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New Delhi: The BCCI top brass is not overtly perturbed by Law Commission’s recommendation of bringing the richest sporting body of the country under the Right To Information (RTI) ambit. The Law Commission in its report noted that BCCI falls under the definition of a public authority, which has received substantial financing from governments. It also said non-consideration of the role played by the BCCI as “monopolistic” in regulation of the game of cricket has resulted in the board “flying under the radar of public scrutiny, encouraged an environment of opacity and non-accountability”.

“The BCCI has no role in this matter. It’s a recommendation by the Law Commission and we will wait for government’s decision on it. As far as our knowledge goes, Law Commission’s recommendations are not binding unless Parliament decides on it. So it’s just wait and watch for us,” a senior BCCI functionary told PTI on conditions of anonymity. The report, submitted to the Law Ministry today, states that BCCI ought to be classified as ‘state’ as per Article 12 of the Constitution.

“An analysis of the functioning of BCCI also shows that the government does exercise control over its activities and functioning.” A senior BCCI official tried to put things in perspective. “Right now, there is no immediate cause of concern for the board. Everyone knows that BCCI does not take any government grant. Today, they want us to come under RTI ambit and tomorrow we would be forced to come under Indian Olympic Association (IOA) banner like other National Sports Federations (NSFs). The NSFs are dependant on government funding and we are not. The implications are far-reaching,” the veteran official said.

“And please don’t forget, politicians of eminence have been associated in various capacities in BCCI as office bearers. And some of them are still lawmakers as Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha MPs. It will be interesting to see what is their take on Law Commission’s recommendation,” he added.