England Test captain Joe Root claims that he is desperate to be part of an Indian Premier League season. Root, who is considered amongst the modern-day batting maestro, has not played in IPL yet. The 30-year-old registered his name to the auction a few times in the past but unfortunately, he went unsold.

However, Root decided not to enter the 2021 IPL auction which is going to take place on February 18 in Chennai.

“At some point of my career, I am desperate to be a part of an IPL season. Hopefully, a few more beyond that as well. It is something I would love to experience, and love to be a part of,” Root said in a virtual press conference ahead of the opening Test match against England.

Root also revealed the reason behind his omission from the IPL 2021 auction this year as the premier batsman feels he couldn’t throw in all the energy into it due to his hectic international cricket schedule.

“With the amount of international cricket and Test cricket, in particular, this year didn’t feel like it was the right time (to enter the IPL auction). I didn’t feel like I could throw in all my energy into it, which it deserves. And, I don’t think it would set me up and set English cricket up best with what’s to come. Very difficult decision. Hopefully, next year, there’s more of an opportunity to potentially be part of the IPL or at least be in the auction,” he added.

The second Test match between India and England will also bring back the fans in the stadium for the first time in the country amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. India have already played in front of the crowd during the Australia tour, while England have not done it yet.

Root talked about the impact it will have to play in front of the crowd for the first time since the pandemic.

“I think it will massively (impact). Having an atmosphere within the stadium is a massive part of international cricket what makes it special in many ways is that the interaction between fans and players. Obviously, when you come to India we all how passionate Indians are about cricket and it is a big part of life in many ways here. We are very much excited about that and we are looking forward for that.” Root said.