Anderson took some time to cope with the bouncer    Getty Images
Anderson took some time to cope with the bouncer Getty Images

Playing at Perth in the third Ashes Test, James Anderson was struck by a bouncer that compelled him to take a 5-minute timeout. Following this incident and many more in the past, the England pacer feels his side needs to practice more on how to tackle bouncers in particular. He also mentioned he had spoken to the umpires about the matter during the match and that they did not think it was something that should be warned about.

I have actually chatted to the umpires about it during this series,” Anderson wrote in his column for The Telegraph, “And they say at Test level you should be able to handle short balls. That is a clear message to get in the nets and practice against bouncers. I was not quizzing the umpires or asking them to stop it happening. I was just interested in their opinion. I guess we just need to get better at playing them. I have no problem with that. It is part and parcel of the game. When I was hit on the side of the head it was the first ball of my innings and I just did not get into a great position to play the shot.

Mitchell Starc, who was ruled out of the Boxing Day Test, was criticised by former England captain Mike Atherton but was quick to reply to the comments on bouncers.

It s Test match cricket, isn t it? I m pretty sure our guys have copped enough bouncers and we haven t whinged about it yet. As far as I know, our bowlers will keep bouncing their batters. The plan to the tail has always been the same: be very aggressive, bowl fast, get up in their nose and have them jumping around. We re pretty happy with how our plans are going and hopefully by the end of the week it s four-nil.

Anderson also added England also served the hosts with ample bouncers.

We have bounced tailenders in this series and at other teams. The only time I think umpires should step in is if it is clear that a player cannot cope with them. Then the umpires should step in more. We know it will not stop in this series and playing the short ball better is one challenge for the final two Tests when we need to show some pride and prove to people we are not a walkover as a team.