Kieron Pollard has played over 300 T20 games in leagues all around the world    AFP
Kieron Pollard has played over 300 T20 games in leagues all around the world AFP

The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) have refused to give a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to all-rounder Kieron Pollard to participate in South Africa s T20 League. The WICB has taken a step to charge 20 per cent of the contract fee on any West Indies player, who wishes to participate in any overseas league. Pollard has signed a two-year deal with Cape Cobras and was informed about WICB s decision on November 3. Pollard is currently in Trinidad and the tournament is scheduled to get underway on November 11. WICB CEO Michael Muirhead said that it was a decision taken by the WICB Board of Directors.

“The WICB will levy a charge for the granting of an NOC for West Indian cricketers seeking a release to participate in Leagues outside the jurisdiction of the West Indies,” Muirhead informed Pollard in the email, which has been accessed by ESPNcricinfo. “This will be an amount equivalent to 20% of the player fee [as defined in the player contract] that is actually paid to the relevant player,” he added.

Muirhead had also mentioned that he has informed the ICC Full member boards of this proposal, which was rejected by Cricket South Africa (CSA), while the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is yet to respond. The Federation of International Players’ Association (FICA) has warned the WICB of facing legal actions if this decision of theirs stood. “WICB however, having invested in developing a player’s talent, is not able to realise a return on its investment if the player is not available to play in local tournament, which would allow lesser experienced players the opportunity to face a more experienced and skilled opposition, thereby improving on the standard and competitiveness of the domestic tournaments,” he wrote in the email.