‘Just a local store…’: Adam Gilchrist’s reaction to MS Dhoni’s new bat sticker

Adam Gilchrist remarked to MS Dhoni's new bat sticker as the CSK skipper hit the nets ahead of the IPL 2024.

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The IPL 2024 is still over a month away, but the league has already gained momentum courtesy to the one and only MS Dhoni. The Chennai Super Kings skipper, whose 16th Indian Premier League season promises to be his final, has begun exercising in the nets with his legendary long hair, and as with Dhoni, it’s enough to send the online community into a full meltdown. Dhoni, in yellow, with bat and pads, is in full flow. For members of the ‘Yellove’ army, this is the stuff of dreams.

However, for the first time, Dhoni’s bat garnered more attention than the man himself. Last week, a photo of Dhoni practicing with a new ‘Prime Sports’ sticker was widely shared. Dhoni paid respect to his boyhood buddy Paramjit Singh, who operates a sports firm of the same name, as detailed in the great Indian cricketer’s biopic ‘MS Dhoni, the Untold Story’.

As Dhoni nears towards bidding a farewell to his cricket career, he utilized the sticker as a heartfelt tribute to Paramjit, who played an important part in his path, including being MSD’s first bat sponsor. Even in 2019, before making his farewell appearance for India, Dhoni competed in the World Cup with bats with multiple brands; hence, such a lovely move from the man with a great heart is not unusual.

However, Adam Gilchrist’s attitude to the entire scenario is quite surprising. While commentating on the second T20I between Australia and the West Indies, the great Australian wicketkeeper described Prime Sports as ‘simply a local store’. The conversation concerning Dhoni began when Michael Hussey addressed the start of the IPL 2024.

“Got to reach India 10 days before the tournament starts. March, maybe 11th of March we are heading off. Looking forward to it. Great tournament, really is. Best players from all around the world. Best Indian players playing… it’s incredible. The crowds are unbelievable, the noise they make. The atmosphere in the ground. And MS Dhoni is back. He’s hitting balls in the nets already I reckon,” he said.

And that’s when Gilchrist spoke about the bat sticker topic. “I saw him hitting some balls in the nets, MS Dhoni. There’s a new bat sticker on his bat. Just a local sports store of one of his schoolmates. Whack the company name on your bat just to give a boost to sales,” he said.

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