Mumbai: Ahead of the auction season, Virat Kohli – who recently resigned as India’s Test captain – seemed candid in the RCB podcast where he revealed Anushka Sharma’s deep-rooted connection with the south-Indian franchise. Calling her a ‘Bangalore’ girl, Kohli said she has spent more time than him in the city.

During the chat, Kohli also confessed how Anushka feels low when RCB does not do well as she has grown up in the city and considers Bengaluru to be her home. Kohli goes on to explain how things came together beautifully in the ‘most perfect’ manner when he was signed up for RCB.

“She’s a Bangalore girl. She’s grownup there. She’s spent way more time than I have in Bangalore, not many people know this. And she has a special connection with the city already. So obviously she feels very happy that I am playing for RCB and my commitment is always going to be for this franchise and for this city… She obviously can feel the sadness when we don’t do well as well. And as I said, there’s a special connect with Bangalore already so for her it was just things coming together in the most perfect manner that I happened to play in the city and she gets to go back to Bangalore and relive her special memories of growing up there. And she absoultely loves it,” Kohli said during the RCB podcast.