Former India and Delhi Capitals (formerly Daredevils) batsman Gautam Gambhir may have retired from competitive cricket but it is believed that the batsman wants to associate himself with Indian Premier League franchise Delhi Capitals. As per reports, the former India opener is keen to be part of the ownership team of the franchise, which is jointly owned by GMR Group and JSW Sports.

Gambhir is reportedly seeking 10 percent stake in the team but apparently it may take some time for the former DD captain before his dream of owning an IPL team materialises. An unnamed DC official has confirmed that although there talks were on regarding the same, as of now, nothing seems to be moving ahead.

“Not happening as of now. There were talks of him coming on board and there were talks if you ask me honestly, but not happening this season 99.9 per cent. If it does happen later then that is a different story, but don’t see it happening ahead of the 2020 season,” the official told IANS.

Provided the move materialises somewhere down the line, will Gambhir be at conflict considering he is an MLA with the BJP?

“Technically on paper, there would be no conflict. But you do know how things are nowadays. There are certain people waiting to shoot a mail to the Ombudsman for every possible thing to get some mileage out of it. But like I said, on paper there is no case of conflict if Gambhir does become a mentor,” the official added.

Gambhir played a little over seasons for the Delhi Capitals, scoring 1680 runs from 62 matches with nine half-centuries. He was the second-highest run-scorer of the inaugural edition in 2008 and made captain of the franchise in 2010. After spending six seasons with Kolkata Knight Riders, Gambhir returned to Delhi in 2017 and scored 498 runs from 16 matches and played another six matches in 2018 before making way for Shreyas Iyer.

With Sourav Ganguly becoming BCCI president, the franchise is trying to get Gambhir on board for the role of mentor but there seems to be no development on that front either.

“Well no to that question as well. We are not really looking at a mentor as of now. We have a strong unit in coach Ricky Ponting and the rest of the support staff. Also, we don’t really know if Gambhir can come onboard as he also is an MP,” the official explained.