Third ball: OUT! Iyer goes. He top edges Prasidh and Chawla takes a fine catch at mid-off. Delhi 5 for 1

Second ball: Short ball again and Shreyas Iyer goes across the stumps to put the ball wide of Karthik for a boundary.

First ball: Slightly short from Prasidh and Pant gets a single.

Delhi are batting. Rishabh Pant and Shreyas Iyer are the two batsmen. Prasidh Krishna has the ball.

End of Over 20: It’s a TIE! Terrific final over from Kuldeep Yadav who keeps Delhi to 185/6, meaning we’ll have a SUPER OVER to decide the winner. What a comeback from Kolkata, and Kuldeep in particular who returns strongly in his final two overs after leaking runs in the first two.

End of Over 19: Oh dear! Prithvi Shaw, what have you done? He top edges Lockie Ferguson to Dinesh Karthik for 99. The match goes into the final over as Delhi need six off six.

End of Over 18: Hang on! Kolkata still in it. Why you ask? Because Kuldeep Yadav has bowled a tight over, giving away just 4 runs and taking the wicket of Rishabh Pant. Shaw still two short of a century. Delhi need 15 more off the last 2 overs.

End of Over 17: This over seems to have sealed the fate for Kolkata. Prasidh Krishna bowls the extremely crucial 17th over and ends up giving away 16 off it. Three boundaries scored by Prithvi Shaw, who is just 4 short of his maiden Indian T20 League century. Delhi 168 for 2, need another 18 off 18 balls.

End of Over 16: Excellent over for Delhi as 12 come off it. Shaw takes Lockie Ferguson for two boundaries to bring the required run-rate down a notch to 8.5. They are currently heading at 9.5 an over as Delhi reach 152 for 2. 34 needed off 24 balls. Very gettable.

End of Over 15: Kolkata squeezing in the tight overs. Eight off the previous one from Chawla. The boundaries are not easy to come by but Shaw and Pant are running hard to milk the singles and doubles. Delhi 140 for 2, need another 46 off the final 30 balls.

End of Over 14: Pant is away. Prasidh drifts it down legside and Pant cashes in on the loose delivery to score his first boundary. Delhi 132 for 2, the required run-rate is 9.43 and they need 54 off the final six overs.

End of Over 13: Nitish Rana into the attack and Shaw welcomes him with a boundary. There was a run-out appeal to cap off the over but Rishabh Pant was easily in. Delhi 125 for 2, need another 61 off 42.

End of Over 12: Delhi 116 for 2. A successful one for Kolkata as Andre Russell sends back Shreyas Iyer. But not before the Delhi skipper had taken three boundaries earlier off Russell which included a drop from Shubman Gill at deep midwicket after which the ball rolled over the boundary cushions. Two balls later, Iyer hit the ball to Gill again but this time the teenager held on to it even though he was perilously close to the rope.

End of Over 11: Delhi 102 for 1. Expensive over from Kuldeep, gives away 20 in that over, to go with 13 off his first. Sends down a half-tracker and Iyer punishes it 20 rows back into the stands. Two balls later, Shaw dances down the ground the muscles the ball over sweeper cover. Last ball, Shaw sweeps for another boundary, one that brings up his FIFTY off 30 balls and the 100 for Delhi.

End of Over 10: Half-way through the innings and Delhi have moved to 82 for 1. The fifty partnership between Shaw and Iyer came up in that over off just 40 balls. This is setting up beautifully. Delhi need another 104 off 60 balls. Kolkata need a wicket quickly.

End of Over 9: SIX! Iyer walks out to Piyush Chawla and that’s his first MAXIMUM of the evening. Nine off that over as Delhi reach 75 for 1. And with that, we have the strategic time-out.

End of Over 8: Delhi 64 for 1. Iyer gets a move-on, collects his first boundary off his 17th delivery. Meanwhile, Shaw continues to bring out the aerial shots and clears long-off off the bowling of Kuldeep Yadav.

End of Over 7: FIFTY comes up for Delhi but skipper Shreyas Iyer seems slightly stuck at 7 off 14. Delhi are way ahead of Kolkata at this stage but we all know what happened later. Shaw looking good and needs to carry on. 51 for 1.

End of Over 6: Shaw shows intent. Takes Russell on with a FOUR and a SIX right towards the cow corner to take Delhi to 45 for 1 at the end of the Powerplay.

End of Over 5: Another tidy over, this time from Prasidh Krishna. Just four off that over, including a WIDE. Delhi 33 for 1.

End of Over 4: After his explosions with the bat, Andre Russell starts off with a tidy over which yielded just TWO runs. The shoulder looks perfect alright. Delhi 29 for 1.

End of Over 3: 4, 6 and OUT! Shikhar Dhawan is the first Delhi wicket to fall. After smacking a boundary and a sweep for SIX off Piyush Chawla, the left-hander chips down the wicket and hits it straight to Andre Russell at mid-off. Just the early wicket Kolkata needed. Delhi 27 for 1.

End of Over 2: Delhi 16 for no wicket. 10 off the over. Lockie Ferguson starts off quick. But errs twice in that over. He tried the slower legcutter, and an alert Shaw was up to the task, flicks it wide of deep square leg. Last ball, he pitched it full and Dhawan took the aerial route between mid on and deep midwicket to get his first boundary.

End of Over 1: Delhi 6 for 1. A boundary from Prithvi Shaw to finish off the first over. Short ball from Prasidh and the opener pulls the ball in front of square.

Right then. Small break and the players are out back rather quickly. Also, as are we. Prithvi Shaw and Shikhar Dhawan march out and Prasidh Krishna will start off with the new ball.

End of Over 20: Kolkata finish on 185 for 8. Who’d have seen that coming at the 10-over mark when the score read 61 for 5. What a comeback orchestrated by Andre Russell and captain Dinesh Karthik. 121 scored off the last 10 overs. Telling blow. Can Delhi chase them down? We’ll be back shortly for the second innings.

End of Over 19: SIX and OUT! Delhi remove Karthik but not before the Kolkata skipper had reached his HALF-CENTURY off 35 balls. The delivery later, he inside edged a wide Amit Mishra delivery to Pant. Kolkata 171 for 7.

End of Over 18: Kolkata 156 for 6. Finally, Delhi break the partnership. The big wicket for Andre Russell goes down but not before he had collected two more boundaries off Morris in that over. The third one Russell miscued and almost got away with it as Rahul Tewatia and Kagiso Rabada nearly run into each other. They somewhat do but Tewatia holds on to the catch.

End of Over 17: FIFTY for Andre Russell off just 23 balls, his fifth in Indian T20 League and it’s brought Kolkata right back into the match. Three overs left and Kolkata are 145 for 5. How many more will they get with Russell and Karthik around?

End of Over 16: Kolkata 138 for 5. Well, if you had any concerns regarding Russell shoulders, please don’t. He is going berserk at the Kotla. The man whose beamer hit him – Harshal Patel, Russell tonked him for back-to-back sixes. And gigantic ones. 20 come off that over. What a game-changing partnership this one is turning out to be, currently 77 off 42 balls.

End of Over 15: Kolkata 118 for 5. Russell received extended treatment from the physio which resulted into the team taking the strategic time out. But even after that, Russell continues to wince in pain. That’s not all. There seems to be some concern within the Delhi camp too. Chris Morris twisted his back leg while landing on the delivery stride and stopped during his run-up.

End of Over 14: Harshal Patel brought back into the attack, but this isn’t the greatest of beginnings to his second spell. His beamer struck Andre Russell straight onto his shoulder who was taking evasive action. Down went Russell on the ground. Russell did not make the maximum of the free hit either, taking just a single. Tight over from Patel to give away just five runs. The 100 is up for Kolkata for the loss of five wickets. This has been a vital stand for Kolkata who were 61 for 5 at one stage.

End of Over 13: A relatively quiet over as Delhi attempt to keep Russell and Karthik quiet. The Kolkata skipped collected his fourth boundary to move to 31 off 21. Russell meanwhile, is batting on 21 off 10. Kolkata 96 for 5.

End of Over 12: Muscle from Russell. He’s taken Sandeep Lamichhane on and deposited the young legspinner for back-to-back sixes. Add to it a crunching boundary from captain Dinesh Karthik and Kolkata collected 17 runs off that over to move to 90 for 5. Russell also goes past 1000 Indian T20 League runs with that SIX!

End of Over 11: Kolkata 75 for 5. Early exhibition of the power of Andre Russell as he tonks Amit Mishra down the ground for SIX. Russell and Karthik are the last recognised pair and Kolkata would be hopeful of a recovery from them.

End of Over 10: And Kolkata slump further to 64 for 5 with the run-out of Shubman Gill. Gill had played a cover drive and expecting a boundary, but when Rabada was able to get to the ball before the ball reached the ropes, Gill decided to go for the second. The problem? He was merely ambling for the second run as Lamichhane collected the throw and whipped the bails off. Rookie mistake and Kolkata have lost half their side.

End of Over 9: Delhi going for the kill, trying to strangle Kolkata, now with the introduction of Amit Mishra. He gives away six, including a streaky boundary off the last ball to Karthik as Kolkata reach 59 for 4.

End of Over 8: Whoa! Delhi are all over Kolkata. A fourth wicket goes down as Nitish Rana flicks Harshal Patel to Kagiso Rabada at deep fine leg to put the bowler on a hat-trick. However, Dinesh Karthik denied him three in three and raced to 12 off five balls with a SIX and a FOUR. A wicket and nine runs off that over as Kolkata reach 53 for 4.

End of Over 7: Another one goes down. This time it’s Lynn, who is bounced out by Rabada to leave Kolkata in bother at 44/3. A short delivery down the leg side and Lynn edges his pull before Rishabh Pant dived to his left and held on to it.

End of Over 6: The Powerplay ends and Delhi emerge as the better of the two sides so on as Harshal Patel strikes to remove Robin Uthappa for 11. Kolkata reach 36 for 2. Final ball of the Powerplay and Uthappa is out LBW. Patel rolled his fingers to execute an off-cutter and Uthappa played it down the wrong line. He is STONE DEAD. Big wicket for Delhi as Uthappa was off to a fine start striking a couple of crisp boundaries early on. Just the ball before, he had cut a Patel delivery for a boundary that was bowled at almost 140.

End of Over 5: Lynn gets going with two boundaries off that over from Morris. Wide outside off and the big-hitting Australia hits it over mid-off. Two balls later, Morris tries the slower, shorter delivery but Lynn gets in position and pulls the ball wide off short fine leg. Kolkata 30 for 1.

End of Over 4: A successful over for Delhi as Kolkata lose opener Nitik Naik out LBW to Sandeep Lamichhane. The ball rapped the batsman on the pads and the opener was given out. As plumb as it looked, Naik went for the review, confident that he had hit it. But there was nothing on the snikco. Kolkata lose a wicket and a review and reach 22 for 1.

End of Over 3: Just two runs off Rabada’s second over as Kolkata reach 15 without loss. Just two singles as the South Africa pacer keeps Lynn and Naik guessing. Good comeback after giving away 12 off his first. Expect one of the openers to go after Lamichhane.

End of Over 2. Kolkata 13 without loss. Spin straightaway and Sandeep Lamichhane gives just one run in his first over of the Indian T20 league. After five dot balls, a single is taken by Naik off the last delivery. Delhi waste their first review after a caught behind appeal from Rishabh Pant is turned down.

End of Over 1: Kagiso Rabada starts the proceedings for Delhi and Nikhil Naik almost gives the opposition their first breakthrough after inside edging the ball past the stumps and getting a first-ball boundary. After taking a single, Chris Lynn middled one to collect his first four. Kolkata 12 after the first over.

Captain’s Corner

Shreyas Iyer: We are going to bowl first. Since we took the wrong decision in the last game, today we want to take a look at how it plays in the first innings. They have been playing really well. It’s going to be important for us to curtail Russell, because once he gets going it’s going to be tough to stop. We have made four changes. Hanuma Vihari, Harshal Patel, Chris Morris and Sandeep Lamichhane are playing.

Dinesh Karthik: We were looking to bat anyway, so happy with what came our way. Sunil Narine is out with an injury, Nikhil Naik is playing.

Delhi Playing XI: Prithvi Shaw, Shikhar Dhawan, Shreyas Iyer(capt), Rishabh Pant(w/k), Colin Ingram, Hanuma Vihari, Chris Morris, Sandeep Lamichhane, Kagiso Rabada, Harshal Patel, Amit Mishra

Kolkata Playing XI: Chris Lynn, Nitish Rana, Robin Uthappa, Nikhil Naik, Dinesh Karthik(wk/capt), Shubman Gill, Andre Russell, Piyush Chawla, Kuldeep Yadav, Lockie Ferguson, Prasidh Krishna

Delhi made a total of four changes, as revealed by their captain Shreyas Iyer after he won the toss and decided to bowl against Kolkata in Match 10 of the Indian Premier League at the Feroz Shah Kotla on Saturday.

From Delhi s defeat to Chennai a Harshal Patel, the players to have missed out are West Indian Keemo Paul, left-arm spinner Axar Patel, fast bowler Ishant Sharma, allrounder Rahul Tewatia. In come Hanuma Vihari in the middle order, South Africa allrounder Chris Morris in the lower-middle, followed by Nepal spinner Sandeep Lamichhane and fast bowler Harshal Patel

Delhi Playing XI: Prithvi Shaw, Shikhar Dhawan, Shreyas Iyer(capt), Rishabh Pant(w/k), Colin Ingram, Hanuma Vihari, Chris Morris, Sandeep Lamichhane, Kagiso Rabada, Harshal Patel, Amit Mishra

Kolkata Playing XI: Chris Lynn, Nitish Rana, Robin Uthappa, Nikhil Naik, Dinesh Karthik(wk/capt), Shubman Gill, Andre Russell, Piyush Chawla, Kuldeep Yadav, Lockie Ferguson, Prasidh Krishna

TOSS: Delhi captain Shreyas Iyer has won the toss and opted to bowl against Kolkata.

Hello everyone, and a warm Saturday welcome for all our viewers. We at CricketCountry are here to keep you updated by bringing you the coverage of the 10th match of the Indian T20 League between Delhi and Kolkata in the capital’s Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium.

Kolkata have started their bid for a third Indian T20 League title on a solid ground with two consecutive victories. In the season opener they edge past Hyderabad in a last-over thriller before beating Punjab for a convincing win in a high-scoring clash. In both their victories, allrounder Andre Russell has been the central character who has been in blistering form. Against Punjab, Russell did the damage with the bat and the ball as well.

Early indicators suggest that Delhi are reliant on the big-hitting Rishabh Pant. Other batsmen around him have to step up to give him some breathing space. Also, while opener Shikhar Dhawan has scored a half-century, it has come at a slow clip a fact also pointed out by coach Ricky Ponting as well.