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Apr 14, 2014


Former India player and Uttar Pradesh bowling coach Venkatesh Prasad feels that there is a myth about foreign coaches being better than the Indians. Prasad has been part of all the previous Indian Premier League (IPL) seasons — as a player in the first season and then as coach — but misses out in the seventh edition of the league. Prasad was the bowling coach of Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Chennai Super Kings (CSK)  during the previous editions.


“It’s disappointing in a way. Every franchisee needs to look at is the role of Indian coaches as part of the team management. It’s simple that only four foreign players can be in the playing XI. The remaining seven are Indians. It’s an ‘Indian’ Premier League,” Prasad said.


“Secondly, I feel that foreign coaches are good. It’s good if there is a mix of foreign players, coaches in the team management, they can improve your knowledge and the game. But not all foreign coaches are knowledgeable. Let us not go by that. People need to understand that. I have seen so many Indian coaches who are better than foreign coaches in the part of the IPL setup now.  In that way it’s disappointing that I missed out,” said a dejected Prasad.


He was positive that this break would help him look at the league from outside. “It’s always good to  take a step back and look at the scenario from outside and then learn few more things so that you turn up as a better coach and a person. From now on I will look to be part of the media, keep watching, analysing games,” he added.


Recounting his experience with the teams in the past editions, Prasad said, “It was outstanding experience. It’s an amazing challenge because you can look at the achievements with the team. It’s a sad part that franchisee owners look at the results and fail to notice the contribution in the development of a player. But most franchises are only looking at the final result.


“I have gained a lot from IPL. For the first four seasons I was with RCB, then two seasons working with CSK. There are a lot of preparation to do for the support staff so that it is easy for the players to go out. Coaching is probably the toughest job I’ve come across. You need to have passion, enjoy what you are doing. Coaching means you need to be in a position to coach strategies. It has got to do with the mental aspect of the game than technicalities. When you have reached a certain level like IPL or state, you don’t really have much to do on technical aspect.


When asked about his prediction for the upcoming edition of IPL, Prasad said, “It’s very difficult to say in a T20. The teams are evenly poised. It’s only when the season unfolds and by the mid of the season you will be able to pick the favourites. ”


The IPL this year starts from April 16 in UAE and then shifts to India for the latter half ending on June 1.


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