If the International Cricket Committee does introduce a rule that penalises a non-striker for backing up too far, India offspinner Ravichandran Ashwin would be a big reason behind that. He has been an active and vocal critic of the practice and last IPL season, punished Jos Buttler by having him run out for straying off the crease.

The mode of dismissal is polarising.

The proponents cite its legality while those on the other side of the fence, consider it against the spirit of the game.

Before the season began, Delhi Capitals coach Ricky Ponting had said he will never allow anyone in his team to dismiss an opponent in this manner. However, since then, the Australian legend seems to have had a change of heart and is now in touch with the ICC committee about imposing a run-penalty on the guilty team.

In the ongoing IPL 2020, Ashwin had let of Royal Challengers Bangalore opener Aaron Finch with a warning after he had backed up too far before the offspinner had even completed his delivery stride.

Ponting was seen smiling in the dug-out and later on Ashwin revealed the legendary batsman wanted him to run out his Finch.

“You can’t stop thefts till thieves repent. I can’t be police forever. I tagged Ponting in the tweet. He (Ponting) said he would have asked me to run him (Finch) out. Wrong is wrong he said,” Ashwin revealed on his YouTube channel.

“He said he is talking to ICC committee about penalty. He is trying really hard to keep his promise,” Ashwin revealed on his YouTube channel,” he added.

After the match, Ashwin, via Twitter, had announced that this is his final warning to batsmen and he will not hesitate again from dislodging the bail.

“He (Finch) has been a good friend since KXIP (days), so I let it slide as a final warning,” Ashwin said.

He continued, “One side of ground was big, so I knew someone would back up. Because they have guys in their team who can convert twos. So I went into my jump and saw a golden helmet floated past. it kept going on its own. I stopped and thought, he was still outside, just staring,” he said.

Ashwin wants 10 runs to be docked from the team’s total whose player is guilty of straying.

“Punishment should be severe. Dock 10 runs for backing up and nobody will do that. Getting batsman out like this is no skill but bowlers don’t have any option either,” he said.