Jonathan Agnew said that it's all one hears on a cricket field, about 'knocking' the opponents 'head off' © Getty Images (File Photo)
Jonathan Agnew said that it’s all one hears on a cricket field, about ‘knocking’ the opponents ‘head off’ © Getty Images (File Photo)

Wellington: Jan 13, 2015

Former England cricketer Jonathan Agnew has said that he is disappointed by the Australian cricket team’s failure to keep themselves from aggressive sledging on the field against India in light of honouring late batsman Phillip Hughes‘ memory.

The reputed BBC presenter said that Australia owes it to Hughes, who passed away after being struck by a bouncer during a Sheffield Shield match in November, to clean-up their on field behaviour.

Agnew said that Clarke said very clearly that Hughes’ memory would run through the team, and would be in the way they would play their cricket, adding that he hasn’t seen evidence of that, reported.

The former bowler said that he really hoped that out of this tragedy might have come some good, but claimed that the players haven’t behaved any better, and he believes that that is a real disappointment.

Recalling the eulogy Clarke delivered at Hughes’ funeral service in which he said that Hughes’ spirit, which is now part of their game forever, would act as a custodian of the sport they all love, Agnew said that he was disappointed with sledging that occurred during Australia’s home Test series win over India.

He insisted that it was also reminiscent of the aggressive sledging during Australia’s Ashes win over England last summer.

Agnew said that it’s all one hears on a cricket field, about ‘knocking’ the opponents ‘head off’. He added that cricket has gone too far and it shouldn’t be posturing, abusing.

Agnew claimed that he knows there has been a lot of bad blood between Australia and India for some years now, but added that it was an opportunity.

Agnew insisted that he has Clarke speech tucked away ready to throw at the Australians, adding that if this is really how they feel, then let’s see how they play.