Jesse Ryder

Jesse Ryder hopes that the ban on him will have no effect on him © Getty Images

Aug 21, 2013

Jesse Ryder is determined to return to the national team as soon as possible and is targeting the India series scheduled in February 2014.

Ryder has been banned till October 19 for testing positive to a banned dietary supplement. He has joined Otago for next season and hopes that helps him press his case. “Ideally I’d like to be back for the West Indies series [starting on December 3] but that’s probably a bit soon,” Ryder was reported saying to The New Zealand Herald.

“I have to perform for Otago and be consistent, but hopefully I could get a crack at the Indian series [in February],” said

Ryder was assaulted in a Christchurch bar earlier this year and he recuperated after that injury. He admitted he had “had a lot of time to think”. It is his top priority to return to the New Zealand side.

Ryder said, “I don’t know how this [ban] is going to set me back hopefully it’ll have no effect at all.”

Otago Cricket signed Ryder knowking that he was facing a ban. Chief executive Ross Dykes confirmed last night that Ryder and his manager Aaron Klee sounded optimistic in discussions over a proposed switch from Wellington.

Otago appreciated Ryder’s honesty, noted the offence was “a more harmless type of offence, a mistake rather than a deliberate taking of performance-enhancing drugs so we felt reasonably confident in proceeding with the transfer.”