Justice Mudgal: Spot-fixing and match-fixing can’t be eliminated completely, legalise betting in India

Justice Mukul Mudgal opines betting should be legalised in India.

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N Srinivasan © PTI
N Srinivasan-headed BCCI still the best sports body in India, says Mukul Mudgal © PTI


Feb 10, 2014


Justice Mukul Mudgal said on Monday that spot-fixing and match-fixing cannot be stopped completely, adding that betting should be legalised.


Mudgal told CNN IBN, “I believe match-fixing and spot-fixing cannot be stopped completely. They can be substantially controlled. I think betting should be legalised in India.”


Talking about the Indian Premier League (IPL) spot-fixing and betting scandal 2013 probe report that his committee submitted to the Supreme Court, he said, “The committee has only made recommendations to the Supreme Court. They are not final indictment. IPL needs improvement.


Justics Mudgal said that the Chennai Super Kings‘ owners were passing on the information. “We have only found out that they were passing information. No finding of passing inside information could be determined.”


He said the Indian cricket fans and the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) would be in a better position with more transparency is there in IPL.


“All cricket lovers of India will like transparency. IPL’s impact is felt worldwide. BCCI will also like it to be so.  It is still the best governed sports body in the country today,” he said.


Justice Mudgal declined talking about the ‘conflict of interest’ in regards to the IPL.


The report said that allegations of fixing requires further investigation. It also rejected Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) chief N Srinivasan‘s contention that Meiyappan was merely a cricket enthusiast and found the latter to be the face of Chennai Super Kings.


The report also found conflict of interest on Srinivasan’s part for holding post of BCCI chief and ownership of IPL franchisee.


The committee gives ten-point suggestion to Supreme Court for making cricket a “cleaner” game and eliminate evil of spot and match-fixing.

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