Mumbai: The two new franchises – Lucknow and Ahmedabad – could have signed three players at the draft which has opened after the IPL Retention, yet no players have been officially been signed. Now, a report in InsideSport suggests that Team Lucknow has been asked by the BCCI not to sign players with cloud hovering over the finalising of Team Ahmedabad – due to CVC’s alleged links with betting companies.

The deadline to pick the three players was December 25 – but now, as it stands – it will get delayed. RPSG group won the rights for the Lucknow franchise after a whopping Rs 7,090 crore bid. CVC Capital successfully bid with Rs 5,625 crore. Reports have also suggested that KL Rahul and Rashid Khan have been approached by Team Lucknow. The retention can only take place after December 31, as per InsideSport.