We have seen Mumbai s Prithvi Shaw and Pranav Dhanawade who have scored 546 and 1,009 runs in school cricket in recent years. There was also South Africa s Shania Lee-Swart. During an U-19 match between Mpumalanga Under-19s v Easterns Under-19s, Shania had created a unique record. Shania scored 160 out of 169 runs for Mpumalanga. The rest of the team was dismissed for ducks. Shania s contribution amounted to 95 per cent of the team s total, comfortably the highest in any recorded format.

Another local man to join the list is Australia s Josh Dunstan of West Augusta. Dunstan scored a ridiculous 307. In the process he smashed 40 sixes. Also, his triple century was 86.72 per cent of his team s total of 354.

Back in 1877, in the first official Test, Charles Bannerman had set the record for highest percentage of runs scored in a completed Test innings. Bannerman contributed 165 runs to Australia’s total of 245 against England.

If given a closer look at the scorecard, all the West Augusta batsmen fell for ducks or single-digit scores.

Dunstan entered when the team total read 10 for 1. Dunstan also brought up a fluent 203-run partnership with Ben Russell who remained unbeaten on 18.

Opposition team Central Stirling could have avoided the record had they caught hold of Dunstan for 16.

Knowing about the records broken by the bloke, Dunstan told foxsports.com.au, “I think I owe Bannerman a carton. I m still in a little bit of shock that I got to 300 to be honest. The phone s been going off non-stop today.”

Dunstan also credited his Russell who provided able support at the other end, “You get down to the lower order and it s like oh shit . But Benny can clearly hold up an end. I haven t bought him a drink yet, but I will. I think he deserves two cartons I reckon, he stuck around for a while, didn t get out on me.”

Australia are already looking for a No. 6 batsman for the Ashes 2017-18. On asked whether he would fit the bill, Dunstan was realistic, “Yeah, I d put my hand up for No. 6 but I doubt I ll be walking out at the Gabba.”