England’s premier batsman Jos Buttler says IPL is a massive tournament in terms of stature and it will be a ‘big shame’ if the T20 extravaganza cannot be held at the moment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Buttler, who plays for franchise Rajasthan Royals, underlined the importance of a tournament like IPL.

“I don’t know any more than you know about when IPL would be played or people talking about whether it can be pushed back. At the moment, everything is quite indefinite as no one knows how long it will last. So it can’t be decided at the moment when it could or could not happen,” Buttler was quoted as saying by ESPNcricinfo.

Buttler, who made massive strides as a white ball player after a few seasons of IPL, spoke about the impact of not having an IPL and the effect it could have on revenue.

“As for the stature of the tournament, it’s a massive, massive tournament. Revenue that is involved in IPL is massive. It is a very important competition to cricket and it’s a big shame that it’s not going ahead or whether it does have the way to push it in the schedule and allow it,” he said.

England men’s cricket team players announced an initial donation of 500,000 to help the needy families during these testing times. The 29-year-old spoke about his personal preferences and wants his donations to be directed towards grassroots cricket.

“As players we’re all very aware of the other affects this is going to have drip feeding down into the game and without grassroots cricket, we’re nothing, really. That’s the people we’re trying to inspire. That’s the whole point of something like The Hundred: it’s to inspire a new generation and bring new people into the game,” Buttler added.

The deadly contagion has claimed more than 120 Indian lives apart from close to 80,000 global deaths which has forced countries, including India, to go under lockdown in their bid to flatten the curve.

However, IPL pushed back later in the year could well mean that some of the top players could miss the tournament due to their bilateral commitments.

“Of course, that might mean certain players might be unavailable. They will have to work through as the situation unfolds,” he concluded.