Jofra Archer’s Laidback Demeanour Hides His Competitiveness: Jason Gillespie
Jofra Archer (© IANS)

Looks can be deceiving and the phrase couldn’t be truer for England pace-sensation Jofra Archer claims Sussex coach Jason Gillespie who says the bowler’s laidback demeanour masks his intense competitiveness.

Archer made a dazzling entry into international cricket following justifying the hype that surrounded his debut last year. He bowled the Super Over in the final against New Zealand that ended England’s wait for an ODI world cup trophy last year and then went on to claim 22 wickets in the Ashes series that followed.

“Jofra could be absolutely anything, there’s no doubt about that,” Gillespie, who has coached Archer at Sussex, told Sky Sports. “Where sometimes people question is that he has a very laidback demeanour and that can hide a real competitiveness. We can’t just look at appearances and assume players aren’t committed or don’t care.”

Gillespie recalled his own experience with Australia teammate Paul Reiffel who appeared laidback even on the field.

“I remember playing cricket with Paul Reiffel – he may have been laidback on the field but was one of the most competitive players I ever played with or against,” said Gillespie who took 402 international wickets during his Australia career.

Revealing another facet of Archer’s personality, Gillespie said Barbados-born cricketer is fiercely loyal and he even visited his Sussex teammates during breaks between world cup matches.

“I remember during the World Cup when he had a couple of days off he would come in to see the lads in his Sussex kit. He would sometimes have a little bat or bowl and just be around the boys. He is a loyal young man. He feels the club gave him an opportunity and wants to repay that faith,” he said.

“I don’t think we will see much of him in the years to come [through his England commitments] but I think he is a terrific lad,” he added.