New Delhi: Former India international and legend, Sunil Gavaskar just can’t get enough of MS Dhoni as the Chennai Super Kings romped to a 4th IPL crown against Kolkata Knight Riders at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium on Friday.

While speaking to Star Sports, Gavaskar was in complete awe of the former Indian captain asserting how Captain cool shows immense faith in his players and doesn’t interfere in anybody’s game plan.

“It’s very impressive because he has shown faith in the players. Look, you know the ability of the players and you also know that in this game of cricket, there will be days when a player doesn’t do well. He might be a brilliant fielder, but might drop catches and misfield. As a batsman, you could also get out to full-tosses. And also, for the bowlers, they may bowl the occasional bad ball which gets hit for sixes. But if you know as a captain a player’s capability, you allow them that bad day or a bad over and that is what Dhoni is so good as,” Gavaskar told.

“With him what happens is that he just doesn’t put any pressure on his own team. He just lets them express themselves. It is so true in MSD’s case. He doesn’t seem to interfere at all in anybody’s gameplan. Every individual has his own gameplan. And once the captain is convinced that is how it is, he is not going to interfere,” Gavaskar said.

The Indian legend is fortunate enough to share the same room as the CSK captain.

“I have haven’t been fortunate enough to have been in the same change room as MS Dhoni. But I just see the calmness that he brings to situations. He is not Captain Cool for nothing. There is never any panic. For the first time in that 19th over, when Thakur bowled wides, for the first time, I saw him diddle a bit because it was only delaying the inevitable.”