Bumrah will be as lethal post his comeback as he was prior to his injury: Ashish Nehra
Jasprit Bumrah was ruled out of the South Africa and Bangladesh series. (AFP Image)

Ashish Nehra, who is no stranger to injury management, on Sunday emphasized that Jasprit Bumrah‘s stress fracture has got nothing to do with his action. Bumrah was recently ruled out of both South Africa and Bangladesh series owing to a stress fracture on his lower back, with a recovery time period of two months due to early detection. But former left arm fast bowler Nehra is confident that Bumrah will be as lethal post his comeback as he was prior to his injury.

“Stress fracture is unrelated to action and we must get our concepts clear. He doesn’t need to change his action and if he tries to do that, it won’t be great. Let me assure you when he comes back, he can bowl with same action, intensity and pace,” Nehra told PTI during an interaction.

“His action is not that unconventional as it is made out to be. The alignment of his body at the time of delivery is perfect. The only aspect that is not copy book is his left hand (works like a pivot), which doesn’t go up. Even then, his action is 10 times better than Malinga. Malinga’s knees, back leg bends giving a look of a javelin thrower.”

For someone whose career was plagued by injuries, Nehra feels it’s not always prudent to set a time frame.

“In case of stress fracture there is no time frame. Jasprit might feel good in next two months and may not feel good even after six months. So only the player knows when his body is feeling cent percent match ready,” he said.

Nehra explained that rehabilitation is very important as this is a type of back injury that doesn’t involve any surgical process, adding that an injury like stress fracture can never be apprehended and Bumrah’s was a classic case.

“Stress fracture doesn’t have medication. It’s only proper rest and rehabilitation unlike disc injury or any nerve tissue injury,” he said. “He had a month’s break post ODI World Cup. He didn’t play white ball format and came for Test matches. But that means workload was well managed but still he had that fracture. Now can you explain why?”

Nehra elaborated” “Had they not done scans, they wouldn’t even had figured as players wouldn’t immediately figure out they have stress fracture. Stress fracture is detected through bone scans and not MRI. In bone scan plates, you will see doctors pointing at various spots. These are stress spots.

“Now fast bowling is a strenuous activity and do a bone scan of any bowler and you will see those spots. Do you stop playing? It’s just that you have to manage it well as some injuries are chronic.”

Nehra said that too much noise is made out of Bumrah’s workload management and that at 25 years of age, Bumrah should be playing more than to get a better idea of how his body is behaving

“At this stage of Bumrah’s career, the more he plays, better he will get at it. Jessi is only 25 or 26 years old. He is playing international cricket for three years and he knows his body well. He will come back stronger and the pace in his deliveries will remain intact,” he said.