The New Zealand skipper praised ICC's efforts for improving the game from time to time with new ideas © Getty Images
The New Zealand skipper praised ICC’s efforts for improving the game from time to time with new ideas © Getty Images

New Zealand’s captain, Kane Williamson, has given support for International Cricket Council‘s (ICC) proposed plan to start a two-tier structure in Test cricket by 2019. Few days ago, David Richardson, ICC’s chief executive, had stated that the existing format of 10 Test playing countries would likely be branched out, but divided into two divisions. On this issue, New Zealand’s newly-appointed skipper in all formats, Williamson stated that though he has not heard a lot about ICC’s new proposal but encouraged them as they are constantly trying to revamp the game in their own way for the viewers as well as the players. ALSO READ: Brendon McCullum: AB de Villiers’ presence will boost CPL 2016

According to, he stated, “Naturally as a board, they’re always looking to come up with ways that might continue to help the game grow. At the moment, they’re doing a pretty good job and I’m sure they’ll come up with a number of other ways or ideas they might look to employ.

When asked further to comment on the recommendations by Richardson, Williamson answered, “I think Test cricket has a huge amount of meaning as it is. It’s certainly the pinnacle of the game seen by any cricketer. There may be room to apply a format that is structured in a certain way. Time will tell whether that grows legs or not.”

On asked on filling the void left by New Zealand’s charismatic leader Brendon McCullum, the 25-year-old said, “It’s certainly an honour to get asked to do the job,” he noted. “We know there are a lot of challenges ahead, there’s so much cricket, teams are improving all around the world and it’s an exciting time.

“There’s a transition taking place after McCullum standing down, and a number of other guys that have retired the last couple of years, and the team takes a slightly different shape. However, that’s life and something we’re all excited about,” Williamson added.

McCullum’s fearless approach towards captaining the side acted as a catalyst for New Zealand’s renaissance across formats. Williamson said that he was fortunate to have played under his predecessor and has learnt a lot from him.

“I feel fortunate to have played with Baz [McCullum] for a number of years, fantastic leader that he is, and to have been able to learn as much as I can from just being in the environment. I’ve learnt a lot and now there’s a transition taking place.

“The team has shown improvement which reflects in the rankings, and certainly the challenge is to continue to improve. I think cricket in general is becoming a bigger sport, and that lifts the standard. There are challenges day in, day out, and the volume of cricket is also part of the challenge, and staying fit and fresh all comes into the equation. There’s plenty coming up, one day at a time, and the guys are looking forward to the next tour which is Zimbabwe,” Williamson concluded.