Image two teams tied on the same Net Run Rate

The chances of such a scenario happening are one in a million but the way this Indian Premier League has gone – one cannot rule this possibility out. With two games still to go, three spots are up for grabs. Delhi Capitals take on Royal Challengers Bangalore, which is a potential quarter-final as the side that wins – confirms a Top-Two finish.

What happens to the side that losses?

For example, if Capitals lose their Net Run Rate that is currently -0.159, drops further and Kolkata – who have an NRR of -0.214. If there is a tie of NRR between the two teams, what happens? The same could happen with RCB if they lose, as their NRR is -0.145.

The Rulebook States…

“ If following the net run rate calculation above there are teams which are still equal, then the team with the higher number of wickets taken per fair balls bowled in the matches played that season in which results were achieved will be placed in the higher position; If still equal at the end of the regular season then the team position will be determined by drawing lots.”

Here is what happens

The team that has picked up more wickets in the tournament goes through. That also means in such a scenario Kolkata exits as they have picked 68 wickets this season, compared to DC (77) and RCB (73).

In all likelihood, it will be the last group game between defending champions Mumbai Indians and Sunrisers Hyderabad that will decide the teams that make the Playoffs because SRH has a healthy NRR of +0.555.

With three spots up for grabs, there will be four teams vying for it as Chennai, Rajasthan, and Punjab are already out of the running for a Top-Four finish.