Ishant Sharma's injury needs to be seriously monitored: John Gloster

Ishant Sharma has a ligament tear in left foot, and there is also a bone impingement in the left ankle Getty Images

New Delhi: Sep 16, 2011

Former Team India physio John Gloster feels that Ishant Sharma’s ankle injury should be monitored with utmost seriousness as the youngster wants to undergo surgery only after a tour Down Under.

“I have read reports that Ishant wants to undergo surgery after the tour of Australia. Now that’s an interesting situation and his case needs special attention. His injury needs to be monitored carefully,” Gloster told PTI today.

Gloster who now works with the Rajasthan Royals side stated that since fast bowling is the most demanding activity, it shouldn’t mixed with other cricketing activity.

“I am not saying that the moment you get injured, you decide on having an operation. Surgery should be your last option. Now in case of certain injuries, you can play with precautions. Like in case of Sachin’s shoulder, it was monitored consistently and Sachin continued playing. Ishant’s case is a bit different,” Gloster explained.

“Imagine the kind of pounding a fast bowler’s ankle takes as he lands on his final delivery stride. It’s huge and considering the hardness of Australian grounds, it can be difficult at times,” he further added.

On personal front, Gloster will be working with the Saurashtra Ranji Trophy team as a consultant.

“I would be helping them in their pre-season and also travel for a few matches. It will be interesting to see how much improvement Cheteshwar Pujara’s knee has made,” he concluded.