Kapil Dev slams Indian media for hype over Sachin's hundredth ton

Former Indian captain Kapil Dev feels records are of no use if they don’t help team in winning matches Getty Images

Mumbai: Sep 29, 2011

Former Indian skipper Kapil Dev criticised the media for giving too much importance to statistics and individual performances without taking into account its impact on the outcome of the match.

“You are more keen about Sachin’s (Tendulkar) 99 hundreds and not about how we are going to win the next series. I am not saying don’t give credit to individual performance, but it should not be more than the country’s performance.

“Everyone knows Sachin has 99 centuries. But how many know that how many of these matches have ended in victories? Everyone knows Sunil Gavaskar has scored 34 Test centuries? But can anyone tell how many matches he has saved for the team? Out of Sachin’s 99 hundreds, 60 have ended in victories.

If anyone reports that I’ll be happy,” he said.

“We have to change our mindset. If we lose the match what’s the use of statistics. To hell with that!” he added. (PTI)