Impossible to go From Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Shoaib Akhtar – Irfan Pathan
Irfan Pathan feels it is impossible to go from Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Shoaib Akhtar. Image Credits: PTI/Getty Images

India’s former swing fast bowler Irfan Pathan reckons that it is impossible to go from Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Shoaib Akhtar. Pathan feels the swing bowlers lose their control on the swing in order to add an extra couple of yards of pace. In fact, it was noticed that Pathan’s career had veered off the track when he had tried to add extra pace.

Meanwhile, Bhuvneshwar Kumar had recently added some pace to his repertoire and he was able to reap the rewards for the same. However, Kumar has been troubled by a plethora of injuries in the recent past and he hasn’t been at his best.

“The desperation to belong to the fast bowler category will leave you with nothing; you cannot go from being Bhuvneshwar to Shoaib Akhtar, it’s impossible. You will lose your swing, and yet not be quick enough to hustle the batsman,” Irfan Pathan wrote for Playfield magazine.

Pathan added that it is crucial for the bowler to have the variations under his belt and a particular bowler can trouble the opposition batsman if he has got the variety in his arsenal.

“A swing bowler generally operates in the 130-135 kmph region, that’s scientifically proven to be the best range of force to get a maximum swing. But if the same bowler can bowl a yorker or a slower one or a cutter at that speed, he can survive anywhere in the world,” Irfan Pathan asserted.

Pathan stated that Bhuvneshwar is used in the death overs as he has a lot of arrows in his quiver and the captain uses him in the fag end of the innings despite him being a swing bowler.

“Take Bhuvneshwar Kumar, for example. He is not an express bowler but when he swings the ball, he is on song. But the skipper always puts him on at the death because of his ability to bowl the knuckle, the slower one and the yorker. Ball se koi harkat honi chahiye (there should be movement from the ball), that is important,” Pathan concluded.