Jont Rhodes was an outstandig fielder during his playing days     Getty Images
Jont Rhodes was an outstandig fielder during his playing days Getty Images

Former South African cricketer, Jonty Rhodes is undoubtedly one of the best fielders to have played the game. He was known for his incredible athleticism and has done a commendable job on the field. Post-retirement, Jonty has worked with many cricketers and Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League and helped them enhance their skills. In an interview with Quint, Rhodes opened up on many factors including his favourite and the rising level of fielding in contemporary cricket.

Rhodes on how the fielding has improved drastically said, “It s because I am the fielding coach of the world, obviously. The expectations are high. I was the best fielder because I was the only fielder. There was nobody else. It was easy to be number one because there wasn t any second or third who wanted to dive around the field. People now know, in T20 cricket especially, the importance of saving one runs. And, that s the key message I have for my players in the IPL Ek run just ek . Just save me one run.

When questioned about his favourite fielder from the current lot, Jonty quipped, Suresh Raina is my favourite fielder. Virat Kohli has got an incredible arm. He is very competitive in the field. But, as a captain, he is always thinking about different things like bowling changes and field changes. So, I think that someone like Suresh Raina he reminds me of me. If I was a player now and I had a role model from the fielding point of view I would certainly look at Suresh Raina.